D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

So, family, I hope that it was a good Christmas, that everything went well, and that you enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I enjoyed talking with you, and it gave me a lot of animo to work harder and to do more. I love you all!!!!

Well, this week was sort of really slow. We did not have a whole lot to do. We are working with 4/5 of a family right now, and they are awesome!! Super positive. Mom´s name is Mari, the daughter's name is Nicole, and the son's name is Elgar. We have been teaching them almost everyday for the last 2 weeks, pretty much. The thing is we don´t have many more investigators, because we baptized one of them the other day, and the other one, Cristino, is still waiting for freaking marriage stuff. I am amazed by that man, because he never seems to lose his excitement about the gospel. Such an example to me. And our baptism was Karlita!! the niece of the relief society president, it went really well. I think I should have pictures attached. It went really well, her uncle performed the ordinance. It was super great. She could not stop smiling. Super happy.

We also ate with a lot of people this last week. Tamal tras tamal tras tamal. (Translation:  tamale after tamale after tamale) ...oouuueeey. I can´t eat another one. Way too many. Kinda nuts.  Everybody only eats tamales for this week. Its the only week of the year they do it.

We also had our half family in church yesterday, and they loved it. The only problem is that the dad doesn´t want to get married until his youngest son, who has four years, is fifteen. Needless to say, I don´t want to wait that long. So, we will have to talk to him. He says that people are always happy until they get married, then life sucks. He says that after living at least 15 years with his wife....so I don´t get people here. They can live together for 50 years, but you ask them to get married, and they tell you they will all be unhappy. Huh???? but you have lived together for x amount of time.....and are still happy.....so I don´t get it. but oh well. I have faith. Lots of it.

Also, we had ward conference. They asked me to accompany the ward choir. That surprised me, I didn´t know we had a ward choir. So i learned to play some songs really fast, and then they asked me to play come thou fount. When they showed me the sheet music, it was just the melody notes. One note at a time, it wasn´t the piano part. but...I saw that two of them really wanted to sing it, ( it was a duet between two brothers, ) so I put my mind to it, and invented something using those notes. I figured out a bottom hand, trills, thirds and fifths ( testing all of your piano theory right now) and we nailed it. Merry Christmas and Happy new year, Los Llanos ward.

Apart from all that, not much has happened. We spent most of our time working with the family and our baptism.

Well, I love you all, I hope that this week has been a relaxing one, and that this next year is awesome!!!!!!! It´s my full year in the mission, so i finish this one and its the home stretch.

Love you all!!!!!


The pictures won´t work, I will get them to all you another time. Sorry!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hey everybody!!!! It's gonna be short this week, as I speak with my family soon.

We have a new family!!!! Three that we are teaching, but the dad doesn't talk to us much. Funny story about that family. They seem pretty positive. I will share the story mañana. It was really funny.

We will also have a baptism next week, Karla, the twelve year old. She is super pilas.

We have been working hard with the members here. All the youth went to SOY this week, which is like EFY. 
Also, Elder Beesley got changed to the city, so I don't see him. Sad day.

Apart from that, I will talk to you all tomorrow. I don't have any cool pictures this week. Sorry.



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

So, this week I am sort of angry that there is no snow, and that inspired the subject line for the email. Sing it to the tune of ¨Oh the weather outside is frightful...¨ I don´t know if it works, but it´s how I feel. (Email title:  Oh the weather outside is hot as ever, and everybody here has fires burning because their burning trash ....  There's no snow, there's no snow, there's no snow)

Well, this week was good. We have been teaching the niece of the relief society president, and she wants to get baptized next Saturday. We also found another recently activated family, and they have a kid that wasn´t ever baptized because he was too young. So we are going to be working with him as well.

You all remember Cristino right?? The man who had all the problems with his papers to get married??? Well,.....we are still working on it. I was scared he would lose some of his animo, but he is growing in desire!!!!!!!! I will explain a little bit of it.

This week, we had the privilege of witnessing the division of the Estaca Choluteca into Estaca Choluteca and Estaca Porvenir. We are still in Choluteca, but Porvenir is brand new. It´s about half of the original Estaca Choluteca. This means that a general Authority had to preside. And Elder James B. Martino, the area president, was there with Elder Valladarez, the area 70. It was way sweet!!! They talked a lot about the Temple in Teguc, which I think Cristino was really excited about. He had a son that passed away almost a year ago, and I hoped he would understand that he could take his name to the temple in April or May, to do the baptisms. We went and visited him yesterday to talk with him about that. He starts talking about how his grandparents ¨Nunca escucharon a la palabra de Dios¨ ("Never listened to the word of God") and that he has other family members that haven´t either. And that he cant wait to take his son's name to the temple. I honestly am so glad that I have met Cristino. He has such an amazing spirit, and an enthusiasm that I cannot match nor describe...He is awesome. We have to go with him this week to the registro here to figure out what we need to do to get him married. Difficulties here. Rdiculous how messed up that whole situation is. But he will be baptized in January.

This week, Like I said, they split the stake here. I went to both sessions, it was like a stake conference, with a session Saturday for adults and Sunday for everybody. Elder Packer of the 12 approved it. Elder Martino presided. He is awesome!!!!! So cool!!! I got to meet him on Sunday, and he was super nice. It was a super spiritual conference.

We also had the mission Christmas dinner on Wednesday. So, I went to Teguc!!!! We had turkey, and potatoes, and salad, and we watched a Disney movie, Brave. I really liked it. They gave us mini preach my gospels, and some candy, and a card with every elder and sisters picture from before the mission, the picture you sent with your papers. We also went to the temple!!!!! It still isn´t done, but we got to go oustide and look at it. I took a few pictures. It´s super cool...pretty too. The whole city can practically see it. It´s super awesome!!!! President Uchtdorf will be coming to dedicate it with Elder Holland. And the dates for the dedication are close to when a Zone conference would be, so I think they might speak to us. THAT WOULD BE SO SWEETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also started the 12 days of Christmas, and no, I am not cheating. I am doing it day by day. Holy cow, Have I loved it. I got a letter from Grandpa. It was short, but It meant a ton. I think I can count on the number of fingers the number of times that I have heard him tell me he loves me, but he did this time!!! He is so great, but he said that it´s just hard for him to say things, and that even if I was sitting next to him, there wouldn´t be much talking going on. And the letter from the Dansies and Tyler were awesome!!! I opened the one from Mandy and Kory today, and apparently Spencer and Adam think I am in Mexico, speaking Mexican. Don´t know why. Could someone please show them where Honduras is on a map?? Thanks.

Well, that´s about it. Sorry, the pictures from the temple aren´t working, and I can´t get it to go. Maybe next week.

Love you All, and Merry Christmas!!!!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

So hey everybody!!!  This week was good!!!

I am sort of running out of time this week, so I will condense.

Birthday was good. Instead of getting egged, I got thrown in a pila. Yeah, it was gross. But my DL and his comp came over, and we sang, had some hostess cakes for cake, and had breakfast juntos. It was good.  Later that night, we had dinner with Nordeli and Glenda. They made me chop suey. They can´t say chop, it comes out chok. They think I love it, but it´s gross. Like, they put pieces of hot dog in it. ugh. But,I did eat all of it. and they made me a cake afterwards, called pabel. It´s really good. I don´t know how to describe it.

The next day, I put up the little tree that abuela sent me, with all the six ornaments that I have. Plus, one of my name tags. I am including pictures.

We had to drop one of our investigators, Juanita, but we dropped her to see if she would come to church yesterday without us telling her she should. She did. So we will be visiting her this week. Also, our investigator Cristino? He has to get a new ID card, but he has to have a birth certificate to do that. Well, his birth certificate is wrong. WRONG!!!! His last id card was right,.....I don´t know how they function here.

This week, we also set up everything to do divisions. And then, they fell through. We have to do divisions, it is the only way to get enough lessons with a member present. but we never can. It´s sorta hard.

Big news!!!!
The Choluteca stake is dividing!!!!!!

The stake has existed for about 30 years, and is one of the biggest in the world and they are finally dividing it!!!! This is momentous. Elder James Martino, the area president, is coming, and he will be splitting the stake!!!!! This is a huge moment in Choluteca!!!

Also, the temple open house starts February 4, and the dedication is March 16 or 17!!!
I don´t know when we will be going up, but I think we will.

