D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hola familia!
Espero que estén teniendo muchas experiencas espírituales en sus viajandos! (Translation per Paula because Nelson isn't home. "I hope you have many spiritual experiences on your vacation.")  I know this has been an awesome week for me, and it sounds like for all of you as well.
First, I loved hearing about the trip. Can't wait to get the postcards or more pictures of everything! Glad to know that some adventures have happened, it wouldn't be a Glassett Family vacation without some of those. Or without a sketchy hotel.
Well, I am jealous you got to go to Liberty and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. SOUNDS SO SWEET!!!!!
Petey, with the Community of Christ Church, you realize as you study the Bible and Book of Mormon how off they really are. Just know that they are doing the best with what they have, but let that spark in you a desire to learn more about your own church, the Church of Jesus Christ, and help you to grow. That goes for everybody. And of course Cody found a Guitar shop. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the bookstore. Y papa, necesitamos ir al Harley factory en el futuro!!! Ay yai yai....
So this week was great. We had an awesome devotional sunday night. Stephen A Allen, who is in charge of the mission office, has served in like five mission presidencies, pres of two, a couple area authoritities, and was a CES instructor for 28 years, and he spoke about pioneers. he told us about how all of us are pioneers, and for different reasons. Then he used the hymn come, come ye saints to illustrate his point. I was reminded once again of the power of the hymns of GOD as I listened to the line, "Gird up your loins, fresh courage take, OUR GOD WILL NEVER US FORSAKE." It brought such a strong spirit with the line, and I knew at that moment that I was in God's hands, and that he would take care of me and never leave me. Then, listening to the end part, "All is well." All really is well. I felt such a peace and comfort knowing that God was happy with what I am doing, and with the decision I have made, as well as feeling totally and completely calm about being here. I cannot doubt now that what I am doing is the Work of God. It is, and it is such a great opportunity.
I also watched a talk from Elder Bednar about Characters of Christ, and how making our characteristics his characteristics will bless us. He had an interesting quote, and it was about when people say things like, " My fifth great grandfather was in the Wilie/Martin Handcart company." He said that in his head, his response is, "That's nice; what have YOU done with YOUR faith lately...You cannot live off of borrowed light." Holy powerful. I am so glad I have developed my own testimony. He gave an awesome, awesome talk. He also mentioned that Christ would turn outward when the natural man would turn inward, and that character is something ". . . Developed, strikingly displayed, and constantly lived." Yeah, it was fantastic. He also gave me an idea for scripture study that I would like to share. Go and buy a cheap, paperback copy of the book of Mormon, from Deseret book, and read it from start to finish with a highlighter, and highlight all the things that pertain to a certain topic. If you want to learn about faith, highlight everything about faith, etc. He said that by the time you're his age, you should have somewhere around 500 of these book of mormons at your house, and to keep them all. Holy crap.
Then on Tuesday, we had a devotional speaker, Elder Coleman, talk about the importance of missionary work. Something he said got me thinking, it was a quote. He said " a Journalist wrote about our religion that we are 'obsessed with Christ...how can people think you're not Christian?'" I started thinking about it....our church teaches of Christ, the atonement is centered in Christ, we testify of christ....look up 2 nephi 25:26. So I started thinking, 'what is my life centered on?' What are we doing to center our lives around Christ, and why?? We need to be doing things to bring us closer to him, to be like him, because that is the example he set.
I would challenge you all to think about that, and to work on becoming more Christlike. Use PMG chapter 6 if you need some ideas.
Also, I have been studying the bible in some serious depth to study Christ's life. I figured if I was going to be a representative of him, I needed to know his life. I learned in Matthew 11:28-30 that when we take upon ourselves the yoke of Christ, it is easy, it lightens our burdens, and honestly, He does most of the Carrying. I would also challenge you to take upon yourselves his yoke more fully. Follow the commandments, live the gospel, be an example, be obedient. Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings the exact blessings we need. Think about that.
Lastly, some interesting news, and a request. Clayton Russell is here, he lives on the floor below me. Pretty sweet...Oh, and elder Jarvis and I got called to be Zone Leaders. . . . .yeah. I don't know what to do. I am so freaking nervous. Excited because I get to serve, but nervous. Oh boy. Wish me luck.
Oh, and if I could get some stuff in a package, that would be great.
Axe messy hair paste- ask cody if you aren't sure
Spool of white thread
Razor heads- not gillette, the five blade one at costco.
White tic tacs
Lens cleaning wipes
And pictures from Teguc, Managua, and papa, si tiene fotos de su mision en Osorno, los misioneros que van a servir en Osorno les gustaria si usted puede enviar algunos fotos para ellos. Ellos estaria muy agradecidos!
Oh, and I am going to buy a small carry on size suitcase from here, because I don't think I can get my stuff under fifty pounds in both. But that will become clearer as I get closer to leaving.
Love you guys, hope you are all having a fantastic trip, and I would encourage you all to write down the spiritual experiences. Not the day to day, but the spiritual stuff. Remember in First Nephi, when he talks about how the big plates are for a secular history, and the little ones are for the spiritual stuff?? What ones do we find in the Book of Mormon? The small set of plates. Make Your own small set of plates for yourself to read, as well as your future families, so that they know who their dad or mom was, and why they believe what they do. That stuff changes lives.
Church is true! All really is well in Zion, and God is aware of us. He will never forsake us, and we can become like him if we do what he asks of us. remember to pray often, and to always listen to the council of the prophets.
Take advantage of the chance that you have to learn and feel of the special spirit that you have felt and will continue to feel in these hallowed places you are traveling to.
Okay, gotta go. Love you all!!!!!
Elder Zach Glassett

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