D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, August 27, 2012

So, Fam, this week has been crazy. I got my first area.....I am in a Zone called Choluteca Este, It´s in the very south of Honduras, a three hour bus ride from the capital. I am in an area called Los Llanos. I can literally see the border with Nicaragua when I go outside. So crazy. Everything here smells, and it all smells bad. Our House in nice compared to the other houses here. I have AC in one room....our bedroom. We have a kitchen, if you can call it that. we have a mini fridge, a sink that doesn´t work half the time, and our water has to be bought or boiled. Our bathroom doesn´t have real running water most the time, so that bucket you see in the picture is what I use to shower and flush the toilet. The sink in the bathroom doesn´t work at all. we wash all our clothes by hand, so that will be part of my pday today. it´s crazy how dirty stuff gets here in only a day. I am wearing one pair of pants for multiple days, but I have to switch shirts daily. I have never sweat so much in my LIFE!!! It´s only like 80 degrees here fahrenheit, but it feels like well over 100 with the humidity. The area I am in is really safe, and just super third world. No paved roads, not modern amenities. Except here everyone has a sound system, a car, a tv, and a cell phone.
I have also learned some things here. The first is that since I am gringo, and mormon, and people know that mormons don´t drink coffee, I hear a fair amount of ´Gringo! Quiere cafĂ©? It's pretty much only the kids. Also, women here just don't wear bras, so that makes teaching a little uncomfortable. And in my first week, I had three women breastfeed in front of me. First day, actually.
Also, this is hard. I wake up in the morning, laying in bed, and just wonder what I am doing here. That wouldn't it have been easier to ignore what I felt in Kirtland and Nauvoo and not have to be here, to be in Cedar going to school....Then I study, say a prayer, and head out. and by the end of the night, I come to realize that this mission is worth more than any education. It's hard, and is taking a little bit of getting used too, but it's good.
We pay a hermana in the ward to feed us like one meal a day. That's pretty much the only meal we eat, we don't have the time or anything to cook for ourselves. We eat snacks and stuff if we buy them from pulperias, little stores, like in the pictures you sent me, with the tigo sign on it. Those things sell literally everything. So we normally get stuff from there once or twice a week. Hermana Norde is the lady that feeds us. She is a member, her husband isn't. she has two kids who are freaking adorable. Super nice.
So, we have one "investigador de oro"- golden investigator right now. She has done everything that my comp, Elder Nava, and his previous companion have asked. The only problem is that she doesn't think she is ready to get baptized, and can't pick a date. So we gave her the 8th as our last one, and then we would have to drop her. we didn't tell her we would have to drop her, but that we wouldn't be able to teach her anymore.
We only have a few other investigators. Nobody really that we think is going for baptism right now. There are a few potentials, but most people here don't think they need to be baptized because they were baptized when they were babies. That, and people don't ever want to learn for themselves. They trust what their pastors have told them. It's sort of frustrating sometimes, but it works out most times.
My trainer's name is Elder Nava. he's from Juajaca, Mexico, and is like 5'3". Tiny little Mexican that speaks no English, hardly. except for the phrases I taught him, which are "Gosh Darn it!" and "Are you freaking kidding me??" He uses those a lot.
Crazy stuff down here. This week has really helped me appreciate the power of prayer, and the effect that it can have on our day to day lives. prayer really works, and is super helpful. God really does listen to us, and want's to help us, we just need to ask.
So, I am also attaching pictures. I can't attach too many, but I will send as many as I can with other emails. There are like a trillion other missionaries that need to use the computers her, so I gotta be quick.
Love you guys, and the chuch is true!!!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Zach has left the comfort of the MTC and will be arriving in Honduras in a few hours.  We spoke to him last night and this morning on the phone.  He seems excited and ready to get to work there and is grateful for all that he learned in the MTC. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hey everybody!!! I hope everything is going well at home!!!
I just sent a package home with all the letters I have received while here, so that should be coming soon. I also wrote a letter to the both of you to put in there, so make sure you read that, and then just put the letters in my room.
So, Congrats to Cody for opening for Bobby!!! That's so chill!! I wish I could be there to see it! What venue is it at??? I seriously wish I could see it. So bad. And Erin, I am sure that bolleyball is fun. Conditioning doesn't sound like it would be near as hard as for soccer. I hope that your tourney goes well. Where do they have you playing??? I am guessing as a hitter, probably outside since you're right handed. And Mas, yes, I got all the references you made to music. I still know all that stuff. I can't wait to see the scar when I get home, and good job in the Sparta Cup! 2nd is really good!