So, this week, we had a baptism fall in our lap. A 12 year old girl that is the niece of the relief society president, wants to get baptized. she has been going to church with her aunt practically her whole life, and her parents say it´s probably okay. So we are going to teach her what she needs to know to get baptized, and baptize her. We also found an 8 year old whose mom ¨likes the discipline of the church¨, so she wants him to get baptized.  We are working with her more than him. We aren´t going to baptize him just for that. We will see.

Well, that´s pretty much it.

I love you guys, and will talk to you soon!!!

Christmas in Honduras!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012 (Posted Sunday December 9)

Note from Paula.  We have had a few less than normal weeks at our house, so please forgive.  But remember December is a time of two for one deals.  So if you think of it that way, you will feel great that tomorrow you will get another letter.  Happy Christmas to All!! 

So, yes folks, this week is my 20th birthday. Tomorrow, to be precise. I am looking forward to getting eggs thrown all over me. But, the upside is that people will make us food. So it´s all good.

So, this week was weird, because we started doing divisions on Tuesday, but my comp ended up having to accompany the DL to Teguc, so we did three days of divisions. Working is hard in doing divisions, it isn´t normal, and you have to work with a new comp. Well, it went okay. We found one new investigator. he lives illegaly in Virginia, in Alexandria, and he knows where Crystal City is. Funny, I wouldn´t live that close to the people that were going to deport me...but whatevs. we have a month to teach him.

Juanita is progressing. She won´t tell us anything, but she tells Pamela, her daughter, everything.  Juanita wants to feel something, but she doesn´t quite know what. She just needs to say yes. We fasted for her twice this week, so that she would accept a baptismal date this Tuesday. Hope it goes. That would be one of the best birthday presents ever.

We also have a schedule set to start to leave with the pre-missionaries in the ward. A missionary is leaving tomorrow to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where Clegger is. We are going to his setting apart. He is way sweet. His name is christian.

For divisions, this week was weird, so there isn´t that much to say. We did get our first referral in two changes, which was awesome!!! She lives next door to Carlos and Karla, so I think it is a for sure family.

Well, I turn old tomorrow. haha nah, but I am going to get a lot of food. Members wanted to feed us, and I never say no to food. Also, they asked what I wanted for presents, and I am getting a pound of goood, reallllllyyyyyyyyyy good chorizo. yeah buddy!!!!

So, I don´t have much to report this week. I will say I have a funny story.
Dad, remember how you said that in ?Chile, flirts were called snakes??
Well, we went to a meeting with the EQ pres, and as we were walking, a 19ish year old girl called out to us, and I heard kisses being blown. Well, the EQ Pres, William, who served in Santiago, looked at the doorway, shook his head, and said, in English, ¨snakes.¨ HA! I laughed super hard....that word still exists!!!

Well, that´s about it. I will be sending pictures from tomorrow next week. Thanks, and love you all!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

HOLY COW!!!!! This week was super nuts!!!! I will start with last monday and work my way through the week.

I am getting along really well with my comp. and since he is from Guatemala, he speaks in Vos. Dad will have to explain what that is, but I am learning to speak vos. Its like, usted is super formal, and tu is with friends, and vos is even more informal. Like, we speak in vos to investigators and President, but tu to the Mexicans and vos to the Ventro Americanos. In Guatemala to speak in vos to someone of the same gender and age signifies that you´re gay, so we speak in vos. There is also another Elder, Elder Herrera, from Mexico, who is Sorensens new comp, and we get along great too.

Well, we got home from Pday on monday, and I went out to wash clothes. normal pday thing. I got to our pila area, and found a surprise waiting for me. A two foot Guyrobo!!! It´s like an iguana....but doesn´t live in water. It only lives in hot areas. Well, they are fast, and bite, so we were careful not to get to close....but you can´t just leave a live, angry guyrobo in our pila room. So we caught it. but we didn´t really think through what we were going to do when we caught it. We had the help of elders Esparza and Mendoza....So of course, we took it to the guy who makes stuff out of lizard skin in our area. And of course....the four of us thought....wouldn´t it be lovely to have four key chains out of the skin of this beautiful animal that we just happen to have in captivity.? I think the four of us were of agreement in that point. Oh, and then the guy mentions....hey, you know these are great for eating! they taste like chicken, he tells us.
Chicken, huh???

Anybody else wondering what came next???

Yeah, I ate lizard.

It was really good!!!!! and I ate most of it, too.

And yes, this story did end well- we have keychains!!!!!!!

The other elders in our area had their house broken into Monday, so we spent Tuesday helping them move. We live in the same apartment complex, but President won´t let us live in the same house, even though it´s big enough for four of us. Idk why, but whatever. We practically live together.

We also had zone conference on Friday. They announced some new rules, like....
Sisters can no longer knock doors, and that rule will soon extend to elders.
We have to have 25 lessons with members every week- that means teaching investigators with a member helping. our normal is about 6.
We have to walk with Book of Mormon in our hand. Which I would do, except nobody has Books of Mormon. They are harder to find than a ....well, every analogy I came up with was slightly offensive, so just know that they are hard to find...anyway, I will be complying with that rule as soon as I have a Book of Mormon to use. Like, we have none to give to investigators, which makes teaching really!!!!!!! hard. 
Also, Elders can´t baptize anymore!!!! Nope!!! and that is a SUPER good thing, because that means that we will be getting the members to do it, which means that they will be helping us.

We also had stake conference yesterday, and it was way good!! President Hernandez spoke, and sort of shaved the members for not helping us or feeding us. A shaving is like a reprimanding. Bajar la cana. algo asi.

This week, due to all of our conferences, was sort of hard to go to appointments, as all of this left little time to work. But, we did have the chance to visit Carlos and Karla, they called and asked for us to come over. I was going to go over that day anyways, but I knew that it was the spirit that was telling me that when they called. They are starting to see the trials that come, and are sort of worried. I shared some scriptures, and so did Caal, and I feel like they were helped. I definitely could feel the spirit in that house, and it was a very comforting feeling. they definitely needed some help and comfort, especially Karla.

And in respect to the guy who can´t get baptized because he isn´t married....we found a bunch more problems with his marriage. First, he is from a town ten hours from here, and has to go there to take out his paper that says he is single.  He lost is id card when he was drunk months ago, and he has two kids out of his seven that aren´t registered, and to get married, you have to have all the birth certificates of all the kids in common. We are just working to get him close right now.

On another good note, remember Pamela, the girl whose mom wouldn´t give her permission to get baptized?? well, Pamela got baptized, right? guess who we are teaching now????
If you guessed her mother, Juanita, you guessed correctly!!!!
Yeah, I never would have thought that would happen. She has been to church three times, is reading the Book of Mormon, and is praying, and we are praying and fasting that she gets an answer. I know she will, I just hope that she recognizes it and accepts it.

Well, thats about all this week. We have been working with the members a lot more....I hope they open up and it can function. 
I love you guys. I am glad you are all okay, and are safe. I pray for you guys all the time.  

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Zach Glassett
Dinner Before ......

 Dinner Before....

Dinner After ....

Dinner After.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Family!!! This week was good!!! It was sorta sad, but mostly good stuff.

So, we had changes this week!!!! We spent all day tuesday saying goodbye to people for Nava....and then waited in suspense to see where he was going. and who my new comp was going to be. Well, Nava went to UYUCA, which is the most dangerous zone in the mission, and is opening an area. His knee is acting up again, because the city is all hills. huge hills. Also, there are only two areas in that zone where white elders are allowed, so I hope I go there!!! I think it would be fun.

My new comp is Elder Caal, from Guatemala. He is pretty chill, I like working with him. He is really cool. We get along pretty good, so its fun. He has 13 months in the mission.

I went to Teguc Wednesday, and I am glad I did. It was in the 70´s there, and it was FREEZING!!! was so cold. But another Elder that came with me, De Araujo, a Brasileño, is in our zone, and he is chill. Also, Elnicky left.  He is in Teguc as well.

Thursday, we didn´t have many citas, so we contacted. We found some people, and some decently positive ones, but nothing huge. Big announcement of the week is that Pamela, the girl we baptized....her mom is debating the whole baptism thing, but for her...HER MOM MIGHT GET BAPTIZED...Let me rephrase that. her mom will get baptized. maybe she doesn´t know it yet, but she will. Friday, we took Pamela with us to help us in a lesson of one of her classmates, and holy cow!!! that girl spits fire. She told us after that she wants to go on a mission, and I honestly.....holy cow. she will make a fantastic missionary.

