D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 2 .....  So, this week was good! I have showered out of a bucket everyday, eaten good food, and been in some really poor houses. Nothing new. We had to drop our golden investigator-she wouldn´t get baptized, at least not yet. we spent practically all week looking for people to teach, and it´s paying off. We have a ton of lessons to follow up on.
This week also, today being pday, we drove in a bus to the top of a freaking mountain, where we hiked for thirty plus minutes, and played soccer on top of a mountain!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I would have brought my camera. I definitely will if we go there again.
Sorry if my words melt together, this keyboard sucks.
So, yesterday, I was a little concerned, because as much as I love my comp, he never lets me talk because he thinks I am nervous. Truth is, I never talk because he just ends up taking over. So I never do any talking if we are contacting, because he ends up taking over, and I look like the gringo that can´t speak Spanish. Well yesterday, I was sort of fed up with it. I said a silent prayer that I would be led to somebody that could benefit from hearing our message,. I said amen and just started walking. I am still learning the streets, so it surprised him that I was so sure, I think. I stopped at a crossroads, an intersection, and just kind of looked at the road. I took a turn, and he mentioned to me that he and a previous comp had contacted this street. We walked past a house, and I stopped. I looked at him and asked, "What about that house?" He said no, he didn't think so, so I proceeded to walk to the two women sitting outside, and started talking to them. I knew that I was speaking, but was just kind of talking. One of the ladies was Catholic, and tried to argue something, but I responded in practically perfect Spanish, and it made sense. Long story short, both of them, ojala, are coming to church next week. I think that was my first experience where I pretty much put myself at the disposal of the Lord, and I think Nava knew that I could talk to people. All the members tell him that I speak really well, and one of the elders in our zone didn't believe that I was brand new- He pretty much told me I had been here for six months. Whatever dude!!! Brand new. Granted, I speak good Spanish, but that isn't all of it. God really does give us the gift of tongues.
So, speaking of Malila, I am not surprised. I kind of actually guessed that this week, she was on my mind a lot. It doesn't astound me that she died, and while I am sort of sad, it was her time.
Everybody sounds busy as usual. D and C 58:26 , always be doing something, because the Lord hates a slothful servant.I hope Payson was good, and don't feel bad that I didn't get to come camping, because I feel like a signed up for two years of camping. I realized that camping after this would never be the same. Go somewhere where you are always dirty, there are a lot of bugs, food is a little different, and you shower out of a bucket?? Oh, yeah, doing that. Only difference is they speak a different language here.
Thanks for the pillow, I am needing one.  Nava likes our room freezing, so I could use a blanket, but it would be a waste, because I would never use it after this ever.
Our ward is good. Elnicky is in our ward, it's split into two areas. It's super weird, and I learned that they don't use the piano because nobody can play. But nobody told me there was a piano until yesterday after church, so I will be playing next week. It's amazing here-the ward mission leader leaves on his mission in November, the ym presidency is mostly newly ordained elders, lots of young guys, and the building doesn't have a/c. oh well.
Wendy Horton sent me a dear elder. Tell her thank you so much. It sounds like her family is doing well, and I was glad to hear from them. Tell them I am doing well, and maybe show them some pictures.
To end with a fun fact!!! Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are the three most dangerous countries that the church has missionaries!!!!
Love you all so much,

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