Well, I am pretty much packed. I have one bag at 49 and 1/2 pounds, the other one at just over 40, But I have some last minute stuff to do. everything is pretty crazy. I saw Elder Walbeck and Elder Potter the other day, and have pretty much said goodbye to Elder Seegmiller and Elder King. I probably won't see them again.
We had infield orientation yesterday, which is why me email is arriving today. it was so good. I can't wait to get out and serve, the MTC is killing me. I have enjoyed my time here, but I need out.
We said good bye to one of our teachers, Hermano Larson. coolest guy ever. Served in Merida, Mexico. Speaks four languages, and is learning Romanian and Italian (he speaks french, portuguese, spanish, and english). He had some funny stories. We say goodbye to our other teacher, hermano Johnston, tonight. He is way more strict, and hardly ever speaks english. Served in Guatemala City, North, I think. Super awesome teacher.
So, We had an awesome fireside about our purpose as missionaries on tuesday, by David F. Evans, who is in the presidency of the 70, and Exec. Director of missionary department. Such a good talk. he showed us a painting that president Monson refers to a lot. It's about a rescue of a ship, which I think is totally applicable to what we are doing here. I noticed that the rescue boat has an anchor tied to shore, so that it can get back and not get lost in the tempest that it is about to plunge into. That made me think of our faith, and how we need to keep it anchored in the rock of our redeemer, Jesus Christ. No matter how deep our faith is, it can always get deeper, and we can sink it deeper into the rock, so to say. 
Sunday was a fireside about our purpose with members, and how members need to be involved in the missionary process. made me think of Petey, Trayson, Trever, all the other people that we can and have touched with the gospel, to bring them back. But as great as that is, there is always more that can be done. It was a great talk, I really liked it.
This week has gone by super fast. I guess the super spiritual things that happened were during one of the firesides, I was trying to figure out how I could be more open to the spirit, and how the spirit can better use me. I thought that figuring out how the spirit speaks to me is a good thing. I was trying to think of all the times that the spirit has spoken to me, and what they all had in common. In lessons, it sort of leads me to things to say, but when I am studying, it doesn't lead me anywhere, or reveal things to me with a voice. I then heard/felt a voice say, 'you haven't figured it out yet?' which caught me totally off guard. It was in that moment that I realized that when I am listening to the spirit, it asks me questions. These questions get my brain going to thinking of examples in my life or in the scriptures just to figure out how to answer the question. That totally made sense to my brain, because that's how I work. I like to think things out in my brain, and then see if they feel good in my heart. That's how that works for me. Crazy huh??
I also gave my first ever blessing on Thursday or Wednesday night. One of the Elders in our district sprained his ankle way bad, and was worried, so he asked for a blessing with oil. Elder Wood, his companion, anointed, and then I sealed and pronounced the blessing. It was crazy. I had no idea what to say, or how it worked, so I just started speaking. Words came to me that I can't remember, nor would I have thought of.  It was so crazy, I am glad that I was able to be worthy to be able to do that for him.
Also, I sent a letter to Martha, so let me know what you get back from her. I also am officialy done being a zone leader, so I have no meetings on Sunday, which should be nice. 
Thanks for sending the pictures, I wish I could have eaten that food!!! It looked SO GOOD! You might want to be careful taking me back there for two reasons- one, I will have to eat everything and anything on sight, and two, I will be trying to convert some CCC people. A Community of Christ Church is not the place for a fresh off the mish 21 year old, with a fire still burning under him. You might have to put me on a leash for that one.
Well, that's pretty much it. Next email will be in Honduras!!!! Can't wait!!
Love you all. Church is true, and I can't wait to serve his children.
Elder Zach Glassett

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hola Familia!!! Todo esta bien en el CCM!!! (All is well in the MTC.)  So, I leave soon. This week is going to be crazy. We have so much to do, and that on top of packing and training new zone leaders. Speaking of zone, Elder Marcelo Cruz is in my zone!!!! I love him to death, he's the district leader in advanced. Also, I leave next sunday. HAH!!!! Elder Jarvis leaves the next day, and I am first to go from my district. Oh boy. I am flying with an elder I have never met before. He is a beginner in spanish, so he will be practically no help once we get to Honduras. Oh well. Elder Alex Olsen is here, and I haven't seen Reggie. I did see Noa Johnson, who played soccer on Rob Haertels team with me.