Saturday, all of our cita´s fell through, except for Cristino. He is awesome!!!! We found him contacting, taught him the plan of salvation. His son passed away a few years ago, and he felt responsible because his son needed help, but he couldn´t help him because he was bolo. That means drunk. and bolo is like, so drunk you have no clue what is going on. He felt guilty. We taught him the plan, and invited him to come to church, which he did. We invited his wife, but she is Catholic, and Catholics are super stubborn. So much tradition in that church. Well he wants to get baptized he can´t because he isn´t married, and since his wife isn´t getting baptized with him, we can´t help pay for anything. The mission has a fund to help people get married, but only if both are going to do it. So we have to wait till he has money. he also has to get a paper of being single (my English brain struggles these days) but he was born like 12 hours from here, and that´s where you have to sacar it. He used to be bolo like every day, but hasn´t touched alcohol in three weeks. Comes to church every Sunday, reads the Book of Mormon, and prays. Just can´t get baptized.

Saturday night was a YSA activity, and we were invited to come play soccer, so we thought it would be a chill evening.  It was actually a tournament in this side of the stake for ysa´s from different wards, with a 500 lempira prize, and the elders weren´t incleded. We filled in for a more or less friendly game, against a different ward. It was fun, but they didn´t really try. I did have some people tell me that for a gringo, I was really good. People are always so surprised by a gringo that plays soccer here. Makes me laugh.

Yesterday we had to be inside all day. They had national primaries, where they pick the party leaders for elections next year. So we went to a member's house in another Elders' area, and watched church movies. It was okay. we honestly couldn´t do anything outside. No working. Danli, another zone, has been in their houses from Thursday till tomorrow, because they had problems with narcos there and a whole bunch got arrested, and it was super sketchy.  UYUCA has been inside since Saturday til Tuesday. Elections are sketchy here.

Interesting news from here. I met an elder Lawson from Colorado that is related to Mark and Renata. cool stuff. I have been drinking máte everyday with lunch, love it!!!! My favorite thing ever!!!! Makes me think of when I used to drink with dad every day at the office......

Well, that is pretty much it. this week was sort of weird with changes....so we didn´t do much, and combined with yesterday, eh. next week will be better, I promise.

I love you all!!!! I should be sending a package home with some letters for some people and Christmas stuff soon....hopefully. but it might not get there before Christmas so we shall see.

Love you all!!!! be safe

Elder Zach Glassett

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hola fam!!! You should all appreciate the snow, as I get none here. and Cody, the subject is a song line....band from England. Somewhere only we know is another one of their songs. Trivia for the week.

Mason- Hope that the hat business goes well. I am sure that you will make some great hats, and would love to have one, but I would never ever use it here. EVER. are you done with soccer?? how did the season end?? are you playing indoor??? Hope that the boombox is playing good stuff. like fun. or fall out boy. or panic! at the disco. Listen to some music for me, yeah??

Cody-dude, no shirt November?? what is this, jerseyshore?? try no shirt June or July, that might bring better results. Try ¨wear a winter coat November¨, that will bring people to your cause. Hope that the mustache is going well. DUDE, you must be a beast on the drums if you keep up with Mike Fuentes. Have you heard their newest stuff?? is it any good?? save me a copy, yeah?

Erin, you´re right. Basketball....ehh. not really that fun. But yoga Tuesday, whoa now. you might need a few minutes to decompress after so much excitement in your life. Try and keep a lid on it, yeah??

Dad- holy cow, that new line is BURSTING with fruit!! Still sucks to hear about your back. Too bad I am not there to do all the heavy lifting like last time, huh??

Mom.  It is good to hear that the weather is crazy, here it´s more of the same, except dry and hot. By taken care of for my birthday, I mean I have people who are going to cook Melanesa and Tres Leches, so I will be good.

Well, this week was sort of long. Neither Nava nor I really had the ganas to work much, because he is leaving on Wednesday. we visited a whole bunch of members. We played a joke on some other missionaries, and had a baptism, and I had a really cool spiritual experience.

Well, for the joke. Two other elders, Peña and Vasquez, live across the carretera from us, and we had to go get baptismal clothes from them. So we walked over to their house. We passed them at a pulperia, and they didn´t see us. Well, we know that they always leave their door only semi locked, but you can open it from the window, so we did. Hid behind the door. They still hadn´t seen us. They tried to open the door, didn´t work. Peña says, "Why did you lock the door?" and Vasquez says, I didn´t, we left at the same time. Peña tries to open it, and Nava pushes me into it, so it closes. they try to open it again, but Nava pushes me again, and the two of them take off running, ¨There is someone inside!!!¨ Well, we came out, and found out that they were going to call the cops, and then get a knife from a neighbor. it was hysterical to say the least. 
We also had a carne asada Friday night!! It was amazing!!! So good. I sent pictures of the food. Love it. Nordeli made it, we paid for the meat, and she cooked.

We also had a baptism, but I don´t have pictures, because my camera died. Nava will send me pictures next week. so I will send them then.  Pamela, our two month investigator, finally got baptized. Hallelujah. I was so happy. I have put so many tears and prayers into this one, so I am glad it finally worked out. her mom is starting to come around too, she has been to church twice now.

So, when we were talking to our converts this week, all of them were talking about how spiritual and strong Nava is, but I was getting nothing. I felt like Nava could have taught them with a mute Elder Glassett, and they still would have gotten baptized. Seriously. Nava defended me a few times, and it helped, but still, I was doubting. ´Do I really not bring the spirit´? So I prayed for a few days straight, and tried to really bring the spirit, and it finally worked. We were talking with Carlos, and I bore my testimony. Santa VACA, the spirit was strong. I shared with him the part from my patriarchal blessing, and we were both in tears at the end of it. I knew in that moment that I had brought some spirit into that house. He should be getting ordained to the office of elder the 24th, and he and his wife are asking about when they can go do baptisms for the dead for his family!!!!! HE is GOLDEN, and so is his family.

Well, I love you guys. I am grateful for you all, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the SNOW!!! I don´t get that for two years, so GO SKI!!! FETCH!!!!

Love you all !!!!

I am hoping the bbq grill, but more likely it is the family stove.

Before ......... 

After... :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

A huge apology from Paula.  I put all the info on the blog, but forgot to finish by hitting the "publish" button.  Good news.  If you read this in the next few days, you will get double letters.  So sorry!

We were in San Marcos de Colon, which is an hour outside of our zone, but is where Beesley and Martinez are. Super cool!!! We visited an old Spanish fort, and played soccer on a big field. So great!! This week was all sorts of good, I will explain in a second.

Well, my time is short, but here is what happened this last week.

So, remember a few weeks ago, I told you about that lawyer that died, and how his wife was left with their six kids, ...  So the mom, Nancy, left. Nobody knows where. She was one of the strongest people I have ever met in my life, and was the Sunday school teacher. I think the whole ward is reeling.

Also, Carlos, the man who got baptized, is pilas.  ( Note:  I think that means awesome) He bore his testimony to us yesterday. Holy cow, that man is amazing. He said something interesting....
¨You two have been a light in my life.¨ Funny, I think my patriarchal blessing sounds similar.. . . .He and his wife asked when they can go through the temple. and he will be the second counselor in the ym organization. Yeah. He is amazing. I can´t even begin to describe the spirit that you feel in his home...it´s incredible.

To go along with good things, you remember Pamela, the 15 year old who we couldn´t baptize because her mom kept saying no? Well,....she is getting baptized next Saturday!!!! I fasted for it on Sunday, and she was praying a ton.....and her mom gave her permission. Nava´s last baptism in this area, I am so glad she will get baptized before he leaves.

I am sending some pictures from today. Me with Beesley and Martinez, his comp, in the fort. and me with some of the other missionaries on the wall. You should be able to see tags. Elnicky is there, with Sorensen, his comp, the tall red head. He is from draper, went to Draper, knows the Allans.
And, mom, I know how much you love Monet´s water lilies. Well, there was a little pond with water lilies, so I included on of the photos from the pond.

Also, I know how much mom loves Enrique Iglesias. Well, he has a song called, Cuando me enamoró. It´s fantastic. It´s on all the buses, so I hear it a lot. You will like it, even if it is in Spanish. Also, dad, there is a song here called Quédate. I don´t know who it´s by, but it´s on buses too, and i like it.

