D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hola Familia!!
Espero que todo esté bien en Draper!!!
Thanks for all the letters. I love getting them, it is something to look forward to in my days. It sounds like the trip is coming up quick, and that is exciting. Keep me updated with anything cool that happens!!
Tell Tami Malan thanks for the package. My district, teachers, and random people on my hall got to appreciate the cookies as well.
Also, from this week on, our Branch President isn´t letting us write letters during personal time any day during the week except for friday. So any letter I send will be fridays.
This week was super great!! Cleaning the temple was fun, elder Jarvis and I swept the loading bay for like two and a half hours, and then cleaned chairs and tables in the cafeteria. We also moved carpet to the celestial room, and it was crazy long rolls of carpet!! It was like playing snake in the temple with carpet, and probably close to 35 people carrying it! If you have been in the Provo Temple, You will understand how much of a hassle it is with all the stairs and turns, because it goes in a circle. Fun though.
First Haircut today! That means I must have been in here for a while, I don´t know, maybe like a month?!?!?! I have been in here for a month. Time flies!
This week for devotionals we had Jenny Oaks Baker, Elder Oaks' daugther and a world renowned concert violinist play for us on Sunday. She went to Juilliard School of Music in NY. No big deal, right?? Anyways, it was SWEET! I had forgotten the impact that the music can have on people, and the spirit that it can bring as well. D&C 25:12, ya'll. Then on tuesday, Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, who is an emeritus 70, spoke to us. IT WAS AWESOME. such a great talk. He spoke about how we can implement the traits of past prophets and apostles into our lives. First was WORK, second was obedience, and third was listening to the promptings of the spirit. He shared a quote from John Taylor that I didn't quite get all of, but in short it says that "Truth,Eternal Truth...will remain unscathed." The Book of Mormon immediately popped into my head, and so did Elder Hollands talk safety for the soul. In the talk, which I would suggest reading to get this better, but Elder Holland says that all the "Frankly pathetic" attemps to discredit the Book of Mormon have been unsuccessful. Why, you ask?? Because Eternal truth never changes; if it did, it would cease to be eternal truth. This added another layer to my testimony of the Book of Mormon.
I also finished the Book of Mormon! It took me a freaking year, about, but I finished it. I read a scripture in Moroni 8:3, that talks about a letter that Mormon wrote to his son, Moroni, and what he was concerned about for his son. I can only imagine this is what every parent prays for for their children, and I wanted to say thanks again for not giving up on me, even when it seemed like there was no spark in me at all.
We also had the opportunity to meet some elders who are on their way out, from Guatemala, San Pedro Sula, and from Hong Kong and Fukouka, Japan. The two from Asia are going on English speaking missions, and the two from C.A. are going spanish speaking, but they leave them in here for nine weeks to learn english.They were practicing bearing testimony and making contact in the street kind of a thing. Anyway, they shared their simple testimonies with us, and vaca santa, was it powerful. The church is true and God loves us in any language. It brings to mind the scripture that says all people will hear the gospel in their own tongue and language. SO TRUE.
I also had a crazy cool experience during a lesson. One of our "investigators," "Luiz," was having problems and issues commiting to baptism, and says that he had problems and challenges and obstacles to joining the church. i felt prompted to bear him my testimony and share my experience in choosing to go on a mission, but I was nervous that I wouldn't have the right spanish for it, since most of my spanish revolves around "Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial," "Vi una columna de luz, mas brillante que el sol," and "Cual diente se siente mal?" (Translation:  God is our loving Heavenly Father. .. I saw a pillar of light brighter than the sun. .. Which tooth hurts.) But the prompting was strong enough that I wasn't going to argue with God, and I went with it. Turns out, I do know the spanish for all that. Huh. Fancy that, eh?? God really does fill your mouth at exactly the moment you need it.
Renee Costa wrote me a super awesome letter, with a super cool story that just happened to Juaquin on the 9th of July, their independence day. You will have to have her email it to you. Email her for me and tell her thanks, and that it was so good to hear that everything is good, and that I really loved the poem she sent me as well. You will have to ask her for that as well.
Our new roommates are cool guys, but they are kind of new still, and don't think things through sometime. Elder jarvis and I were both going to the bathroom before gym this week, and they came into the room, changed, and then left and closed and locked it. Well, when you are going to the bathroom, you don't take a key with you, so we were locked out, and didn't have our tags, shoes, nothing. So we had to wait for them to get back. Little things like that.
Mas, best of luck to you in your tourney. I am sure your team will play well, and do fantastic.
Erin, email me or send me pictures of the food. that would be AWESOME. and tryouts will go fine, I am sure. Just remember to let your feet do the talking, and play with all your heart. Play because you love the game.
Cody, I am sure that drumming is coming along in a stellar fashion. remember, however, that drumming isn't everything, and you gots other stuff to do as well. Try to remember that, okay?? Have fun on the trip as well, I know that you can learn a lot if you pay close attention.
Funny story for the week, we were learning about past subjunctive, and we were doing if then sentences, and the first one was "Si comprara tarjetas de loto, ganaria mucho dinero." or something like that. One of the elders asked in english, "So, that first word, Ganaria..." except it sounded like gonorrhea. we lauged for a solid five minutes.
Anyways, church is true, and I know that I am doing the right thing. I hope that all goes well with the trip, and that the temple is AWESOME.
Love you guys
Elder Zach Glassett

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