This week was awesome!! We had mission conference, and the MTC Pres. gave a fantastic talk on repentence. His wife gave a talk on the christlike attributes, and it was SO GOOD! Study that chapter again in PME, Cody. and maybe everyone else, too. It's good. We can learn alot from Christ. The Tuesday devotional was great as well. The speaker spoke about the translation of the plates in comparison to translation today. Did you know it takes over four years to produce a new edition of a Book of Mormon in another language?? OVER FOUR YEARS. It took Joseph Smith just about 70 days to translate the Book of Mormon. oh, and in today's world they can do about a page a day- The prophet Joseph did about 7 pages a day. Just another testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. Read Safety for the Soul again. So much good stuff in that talk about the Book of Mormon.
On another note, everything is sort of winding down here. Our teachers have all told us that they have really nothing left to teach us, so we are getting a ton of study time and such. I love it, studying the gospel is one of my favorite things to do. Plus, it means more now because I am getting closer to sharing it with actual people. You wouldn't believe of how sick you get of teaching fake investigators and doing teaching practices. They were good at first, but now just drag on forever.
One thing that I have learned this week is that you should be praying constantly for forgiveness and repentence. Even if they are just little things, you should be constantly turning towards God so that you can become like him. We need to be refined and perfected, and the way to do that is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's amazing how different it is when I am striving to be more Christlike all the time, and when I am constantly applying the Atonement in my life. It works miracles in me, and also through me. One of the most important aspects of missionary work is being worthy to do the work, and when you are worthy it makes all the difference. You don't have to change from doing terrible things to being perfect- repenting is a lot like sanding. You start off and it's super rough, but the harder and longer you work at it, and the more time you put into it, the better off you will be, and you will be just letting the master put his finishing touch on you. that's what really gets you smooth. nothing we do can.
Thank you so much for sending the color code test!! Elder jarvis and I both took it. I switched from white blue split to blue dominant (22) to red 13 to white 9 to yellow 2. white and yellow went down, and blue and red went up. Jarvis is white then blue than red then yellow. interesting, huh?? we work together well because we understand each other. I can totally see in our companionship as well how those colors come out.
So, ERIN!!! AWESOME JOB ON MAKING THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM!!! I know you will do great!! I am sad that you didn't make the soccer team, but volleyball is a ton of fun, and you should have a blast. I play a lot of it at the MTC, and I Love it!! I am not bad either, so maybe we should play when I get home??? I vote yes. And I don't doubt that Cody has cool news about his band, they are always doing crazy stuff. Heck, their guitarist has orange hair. Case in point. and Mas....Why does that not surprise me??? ONLY you would get hit in the face with a bat, and then a screw, and end up getting stitches. AY YAI YAI. hope you're feeling better bud.
Please dearelder me bishop Heylands address, and I will write him today. Abuela has sent me two or three letters now, and I have enjoyed being able to read her testimony. She shared the story with me about Elder Richard Mitchell, and I thought that was super cool. Still haven't heard from some other people, but ya know, wasn't expecting to. 
Well, that is pretty much it. Love you all. the church is true. I can´t wait to go and serve the actual people in the outside world. Hope everything is going well
God loves us, and he needs us. make sure we are following him the best we can. Love you all!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Elder Glassett

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zach mentioned in his last letter that he had a meeting with a member of his branch presidency but that he didn't have time to write the details.  I have typed them here from a letter we got thru the snail mail in his own words.  His letter shares his personality as the funny Zach we love at our house.

"After speaking with me for a few minutes, he paused and we started talking about the parable of the talents in Matthew Chapter ... 27ish?  It's during Christ's last week.  Anyways, he looks me right in the eyes and says, 'You have been given five talents.  Does that sound about right?'  Holy cow, was I taken aback.  First off, some guy who I have known for almost seven weeks knows me.  Second, he told me something I didn't even know. The spirit testified to me that he was right.  Then he said, 'You know what you need to do with those five talents.' Okay I guess I do ... what?! No, I don't. Not exactly.  Then, to make my head hurt a little bit more, he says, 'God has very big plans for you.  He will help you whenever you ask, as long as you ask in faith.  I wish we could sit and talk about some of the stuff in your patriarchal blessing.'  Well at this point I'm thinking well you hit both those on the head, so how 'bout you just keep going and we will see what else you can come up with.  There is a man who is in tune with the spirit." 