That´s all I got for today. I am sorry it was shorter than normal, but I don´t have a whole lot of time.
I love you ALL!!!! Thank you so much for everything, and I will talk to you soon. Don´t worry, I have people taking care of me for my birthday, so don´t stress.

Love you

Elder Glassett


Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 29, 2012 

So hey family!!!  Well, to begin the week, we had nobody. No new investigators. Nothing. We contacted like all day Tuesday, all lots of Thursday, and spent Friday helping two elders with their wedding for a family, and then Saturday doing baptism stuff.
We found a lady named Dulcelina Tuesday, taught her the first lesson, and it went well., She seemed enthusiastic. Sort of reminded me of Abinadi, because we started the lesson with four people, and ended with just her. only one, just like Alma. We taught her again Thursday, and she seemed pila, (?? not sure what that means) but didn´t come to church, so we have to go back Tuesday. She honestly seemed super enthusiastic, but that´s everybody´s problem. They won´t go to church. oh, she isn´t married either, which is another problem here.

We also had our wedding and baptism!!! I was so freaking happy. Carlos got the priesthood on Sunday, and stake conference is in November, so hopefully he will receive the Melchizidek priesthood then. There were FIVE weddings this weekend. Three at the same time on Saturday, one later that day, and one Friday. Scratch that. Six. One also in a different building on Saturday. There are two wards that meet in our building, and four sets of missionaries. Three elders, one sister. Me and Nava, Pena and Vasquez, Elnicky and Sorensen, and Chavez and Sanerivi- Hermana´s. Each of us had a wedding and baptisms. SO COOL. That was one of the most spiritual baptismal services I have been to. Carlos... I wish you guys could meet him. He is honestly a different man. He has a light shining out of him that you can see, and more than see you can feel. It´s amazing. They fed us some good food after the baptism, too, and that included tres leches. YES!!!

We also had lunch yesterday with the elders quorum president and his wife, and they fed us a TON!!! I was literally too stuffed to move. It was delicious too!! Beef with a sauce like a gravy, but not. It has carrots and corn and stuff in it, over rice, the meat, and then mashed potatoes, which here contain margarine and mustard. Always.
Yesterday, the relief society presidency wasn´t there, neither were the bishops counselors. That means we only had church for two hours. Attendance is dropping. We have gone from 130´s to 100 in two changes. We don´t get referrals. this ward has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  The temple open house is soon, and the bishop gave second hour, and talked all about the temple, and how we need to bring people to the open house. About how these people need to be non members that the missionaries can meet with to teach them about the temple and God´s plan for families.Yeah, we should be getting a few referrals. Hopefully.

I also had an opportunity to talk with German, who is the father of Nordeli and Glenda, the ladies who used to feed us, the other night. He is a good guy that isn´t a member, and he asked a lot of really good questions.  I kept praying to be able to tie the gospel into the conversation, and it was so easy. I felt like he was lobbing the ball over the plate, and I kept smacking it into the yard where it wouldn´t ever be found, because the dog would keep it forever.  He asked me something really interesting. Asked me, ¨Do you think your parents are proud that they have a son serving God?¨ I prayed really hard for a minute, and then responded. let´s see how close I would get to mom and dad´s answer.
¨I think that my parents are grateful that they have a son who knows what he wants in his life, and that they are good things. A son that knows how to serve and how to love and how to work. A son that focuses on other people, and care´s more about what God thinks of him than what other people think of him. A son that prays and loves his family.¨
How´d I do, mom and dad???
I also almost got to play dentist, a 7 year old girl, Yanoris, the daughter of Glenda, has a loose tooth, and she is going to let me pull it. The mom doesn´t want to, and doesn´t want to take her to a dentist. So I get to. Yeah Buddy!!!
Carlos with new wife, Karla

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October, 22, 2012

Holy Cow!!!Four months done!!! 19 more!

Congrats to Mas for moving up to D1, I know the team worked hard in getting there. Erin, I am so excited for ya in vegas, I am sure that you will do great, and that you will kill it out there. Cody, don´t worry about getting a life, there is plenty of time to do that when you get older. Be a teenager and make the guitar look way sick. I wanna see pictures of it when it´s done.
Mas, it´s good to hear you are doing well in school. Tell Brock Hi for me, and that I miss him too.
Athlete´s foot is almost gone, and Nava´s knee is improving tons. I thank you all for your prayers, and use them. I can feel them, if that makes sense.

Well, we only had one baptism this last weekend, our other one didn´t go. The papers for the marriage took longer than expected, but they came to church, and are still going strong. We have FOUR FAMILIES in our building this week- one of ours, one of Elnicky, one of Peña and Vasquez, and one from the Hnas. (? Not sure what that means.)  Four in our ward building. The other two are in a different ward, but we are going to do the baptisms together. So sweet. I am also sending photos from this last baptism that we had. Her name is Ana.

Well, this week has been stressful, mostly due to the marriage paper situation, but some other stuff too. We had interviews with president on Tuesday, but he got there late, so we ended up doing them on Wed, which meant that we were at the chapel in Iberia, which is our chapel, from about 11 to 5 all day. Took forever, But they bought pizza, so it´s okay. We are also realizing that we have no investigators now, and need to find more, so we will be doing that all this week. Also, Nava leaves in like 3 weeks, so we are working on getting all of our baptisms in while he is here.

I got your package, loved it. Thanks a ton.

Well, our baptisms from last week, Juan and Luis? Yeah, they got ordained to the priesthood last week.  I also played the piano for the primary program, and they gave me the music five minutes before sacrament started. We also started 1/2 hour late in sacrament meeting. All the music was printed on copied sheets of paper, so I couldn´t play some of it because I couldn´t read the notes, or see the staff.

Also went on splits this week, with Concha, one of the ZL´s. Their area is two area´s combined in one, so it´s huge!!! Takes forever to walk it. Fun thought.
I also tried fried platanos with condensed milk and jam. Still not very good.

Well, it rained a lot here, and they tell us that this is what winter is really like. I refuse to call it winter. It´s just more rainy than normal. we also had Chorizo last night, it was so stinking good!!!

We have been spending a lot of time finding new people.  We don´t have any new investigators, and since we don´t get referrals, we have to knock doors and talk to people in the street all the time. It takes a lot of energy, and is a little repetitive, but it will pay off. We call it Abrir la Boca, But I like to think of it as planting a seed. In one of the Matthew chapters with all the parables, it talks about a man sowing seeds. He sows them, but then never knows what happens to them,  and it turns out they grow huge, or something. They sprout. Well, one day, all this work is going to pay off, if not now, later, if not later, then in the spirit world.

This week I have had another witness that God answers prayers, and am so grateful for that. I am grateful for the power of the atonement, and how that can help us change our lives and feel clean, and how we can repent and turn to God. I love you all, and am so thankful for all of your prayers, all of your thoughts, and everything. I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else right now, and love the work.

Elder Zach Glassett
Note from Paula:  The lady who was cooking their one meal a day is not able to cook for them anymore.  If you saw earlier pictures of his kitchen, you would be frightened, like me, that now he has to cook in that scary place.  Good thing he found turkey and bbq chips!

Good thing we took the instructions seriously and bought the heavy duty boots.  Looks like they are being put to good use! 

Zach and Ana

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October15, 2012

Well, this week has been awesome!! We had TWO baptisms, had two more investigators fully commit, and have had some health issues. Don´t worry, I am fine. Some interesting things have happened this week.

