D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October, 22, 2012

Holy Cow!!!Four months done!!! 19 more!

Congrats to Mas for moving up to D1, I know the team worked hard in getting there. Erin, I am so excited for ya in vegas, I am sure that you will do great, and that you will kill it out there. Cody, don´t worry about getting a life, there is plenty of time to do that when you get older. Be a teenager and make the guitar look way sick. I wanna see pictures of it when it´s done.
Mas, it´s good to hear you are doing well in school. Tell Brock Hi for me, and that I miss him too.
Athlete´s foot is almost gone, and Nava´s knee is improving tons. I thank you all for your prayers, and use them. I can feel them, if that makes sense.

Well, we only had one baptism this last weekend, our other one didn´t go. The papers for the marriage took longer than expected, but they came to church, and are still going strong. We have FOUR FAMILIES in our building this week- one of ours, one of Elnicky, one of Peña and Vasquez, and one from the Hnas. (? Not sure what that means.)  Four in our ward building. The other two are in a different ward, but we are going to do the baptisms together. So sweet. I am also sending photos from this last baptism that we had. Her name is Ana.

Well, this week has been stressful, mostly due to the marriage paper situation, but some other stuff too. We had interviews with president on Tuesday, but he got there late, so we ended up doing them on Wed, which meant that we were at the chapel in Iberia, which is our chapel, from about 11 to 5 all day. Took forever, But they bought pizza, so it´s okay. We are also realizing that we have no investigators now, and need to find more, so we will be doing that all this week. Also, Nava leaves in like 3 weeks, so we are working on getting all of our baptisms in while he is here.

I got your package, loved it. Thanks a ton.

Well, our baptisms from last week, Juan and Luis? Yeah, they got ordained to the priesthood last week.  I also played the piano for the primary program, and they gave me the music five minutes before sacrament started. We also started 1/2 hour late in sacrament meeting. All the music was printed on copied sheets of paper, so I couldn´t play some of it because I couldn´t read the notes, or see the staff.

Also went on splits this week, with Concha, one of the ZL´s. Their area is two area´s combined in one, so it´s huge!!! Takes forever to walk it. Fun thought.
I also tried fried platanos with condensed milk and jam. Still not very good.

Well, it rained a lot here, and they tell us that this is what winter is really like. I refuse to call it winter. It´s just more rainy than normal. we also had Chorizo last night, it was so stinking good!!!

We have been spending a lot of time finding new people.  We don´t have any new investigators, and since we don´t get referrals, we have to knock doors and talk to people in the street all the time. It takes a lot of energy, and is a little repetitive, but it will pay off. We call it Abrir la Boca, But I like to think of it as planting a seed. In one of the Matthew chapters with all the parables, it talks about a man sowing seeds. He sows them, but then never knows what happens to them,  and it turns out they grow huge, or something. They sprout. Well, one day, all this work is going to pay off, if not now, later, if not later, then in the spirit world.

This week I have had another witness that God answers prayers, and am so grateful for that. I am grateful for the power of the atonement, and how that can help us change our lives and feel clean, and how we can repent and turn to God. I love you all, and am so thankful for all of your prayers, all of your thoughts, and everything. I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else right now, and love the work.

Elder Zach Glassett
Note from Paula:  The lady who was cooking their one meal a day is not able to cook for them anymore.  If you saw earlier pictures of his kitchen, you would be frightened, like me, that now he has to cook in that scary place.  Good thing he found turkey and bbq chips!

Good thing we took the instructions seriously and bought the heavy duty boots.  Looks like they are being put to good use! 

Zach and Ana

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