Thanks for sharing his journey with us!  Paula
So, this week was nuts. We have had all of our training meetings for Zone Leader stuff, which includes branch council, meeting with just us and the branch presidency, three leadership trainings a week, interviews with all of the district leaders, and serving, serving, and more serving others. I love it. TONS of work, but it's worth it.
This week was super busy, as I have mentioned. We have been teaching a ton of lessons, and they are all going well except with one investigator, who doesn't seem to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. That makes the lessons super difficult, especially because he is keeping all the commitments, but he doesn't quite understand why. But other than that, spanish is coming along awesome, lessons are good, and I am studying my tail off in what free time I have left.
I also met an elder whose family is from Uruguay, so we had a little bit of a bonding moment there. Super cool, and know's the Burnett's, Hiram at least. Elder Polite. I told him I would give him your email to pass to his parents and he gave me his parent's stuff to pass to you guys so that you could maybe get in touch. He is from west valley, and is going to colorado I think, or california. Anyways, his parents email is urupolite@hotmail.com, is what he thinks. His name is Brian, but I don't know much else. We did get a picture together.
This week was really good devotional/spiritual wise too. Our branch presidency asked for recommendations for a new district leader in our district, and Elder Jarvis and I prayed about it together, gave it an hour, and talked about it all. We both felt like the same person would make a great district leader, and that was confirmed to both of us. We both agreed on the same person pretty much without having discussed it. "Elder ____?" "Yep, that's what I feel too." Crazy cool. It also helped me re-realize two things; that when you pray sincerely, God does answer prayers. The second is that God really does have people he wants certain places, and everyone is everywhere for a reason. Oh, and btw, I think I spend more time in meetings and in a shirt and tie than Dad now on sunday:) I also had an interview with one of the branch presidency, Brother Caywood. Holy cow, is that man in touch with the spirit. He told me a little bit about the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25ish, and related that to each of us. And me. It was so crazy, I will send it in full detail in a letter, I don't have time right now to explain it.
Our speaker on sunday night was from the missionary department, and his talk was awesome. He talked about ammon and the sons of mosiah and alma the younger. Again, more details will come in a letter, because I forgot to bring my notebook to email, and I don't want to waste time to go get it.
I do have my notes from tuesday night, however, and it was Elder Pinegar. He gave an awesome talk about our purpose, and why we are here. One of the main things I got from his talk was the necessity of commitment in this work. Ponder over the next little bit what you can do to make sure you are fulfilling every little calling, being as obedient as possible, and commiting everything to follow Christ, because if you aren't, you aren't doing it right. Think of all the people in the history of this church. If Christ would only have gone halfway, what would have happened?? If Joseph Smith would have gone halfway, where would we be?? If the pioneers had gone halfway and given up, think of all the blessings we wouldn't have right now. Think of our close family and friends-what happens to them if we go halfway. Commit or pack it in. God doesn't want fence sitters. He wants devoted servants, willing to help in whatever way he asks. If we can't do that, than we need to reconsider where we stand in the gospel and with the Lord.
Other than that, I would encourage you to study the scriptures and pray always. Not often; always. D&C 10:5 says pray always, not often. so that you may come off conquerer. God answers prayers when we ask in faith, nothing wavering. Than we have to act on that prompting, that answer, to keep ourselves open to new revelation.
Okay funny story time. One of our sets of investigators in Elder Wood and Elder Nelson, who both portray people that they really know that are non members and then respond to our teaching likes these people would. Well, one of these people has a girlfriend, and lives with his cousin, who is the other investigator. He is a construction worker. Well, he started joking around after one of our lessons, and we were telling him that we were going to teach the law of chastity for the next lesson. He said "Good, I need it. I am like the construction worker from the Village People. I have a girlfriend you have never seen, I live with my 'cousin,' am super weird around both of you. . ." he got to there before our teacher, us, and those two started laughing so hard we were crying. SO FUNNY!!!
Well, the church is true. Love you all.
Elder Glassett