Well, Tuesday we went to the house where are three investigators that were going to get baptized live. Juan, Luis, and Miriam. We went to review with them the baptismal questions, and when we got there, Juan and Luis were ready to go, but Miriam, who had been the most positive one of them all, all of a sudden didn´t want to get baptized. We seriously spent ten minutes trying to figure out why, but she wouldn´t say anything. It didn´t help that her family is yelling, ¨Why not, just do it, seriously, stop being dumb, ...¨ You get the picture. Not helping. I said, ¨If you would like, you and I and Elder Nava can step outside and discuss this where there aren´t all these distractions (motioning to her family) and where you can speak openly without being judged.¨ That shut them up pretty quick. She didn´t want to. So, Nava and I decided to leave it and go over the review, see how she did, and go from there. She answered literally everything perfectly. When we got to the end, we brought it up again. She told us that she was just indecisive. We thought that maybe she had talked with her mom, (she lives with her grandma, Ruth, who is a member; and her mom, Miriam, who isn´t, and her aunt Luz and Luz´s daughter Nicole (7), and her three other cousins, Juan(15) and Luis(13) and Farí(7), and a dude named Lalo, who is old.) So I took a few minutes to talk to her. I told her to use her logic and her reasoning. It was a good thing, she would receive blessings, and had she received an answer to her prayers? She said yes, so my question in response was Then why not? She said then that she needed to be baptized, and would do it. We had talked with the Mom, and she sounded like she would give consent. So we were stoked. More on this in a sec.
Thursday we went to the house of a becoming active member, Karla, and her pair, Carlos, who is catholic, has had like 5 pairs of missionaries teach him, and never been baptized. We had a chance to talk to her this morning when she took us to the hospital (I will explain that in a minute, calm down Mom), and this is what she told us.
We found her house on accident, (or was it an accident?), about four weeks ago. She was a non-active member, divorced, with two kids, and living with a non-member and had two kids. She was super nice, fed us, and we talked about her pair, to which she was super, like, negative about us talking with him. Like he wasn´t going to change and get baptized. She told us to come over when he was home, which is only on the weekends, because he teaches in Amapala, which is an island about 2 hours from here. So, that weekend, we went over. He was nice, but sort of gave us the vibe that he was only going to listen, but not do anything. Well, we taught him like every weekend, and he came to church and general conference with his pair, kids, and step son, alejandro, who is 11. His two kids are Carlos 4 and Cristofer, 6. Well, last weekend, the weekend of general conference, we were able to go over, and really talk to him about the Book of Mormon, the Church, everything. He opened up, and was super honest with us. He has doubts about a lot of things, a drinking problem, and needs to get married. Well, we left him with some reading to do, and he told us he would. I also told him to pray with his family, to live the gospel, and he would receive a testimony of it, (John 7:17). Well, they had us over for dinner last Thursday, and he was all excited. We didn´t know what for. He opened up to us, and told us that he had felt the spirit testify that all of this is true, and that he wants to get married so he can get baptized. We originally had him down for the 20th, but we were going to move it to the 27th, and he was like,¨ I thought it was the 20th?¨ So he and Karla are getting their papers together to get married next Saturday in the morning, and baptized next Saturday in the afternoon. You would not believe the change that I have seen in this man, and in his household. Karla this morning told us something more as well. She told us that when we knocked on her door, that her and Carlos were at the point of separating. He had been drunk one night, and tried to hit her, so she called the police. They weren't getting along, were practically living together just for the kids, and just talked to make sure bills got paid and stuff got taken care of. She also told us that she had lost her love for him, even after 11 years together, and it was the same for him. Well, she told us that since we had come to the house, and started teaching, that everything had changed. They are going to get married, be in the church, and live the gospel, and that everything about their house has changed a ton. There is a different spirit to their house, and they are happier. I can´t wait to send you photos of them.
Well, then came Friday. We did our interviews with our two candidates,   ... small edit because i think Zach is losing his English.  The idea is that Miriam again decided not to get baptized. ...   It was really sad. But the next day, Saturday, was their baptism, and so we went to get the font ready at like ten in the morning. Well, it was nasty, because somebody left water in there for like 2 weeks. So it was gross. We had to clean it, and spent like two hours doing so. So gross, BUT- we went over to Ruth´s house, and she fed us FISH FILET. IT was SO GOOD. That was the most full I have been in 2 months. Then we went and taught a lesson, came back, walked back to the church, and baptized. It was so cool. Then we went to their house early Sunday to get them to church, and Luis didn´t want to go to church, which is bad, because then we can´t confirm him, and then the baptism was for nothing. He was literally crying, he didn´t want to go so bad. It took us 15 minutes of talking to him, and finally his brother dragging him to the car to get him there. But he went, and got him confirmed. I also think that the bishop interviewed them for the priesthood, too.
Well, since last Wednesday, nava´s knee has been getting progressively worse. He could barely walk yesterday, so we didn´t go anywhere, and stayed in the house. It was alright. He doesn´t know whats wrong, and is worried that this could send him home. We went to the hospital here so he could get an x ray, and they told him nothing was wrong, but he bought a brace and some topical stuff and some pills. We will see if this improves.

Well, now for the fun stuff. If you get a chance, if you could send an English copy of the conference ensign when you get it, that would be great. Also, if you could find some of the máte stuff in the tea bags, (dad knows what I am talking about), that would be great too.
Also, I have been asked to play the piano in the primary presentation next week. See how that goes. I have never played primary songs. They also want to do a special musical number, which I don´t get because nobody can sing at all. They want to combine two hymns. Whatever.

Well, love you guys, and hope that everything goes well this week. I pray for you all the time, and really try not to think about you.
Also, tell Austin I will write him back next week, I didn´t have time this week.

Love you all!!
Elder Zach Glassett
Elder Nava, Luis, Juan, lots of family, bit tall skinny Zach!

Elder Nava, Luis, Juan, big tall Zach!

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Wait, ... that's not a piano. 

So Good to hear from Everyone!! I love getting all your news every week.

Cody, I admire your dedication. I know that you will be blessed as you make that goal a priority in your life. The Lord needs more Missionaries, and those of our generation are the best there have been. That doesn´t come from me, that comes from apostles of the Lord. He needs missionaries, so work hard to prepare. Best way to do that is Preach My Gospel and splits with the missionaries. You will use what you learn from that book and the full timers. Fun fact- there have been two books written in the temple- James E. Talmadge´s Jesus the Christ and Preach my Gospel. Between you and Erin, that Horse story sounds like an adventure well had. 

Erin, what a story. Thanks for giving me the details. Hilarious!!! That sounds like a good adventure, and one that will make a good story in years to come. Keep at it with volleyball. Remember that the church is perfect, and the people aren´t. That was me a year and a half ago, and sometimes people forget who they really are. I am so glad to hear that you are improving, and that you play hard regardless of the circumstances. Trust me, have patience and keep playing, people will notice.

Mason, Sounds like you are good friends with this Adi. I hope that you can continue to develop meaningful relations with everyone, that is definitely a gift you have. And keep working hard with your team. work hard in the hard times, and harder in the good times. What did you think of the announcement the prophet made?? and Thanks for translating for me. Boca was always a difficult word. Translate this...
Chupa lo.
Love ya bud.

Dad, That is quite the story. I have heard similar stories from here, and with gringo´s. it´s never with other latins, only gringos. Kinda funny. Thank you for your counsel. I guess the Lord needed me to hear that, because He told me during conference as well. I realized that I can´t change things, I can just love people. And the new announcement is crazy. Practically all latins are in that group, of 18 year old missionaries, and there are tons of good ones. It is good to hear that Alley and Daniel are working to leave earlier. They will both be awesome. Oh Erin.....Army. Well, according to Elder Holland, at SUU one year he said, ¨Grab your triple combination and sign on to God´s Army. Except we use bandages, not bullets- the Lord´s Army is an army of healing.¨

Mom, first of all, the Ladies who feed me would like to say hello. They saw a photo of you and the fam the other day, (I keep it in my triple), and they think that we are the most beautiful family in the world. They said that I looked just like you, and that You are way too young to have four kids. Then I told them that you were 42, and they didn´t believe me. They responded with, ¨she´s too pretty to be 42.¨ Nordeli and Glenda say hi.

Well, this week was crazy! I only have time to highlight the really good stuff. We have an investigator who we dropped in the past name Jolaní. She asked her member friend why we haven´t been back to teach her. She is now making an effort to follow up with commitments, and to come to church. She is 27 and has two kids, and a partner. But to get baptized, she needs to get married. Her partner doesn´t want to just because he doesn´t want to. Oh, and he´s 58. Wow. So we don´t know what we are going to do with her.

We have three baptisms lined up for this weekend. It would be more, but one has a soccer tournament, and the other one still needs to go to church.  They will be the 20th of this month. I will tell you about both of them really quick.

The lady is named Olesia. She met with missionaries almost a year ago, but they changed and transferred, and she lost contact. She was getting ready to get married and get baptized. Well, we found her contacting, and her husband was killed in the last 6 months, and she has an 8 year old daughter who we are talking with as well. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and wants to get baptized, but she didn´t come to a session of conference, so we have to move her date back a week. Still positive.

