D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey everybody!!! It's me....Elder Glassett.
So, first off, my P-day is Friday. Last saturday was the day they gave us time to email while doing laundry. So from now on, it's Friday.
Thanks to Mom and Erin for sending the package with the Snickers, Starbursts, and Reese's. And the ring. And the Hair. Which I left on the tape.
I also got your letter on tuesday. Mason, it sounds like you had a great time running and shooting stuff. Cody, I will have to start carrying around bags in Honduras in case a "boop" comes along. ....  Erin, I got your note. Thank you so much for that. It was perfect, especially because that event was the focus of one of our devotionals.
Mom, I am glad that you took the time to write both those letters. It's always good to hear from home, and it helps to decompress after 16 hour days.
Papa, gracias por la carta tambien. Estoy trabajando muy duro, y he orado mucho. Yo se que Dios me ayud'o.
Anyhow, This last week was sweet. The new mission presidents were here for training, so most of the Brethren were as well. In fact, on sunday, our devotional was given by Elder L. Tom Perry. All the Apostles were there except for Packer and Hales. It was an awesome talk. He spoke about how our lifestyle and who we are as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints blesses our lives. Something interesting that came to me while listening to him speak was that if a religion is only a religion, God will only bless us spiritually. However, if a religion becomes a lifestyle, God will bless us in all aspects of our lives, and he wants to.
We also got a break from some meetings on saturday night, and we got to watch The Other Side of Heaven. I think that was God's way of saying, "There is nothing eating your feet in the night time, and you are learning the language in a classroom, not by yourself on an island. I think you'll be fine." Definitely a moment of clarity for me.
Well, our schedule is crazy. up at 630, in a class or studying by 740, go till lunch, 1145, back in the classroom, dinner at 445, and then done with class by 830, study till nine, planning meeting, and then we get an hour to unwind. We get like an hour of gym a day. and tuesday we do service, which last week involved cleaning the floor that we lived on. That's an every week kind of thing. I got to spray a foam gun to clean the shower. It was a good time.
Yes, Mom, I have seen Jarrett. Elder Seegmiller. I have also seen Elder's Steffensen, Rogers, Conklin (Jordan High), Haertel, Frandsen (Jordan High), Gish (patient of Dad's), Dahl, Ted Tyler, from Kelly's team, Puailoa, Stacy Maurer, Preston Chapman (friends with Joel), Scott Houghton (SUU), McCoy Hill, who went to jordan, Landon Brumm, from efy the second year I went, and Connor Nicols, who was my roommate at that same efy. The year before Cody went.  Lot's of people.
So, we have been teaching an "investigator." Our lessons got better with each go, and our language improved as well. By our, I mean my companion, Elder Jarvis, and I. We are working a lot with the advanced group, and I am picking up the language really quickly. I don't think I can get out of here in three weeks, however. It's a lot better this week, this week flew by. I didnt have time to flippin breathe.  Our schedule is nuts, the pace is frenetic. Anyways, our teacher, hermano Johnston, told us yesterday that we wouldn't be teaching a lesson, but meeting our new teacher. When we met our new teacher, we all looked at each other, because it was our investigator. I guess the system is teachers act like investigators they actually taught on their missions. So now, Hermano Larson is our teacher. I really like him. He's funny, super smart, and always has some good advice to add. Our district is all spanish. Elder Jarvis is going to San Pedro Sula, there is one going to McAllen, Texas, one to Mesa, Arizona, one to Panama, one to Nicaragua, and four to CHILE OSORNO! our zone has FIVE elders going to Osorno. creo que papa le gusta saberlo.:)
We went to the temple this morning. It was good. The session was packed, and I got a little lost because the temple is a big circle. But the inside is pretty. The food in the temple caf is pretty good too.
Sorry I dont have any pictures this week. I can't upload pictures and the kid with the card reader isn't in the room, and I am almost at the end of my thirty minutes. Send me Petey's and Daniel's address please....Oh, and I hope that letter to Trever gets to him.
Church is true. This is still hard, and not something that is going to go very smoothly. It's like anything else in life, however, in that if you pray for strength, the ability to excel, and for God to be with you always, you can accomplish anything. 3 Nephi 7:18, I believe, is a fantastic scripture, and helped me out a lot. God loves us, and needs us to be prepared to spread his word and his love with his children, however we can. He can't wait to bless us, we just have to be worthy and receptive, and act on what we are told to do. God loves each of his children very much, and wants us to spend eternity not only with each other, but with Him as well.
God be with you always.

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