D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hola fam!!! You should all appreciate the snow, as I get none here. and Cody, the subject is a song line....band from England. Somewhere only we know is another one of their songs. Trivia for the week.

Mason- Hope that the hat business goes well. I am sure that you will make some great hats, and would love to have one, but I would never ever use it here. EVER. are you done with soccer?? how did the season end?? are you playing indoor??? Hope that the boombox is playing good stuff. like fun. or fall out boy. or panic! at the disco. Listen to some music for me, yeah??

Cody-dude, no shirt November?? what is this, jerseyshore?? try no shirt June or July, that might bring better results. Try ¨wear a winter coat November¨, that will bring people to your cause. Hope that the mustache is going well. DUDE, you must be a beast on the drums if you keep up with Mike Fuentes. Have you heard their newest stuff?? is it any good?? save me a copy, yeah?

Erin, you´re right. Basketball....ehh. not really that fun. But yoga Tuesday, whoa now. you might need a few minutes to decompress after so much excitement in your life. Try and keep a lid on it, yeah??

Dad- holy cow, that new line is BURSTING with fruit!! Still sucks to hear about your back. Too bad I am not there to do all the heavy lifting like last time, huh??

Mom.  It is good to hear that the weather is crazy, here it´s more of the same, except dry and hot. By taken care of for my birthday, I mean I have people who are going to cook Melanesa and Tres Leches, so I will be good.

Well, this week was sort of long. Neither Nava nor I really had the ganas to work much, because he is leaving on Wednesday. we visited a whole bunch of members. We played a joke on some other missionaries, and had a baptism, and I had a really cool spiritual experience.

Well, for the joke. Two other elders, Peña and Vasquez, live across the carretera from us, and we had to go get baptismal clothes from them. So we walked over to their house. We passed them at a pulperia, and they didn´t see us. Well, we know that they always leave their door only semi locked, but you can open it from the window, so we did. Hid behind the door. They still hadn´t seen us. They tried to open the door, didn´t work. Peña says, "Why did you lock the door?" and Vasquez says, I didn´t, we left at the same time. Peña tries to open it, and Nava pushes me into it, so it closes. they try to open it again, but Nava pushes me again, and the two of them take off running, ¨There is someone inside!!!¨ Well, we came out, and found out that they were going to call the cops, and then get a knife from a neighbor. it was hysterical to say the least. 
We also had a carne asada Friday night!! It was amazing!!! So good. I sent pictures of the food. Love it. Nordeli made it, we paid for the meat, and she cooked.

We also had a baptism, but I don´t have pictures, because my camera died. Nava will send me pictures next week. so I will send them then.  Pamela, our two month investigator, finally got baptized. Hallelujah. I was so happy. I have put so many tears and prayers into this one, so I am glad it finally worked out. her mom is starting to come around too, she has been to church twice now.

So, when we were talking to our converts this week, all of them were talking about how spiritual and strong Nava is, but I was getting nothing. I felt like Nava could have taught them with a mute Elder Glassett, and they still would have gotten baptized. Seriously. Nava defended me a few times, and it helped, but still, I was doubting. ´Do I really not bring the spirit´? So I prayed for a few days straight, and tried to really bring the spirit, and it finally worked. We were talking with Carlos, and I bore my testimony. Santa VACA, the spirit was strong. I shared with him the part from my patriarchal blessing, and we were both in tears at the end of it. I knew in that moment that I had brought some spirit into that house. He should be getting ordained to the office of elder the 24th, and he and his wife are asking about when they can go do baptisms for the dead for his family!!!!! HE is GOLDEN, and so is his family.

Well, I love you guys. I am grateful for you all, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the SNOW!!! I don´t get that for two years, so GO SKI!!! FETCH!!!!

Love you all !!!!

I am hoping the bbq grill, but more likely it is the family stove.

Before ......... 

After... :)

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