The other one is a 14 year old boy name Jorlyn. He and his mom started off super positive, but then all of a sudden, we couldn´t find them. The father in law is catholic, and we think he said something to them. Well, we finally found Jorlyn at home. The last time we talked with them, he said he didn´t know if he wanted to be baptized for sure. He liked it all, but didn´t know if the Book of Mormon was true. I told him to pray, read it, and pray again. To pray for understanding and an answer. Well, that was about two weeks ago. We finally found him, and I asked him if he got an answer. This is what he said. "I was reading the Book of Mormon, and I felt really good. I finished reading a chapter, and said a prayer. As I was laying in my bed waiting for a response, I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw a bright white light. Out of the light came a voice that said, Yes." He looked at me and said, "Does that sound like an answer?" Uhh, yess, Jorlyn, yes it does. He can´t be baptized this week, but we will for sure the 20th.

The three we are getting ready to baptize are three teenagers. There are 8 people in the family, they live with grandparents and aunts. So hysterical. I really can´t describe this family. So great. Love them to death. Same with the family that feeds us. We spent two hours at their house last night with pizza and cake, and just sat and talked. That was the first time I have really felt like I have been sort of at home in almost 4 months. To sit with a family and just laugh and joke and play was awesome. I really needed it. 
Funny story of the week. Everybody here has motorcycles, and the family that feeds us is no exception. Norde´s sister, Dilengia is married to a guy that has a motorcycle. We were talking to him while he was sitting on it last week. I noticed that it was a Yamaha, and couldn´t help thinking, Well, that´s not a piano. I had to try to keep myself from laughing hysterically. (Dear readers, here's a little background on why this story is hilarious.  ...  When Zach was about three we were at some friends' house.  Zach was sitting on the piano bench and noticed the word "Yamaha" on the center of the piano above the keys.  There is probably a more technical name for this, but you understand that Yamaha was the maker of the piano.  Zach began pointing to all the letters and saying their name.  When he was finished spelling y-a-m-a-h-a, he proudly followed with -- "Piano!"  He was so proud that he had just spelled the word "piano."  Now reread the story and you will laugh a little more!)
I also gave my first full blessing in Spanish this last week. For not speaking Spanish fluently, and having to think in English sometimes, I believe also that the spirit speaks to people in their mother language, so English for me. I have to translate it. Well, during the blessing, I didn´t have to translate anything, it all came in Spanish. So crazy. Helped me to realize that Whom God calls, God qualifies, in all aspects.

Well, I hope you all have a stellar week. Conference was awesome! Who were all your favorite speakers? Mine was elder Nelson, I think,  or Elder Anderson, or Bednar. One of the three.

Love you all!! talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Zach Glassett

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

So, This week has been really good!! I will tell you all about it as soon as I respond to everybody.
Erin- I am sorry, that sounds tough to deal with. I am sure that the Coach is trying new things to try and win, or to improve. Sometimes, we don't know why we don't play. Just give him no excuse not to play you. If you allow me, I can compare this to missionary work. Sometimes, the people don't accept, even when we do all we can. That doesn't mean the gospel isn't true, or that they won't ever be baptized, it just means that their time isn't now. The same with volleyball. Just because you didn't play doesn't mean you aren't working hard, it just means that that game wasn't your time to play, and if you keep working hard, the long term results will come. I am sure that if Cody put that nightclub together with Kaleb, it was probably a good time. Just don't get dancing too crazy.
(Hey, it Paula, adding a little history to preface Zach's message to Cody.  First let me explain that Cody is crazy and random.  He sent Zach a letter explaining that the roof of his mouth should really be called the ceiling and the top of his head, the roof, based on the ceiling and roof locations in an actual house.  Then he complained that he had a crooked finger and is very perplexed about how it got that way and finished by telling Zach he has an amazing mustache and taunted Zach because he has to shave.)
Cody- I am glad to hear you logically solved a problem that has been puzzling mankind for centuries. Share that little nugget of gold knowledge with everybody, I am sure it will change the world. Also, everybody has crooked fingers. Nobody has perfect hands. Just don't let that stop you in life!! There are plenty of people with crooked fingers who live normal lives. Crooked finger people are people too, remember, and nobody will treat you any differently. Just remember that people judge without understanding.  I hope and pray that your mustache continues to come in well. Maybe people will notice that instead of your crooked fingers.
And you should get a bouncer for your night club, nobody will ever be intimidated by your mustache, crooked fingers, or that fact that you just aren't intimidating. 
Mas- I am sorry your team lost, but that's just a reminder to keep extra focused when you are winning. Those are the times when you should play harder than ever. And what is this girls name whose locker combo you have engraved in your memory?? Is she in any classes with you?? I don't think that's awkward. I am going to submit to you my own personal philosophy- It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Mull that over, think about it and lemme know what you think.

I was super grateful for the lesson in third hour yesterday, the bishop gave it about how to teach, and about how we should teach with what the Lord has given us to teach from- canons of scripture and books with the church seal. If it's not there, don't teach it. Church isn't a time to share personal thoughts or opinions- it's a time to share the doctrine of the Lord. Think about General Conference- they share concrete, simple doctrines. They use scriptures, church material, and appropriate stories. 
Honestly, I don't think this place will ever feel like home, I just think I am starting to forget what home is like. Like, carpet is a foreign concept. Water out of a tap? Weird. Driving my own car? Really? I can drive at home?? I just don't remember what that stuff is like.
Our ward is about 150, the eq is tiny, the primary is okay, and the relief society is well taken care of. I think something helpful would be to have more hymnbooks and triples combinations. Everybody has a bible, and the copy of the book of mormon that we give them, but nobody has D and C or the Pearl of Great price, or a hymnbook.

Well, my week has been good and sad. Monday, at lunch, we saw that a lawyer had been assassinated in el Centro. Turns out, he was the husband of a lady in our ward. They were married in the temple, have six kids, and he decides the church isn't for him, and was working on divorcing her. We went to the funeral services Tuesday, because they asked if I could play the piano. I went, and played. The lady has an amazing testimony. The church was full of lawyers, and the spirit was super strong. He was shot in the daytime. Super sad. We didn't really get much done that day after that. Our really promising investigators weren't home Tuesday.
Wednesday we did splits. The ZL, Concha, came to our area with me, and Nava went with Ruiz their area. all of our contacts fell through, so we contacted all day. Then it started to rain, and we took shelter at a pulperia (very small 7-11 type market), where a man and his son also took shelter. We started just talking to them, chatting, and it rained for like forty five minutes straight, so we didn't leave.The man invited us to his house to chat. Turns out, his family lived in a different city, and his parents fed the missionaries practically every day for 20 years. his dad got baptized, but he never did, and he has a profound respect and love for the missionaries. All I could think of was Dad's saying, "Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous." So true. We are going to work with him and his son and wife. 
Funny story time. We were contacting, and I knocked on a door. I could hear people inside, so I knew people were home. Nobody answered, so I knocked again. The words, "No hay Nadie!" which means "there is no one", came from inside the house. My response was "En serio? Entonces, con quien estoy hablando?" "Seriously? So then, who am I talking to?" Silence. I think people think we are stupid, but we're not.
Thursday we couldn't find our investigators at home either, but we had lunch with family that we are working with, and will pull like three baptisms from this month. They fed us fish. They literally cleaned the guts out and fried all of it in butter, head and tail and all. it was really good. We had that Friday too.
Saturday we talked with the mom of one of our investigators who won't let her daughter get baptized. She said that she won't permit her daughter to be baptized because she has already been baptized once, and to do it again is playing with God. I said that the first time she got baptized was a game with God. She asked how, so we explained about authority for the millionth time, and then asked if she could be baptized. She said no. So obviously, she doesn't get the whole authority thing. But she won't listen. We have explained it to her every way we know how. This lady needs blessings, but she is too hard hearted and stiff necked to accept anything. Finally, I felt like I had to say something. I thought that it was too strong, and would offend her, so I didn't. The words ended up practically forcing themselves out of my mouth in the most fluid and correct Spanish ever. I looked at her in the eyes, and said, Juanita, the spirit is speaking to me, and this is what it says to you. If you don't permit your daughter to be baptized, and something happens to her, or you impede this ordinance, you will be held responsible before God in the last day. You will be judged for this, and you will be judged according to the laws of God. All your daughter wants in her life is happiness. Why would you impede happiness? I got done saying that, and she just kind of sat there. Her gaze was everywhere but me. She still said no.  I got home super defeated. I had literally had the spirit speak through me to her, and she still said no. I got to my house, and just prayed. Literally for like 20 minutes. I prayed harder than I have prayed for a lot of things. I prayed at first to soften her heart, but as I prayed, it turned into helping me understand what I need to learn from this, and that the Lord will give me patience. 
Well, Nava and Ruiz went to Teguc to take out residence, so I went and stayed with Concha. I also gave three blessings in spanish yesterday, with oil. I don't know those words. I also had some lady tell me, she's like 30, that she would love to have a baby with my eyes. Awkward. for the most part. I took it with a grain of salt. 
Well, we watched the Singles Ward last night, because Concha had to take all the data from all the areas, and that didn't finish until like 12:30, so I went to bed late, but it was so worth it. That movie is freaking hilarious, especially after being in a singles ward. Literally everything in there is true, but super exaggerated. So funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. it was in English with Spanish subtitles, so i loved it.

Cambios this week, which means that I have 1 change down. it has flown by, so I know that the rest will too.

I love you all, and can't wait to hear from you next week. Stay strong, pray often, and read the scriptures everyday!!

See you in 21 months!!!

Elder Zach Glassett

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

So, hey there everybody!!! It was good to hear from all of you!! ... I still don´t sound totally like a native, but I doubt I ever will 100%.

 It´s good to hear the office is still doing good, and tell Lonzi to send pictures of the baby! I hope all goes well with that, and tell everyone at the office hi for me. I wish I could have been at the temple dedication with you guys, and it´s sad to hear that elder packer is going so fast, but he will be here till his work is done, so whenever that is, it´s right.

Mason, it sounds like you had an awesome week! I can´t wait to see your creation with hangers, and hope that you do sell it to a museum. How many 12 year olds can say they have done that?! I bet your soccer team is just killing it, and it´s awesome to hear that you have A´s in everything! Keep that up, your study habits will help you a ton in life.
Cody, I wish I could listen to the new MCS album with you. That sounds like it´s so good. Brogan was raving over it before I left and it made me sad that I can´t listen to it. Keep it safe, and we will hopefully jam to it when I get home in 21 months. If you´re not in the MTC already, that is. It´s good to hear your team is destroying, and know that you will continue to do well. And to have Javi tell you ¨Good shot...¨ I think you´re life is complete. Just give up with everything else. Except the Drums. Your soccer world is complete now. It´s good to hear that Jordan football is doing well.
Erbear, you´re starting!!! What did I tell you? I told you you would, and look atcha. Are you doing soccer and volleyball at the same time, or just the one? How is school going? How are your classes? It´s good to hear that all your brothers are being nice to you, and I think even Chance will try to make a better effort.
Thanks to Malerie for writing.  Tell everybody at the singles ward Hi for me, and let them know that I am doing well.

So this last week was super Good!!! We found......drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllll. . . 14 new investigators, and if all goes well, hopefully 11 of them will be baptized next month! There are four or five that are bien pila, which means like ready for the font, so we will see how it goes. We went back to the lady´s house that we dropped and then visited again, and she changed. I think we lost our window on that one. But all that means is now isn´t her time, and hopefully missionaries in the future will find her. I think that this week paid off though.
So last week, for pday, we did what we always do-email, lunch, and then soccer at the church. It´s conch soccer, on concrete, with the goals that support a broken pair of basketball hoops. We play like every week. I don´t know if the Latins like a gringo that can play, and outplay them, and there are two of us that can do that. Elder Beesley, whom the Dahls know, played and won two state championships with Waterford, so he played with Dolbin. He was MVP of the 2a his senior year, and is pretty good. we play on the same team every week, and just kick butt. 
So Tuesday we had an investigator that we were hoping would be home, and was home, but the lights go off and they like to play hide and seek when we knock. It´s okay, I have learned patience here, and am a very patient seeker. That means I will go back unannounced with Nava. We found another guy who was super chill about the gospel, and understood a lot of it, but wouldn´t commit to anything. We also had a lesson with our used to be preggo investigadora, but she isn´t pregnant anymore. They have here their ¨cuarentina¨, which literally means 40 days of not doing anything. They even wear ear plugs so bad air doesn´t get in and cause headaches, because after birth the body is open. Which is true, but not your ears!!! So she told us she can´t get baptized until her forty days are up. Whatever. We will work with her.
Wednesday was rough. Our correlation meeting with Elnicky and Sorenson is Wednesdays at 6:30 am, but this week the bishop wasn´t at his house and we had no warning, so we wasted like an hour of sleep and study time. So ticked. But then we had a sort of rough day. All of our lessons fell through, and we spent pretty much the whole day contacting, which makes for a long day. It was rough, and I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong, or our lessons wouldn´t be falling through and we wouldn´t be losing investigators like that. I said a really really long prayer that night, and just waited for a response for like 10 minutes, to know if it was me, or what I need to do better, but nothing came. The next day in district meetings our DL was talking about people that get dropped, and he said, ¨if you know that you are teaching everything right, that they understand, and they still say no, it´s not your fault, it´s that they weren´t prepared.¨ HOLY cow, God answers prayers.  I know I am doing everything I can to help these people, and they still say no, it´s not my fault. I am teaching the best I can, and they still don´t want to listen, it´s like they are rejecting the Savior, it says in the bible, so I don´t worry to much about it. I have other investigators and my own salvation to worry about. 
Thursday was really good! We had a lesson with two of our promising investigators, and we read 3rd nefi 11 with them. The spirit was so strong, and they could both feel it. They both want to be baptized, and the son, Jorlyn, who is 14 wants to come to church and everything, they came yesterday. They were only going to stay for an hour, but he told his mom they were staying for two, and that was pretty much the end of it. They stayed for two. The mom isn´t married, and her pair seems indifferent, but those two, if we can get her married, will be baptized for sure. 
Friday was FLIPPING AWESOME!!! I contacted a house last week, and the kid who I talked to was 16, and there didn´t look like there was anyone home with him, so I was a little doubtful that coming back would do any good. We went back, however, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. There were 9 PEOPLE sitting in the living room waiting for us. Two are members, one active, Ruth, but she goes to a different ward that is not the right one, and her daughter, Luz, who is inactive. Ruth has another daughter, Miriam, who is non member. Miriam has a daughter who is 11 and non member. Ruth has two grandsons who live at home; Alfredo who is 16 and Luis who is 13, nonmembers. And Lalo, who is an old guy that lives there, and I don´t know if he is a husband to Ruth or a brother or something, but he is 58 and non member. Then there are two 7 year olds, Nicole and Fari. Pretty much, the five that aren´t members have baptismal dates, and are PILA!!  Four of the five investigators went to church yesterday, and they feed us!! They have some money down here, so we are always taken care of at their house. So Good. 
Saturday there was a mega baptism between three zones- ours, cholu oeste, and monjaras, and there were like 60 baptisms. It was really cool, but we didn´t have any baptisms there, we just went to support. Saturday we left after that and visited some inactives, and taught the huge family again. 
Funny experience from Saturday. To give a little background, I was talking with an elder in Teguc during training, and he told me that I was in trouble, and it was because I am white, tall and blond, with blue eyes. Until Saturday, I really didn´t think about it. We went to visit a new convert from like 3 months ago that is moving houses to escape some problems with her ex husband. So we passed a house on the way to her new one, and there were like 3 teenage girls sitting outside of the first house. We greeted them with Buenas, which is short for buenas tardes, or good afternoon. Everybody here greets everybody, and everybody responds. So they responded with Buenas back. I then hear giggling and in heavily accented English hear, ¨How are you?¨ I turned and said, bien, gracias, because sometimes English makes people uncomfortable. I turned back to walk and hear more giggling. and then came, ¨See you later,¨ which I ignored. we talked with the new member for like 20 minutes, and when we went back past this house.  The door was closed. So Nava was like, let´s go contact, to which I agreed. We went and knocked, but they didn´t open the door, just talked through the grate, and the house was dark inside. Nava asked if they could open the door so we could talk to them, to which they replied...Si, pero sólo si el chielito puede entrar solo.- yes, but only if the little white boy can enter alone. Nava explained that wasn´t going to work, I was pretending like I hadn´t heard anything, and we left. Those girls are called Geepers- flirts, and that can be applied to a missionary or non missionary, male or female. pretty funny.  Apparently it only gets worse. Most gringo missionaries that I have talked to that are tall, white, blond haired and blue eyed have at least one story of a baptism where right after they baptized like a teenage girl or 20ish year old, they have either been kissed by the girl, or tried to be kissed. Hopefully nothing like that happens to us.

Yesterday it rained super hard, and when it rains like that, there is no point in going outside. It started after church, at like 2, so we stayed in yesterday. We had 7 investigators at church, which is almost more than the first four weeks combined.

That brings us back to today.  Gonna go eat with the gringo´s, play some soccer, and relax a little.

To answer your question, dad, to get water, we have a pila at our house, on one side, that is open with no techo. The water comes like four days a week for a few hours at a time.  It´s not clean, so we buy our drinking water- in bags, of course,- from the Pulperia across the street. you should have a picture from earlier of my Pila. The music is getting a little better.

Church is hard here. I wish that they could spend one weekend in the states to see how it is run.  One leader has suggested multiple times that the elders quorum pass for a few weeks to show the the ym  how it was done. I immediately said that that was totally against the rules, and he pretty much ignored me. He always asks the gringo missionaries how things are done in Utah, and we tell him the same way things are done here. It´s practically the same, just with Spanish. He asked me how we keep the sabbath day holy in Utah, and I responded the same way we do in Choluteca. The commandments are the same, and you keep them wherever you are. Yesterday he was talking about how there was no unity in the elders quorum, and I realized that was because nobody home teaches. I suggested home teaching, but he said that they don´t have enough to do so. I retorted, how do you think you´re going to find more?! 

Well, love you guys. Thanks for your prayers, and everything.
I have seen this week the power of prayer, and it helped me realize that prayer really does work. You can pray about anything, and God will answer your prayer.
Love you all!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hola everybody!!! This week has been good! Long, and a little tiring, but really good. We did have our baptism, we found a ton of new investigators, we went to Teguc, and it´s pday!!!
So, To answer your questions mom, no, i have not received your package yet. I probably won´t until next week. 
Good to hear that everyone is doing well in sports. Doesn´t surprise me that Erin is killing it in volleyball, she is going to keep doing freaking awesome. I wish I could be there to watch Cody and Mas and Erin play, I would love to watch any sport right now. and mas...whooooo buddy!!! sounds like your team is dominating! How is captaincy? Lead by example, and always give it everything. Same goes for the other two. And thanks for writing me more, Mas, I loved hearing about your week. Straight A´s, huh? I think we all knew that you had that in you. Keep it up! As for the other two, school and life only get more hectic from here, so get ready. In the real world, you don´t get breaks, you get more to do, and you get to find time in between to sort of rest. I hope that that Smith/Schmidt book goes well, sounds like a cool project! And dad, how´s work?? New doctor fitting in okay? Find a new hygienist yet?
Well, our week was good. It started with a phone call on Tuesday, letting us know that Nava and I, and all trainers and new missionaries from the last two transfers, had training in Teguc on Wednesday, starting at 9 in the morning. That means that we were on a bus at 4 that morning. And, to top it all off, I learned that I get really carsick if I can´t see out of the front of the bus. So, of course, I threw up. We got to Teguc, had training, ran some errands, and came back. The bus was supposed to leave at 430 in the afternoon, but it left promptly at 515. I threw up again on this trip. and then once more after getting off the bus in Choluteca. It was horrible. Elder Beesley and elder Peña stayed with us both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, because they live another hour outside the zone from everyone else.
Then Thursday I did splits with another elder Peña, our DL, who is super great. convert and everything, El Salvadorreño, 23. I learn a lot with him. 
Subsequently, I talked to him about some things that were frustrating me, and he talked me through some of it. Then Friday, I had an discussion with Nava about some stuff. It was frustrating because I can´t quite get my point across sometimes in Spanish, my argumentative Spanish just isn´t there. But we fixed everything and went out tracting in one of the more difficult parts of our area. We found two new families that we have goals to be be baptized the first weekend in October, so we will see how that goes.
Then Saturday was our baptism!! I have pictures of Nava, Amanda, and I, as well as the family that helped us find Amanda, Hermana Norde. She is the one on the left with the kid, Ariel, standing in front of her, and her sister, Dilegna, on the other side of Amanda. Hermana Norde feeds us everyday, and we pay her. Super cool. her son is nice, but crazy, and has the same problem as Cody when he was little, which is that he can´t speak at all. Take the bike outside in spanish is saque la bicicleta afuera, but for him it comes out ¨ta te ta ti ti te ta a tera.¨ Impossible to understand, and he needs a frenectomy on his tongue, He can´t use it at all and nobody here knows how to parent.  Everybody just bribes or hits their kids. She bribes him, or just keeps a belt around her to keep him scared, or tells him that she will tell his dad to get him to behave. Thanks for raising us the way you did!!!
The baptism was supposed to start at 5 on Saturday. We showed up to the church at 3:30 to start filling the pila, or font. We got there and realized that the doors were locked to the font, and we called the bishop. He said, well, they changed the locks, and no one has a key, so just jump the glass into the font. The font here doesn´t have a door in front of it, and the glass is like 7 feet tall. So we stacked some chairs and tables, and I jumped over and in to open the doors. The bishop showed up early, which was a surprise, at 450, but Amanda and Norde didn´t show up till 5:30. Everybody showed up at 5:30, so we baptized her then and it went well. We confirmed her the next day, yesterday, at church.
So, playing the piano, sucks. We sang because I have been given much at the speed you would sing like, called to serve. Nobody here can read music, knows the tempo, nothing. I think next week, I will talk to the bishop about taking a little time to go over with the ward tempos of songs, just to get them to sound a little better. and then they asked me next week to make up an arrangement of numbers 48 and 49 in the Spanish hymnbook, which are divina luz and te necessito si. Divine light, I don´t know what one that is in English.  All I know is that isn´t the name in English, and I need thee every hour. I sort of laughed, because It´s not like they can sing in anyways. oh well. It won´t be that hard at all. They are in the same key, and 49 starts on 3 of the 4 notes that 48 ends on. I just have to bs an interlude. 
This week, we also found a lady whose husband left her and her two year old son, who I think is autistic, or something, to live with another woman and wants a divorce. This lady, Brenda, told us that she told her husband that she would welcome him back, everything, forget it all, but he won´t. We have an appointment with her next week. Our other golden investigator, Pamela, wants to get baptized, but her mom won´t give her permission. She came to church with us yesterday, and told Nava that she is going to beg her mom this week, and we are going to pray for her. Nava asked her what her back up plan was if mom still said no. Pamela responded that she was going to do it anyways. Nava asked her if she was willing to make a sacrifice like that in her life, because she could end up getting kicked out or something. She looked at him and said, ¨Well, the church is true, isn´t it?¨ HOLY COW!!!! So we will see where this goes.
Because our week was crazy, we didn´t have a whole lot of time to teach. but I did go on splits with Elder Beesley on Tuesday, and as we were walking, it was super dark. We started walking quickly because we could see a gang of young adults walking behind us, so we were moving, and I was looking for a house to try and get into, but they were all dark. Then, one house of an old investigator was lit up, so we started walking that way.  We got to the door, and they let us in. The mom, Jeni, was the one we were teaching. Her son and daughter-in-law had twins last month, so it was super hard to catch her at home, and we didn´t feel like she was progressing, so we dropped her. We started talking to her that Tuesday, and she told us that she had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, that she was sharing it with her friends, everything. Her daughter-in-law asked us if we had an extra copy on us because Jeni had told her how much this book had changed her life, and she wanted to read it. Dang. Nava thinks they are a lost cause, but I beg to differ, so I will be taking the lead on this one. If it doesn´t work out, oh well, but I don´t want to neglect them, and then have to answer for why we didn´t try harder with them. Super cool experience.
Then, on Wednesday, while we were in Teguc, a couple of neighbors in our area got in an argument, and one ended up stabbing the other twice. There was no blood, so they took the 26 yr old mother of two to the hospital, and she died en route. So sad. Turns out her family are members, but they haven´t been to church in at least like four years. I stopped by with Peña on Thursday, and we talked with some of the family and some neighbors for a little bit. The lady who killed her is 8 months pregnant, and we learned that nobody that lives near them gets along with them. The police aren´t doing anything, and the girl has to be kept inside because some of the neighbors tried to hurt her, and they are vandalizing that house now. So sad.

Love you guys. I hope that everything goes well this week, and good luck with everything. Lemme know how the utes do.

Love ya all!!!
Elder Nava, Amanda and Zach