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And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Family!!! This week was good!!! It was sorta sad, but mostly good stuff.

So, we had changes this week!!!! We spent all day tuesday saying goodbye to people for Nava....and then waited in suspense to see where he was going. and who my new comp was going to be. Well, Nava went to UYUCA, which is the most dangerous zone in the mission, and is opening an area. His knee is acting up again, because the city is all hills. huge hills. Also, there are only two areas in that zone where white elders are allowed, so I hope I go there!!! I think it would be fun.

My new comp is Elder Caal, from Guatemala. He is pretty chill, I like working with him. He is really cool. We get along pretty good, so its fun. He has 13 months in the mission.

I went to Teguc Wednesday, and I am glad I did. It was in the 70´s there, and it was FREEZING!!! was so cold. But another Elder that came with me, De Araujo, a Brasileño, is in our zone, and he is chill. Also, Elnicky left.  He is in Teguc as well.

Thursday, we didn´t have many citas, so we contacted. We found some people, and some decently positive ones, but nothing huge. Big announcement of the week is that Pamela, the girl we baptized....her mom is debating the whole baptism thing, but for her...HER MOM MIGHT GET BAPTIZED...Let me rephrase that. her mom will get baptized. maybe she doesn´t know it yet, but she will. Friday, we took Pamela with us to help us in a lesson of one of her classmates, and holy cow!!! that girl spits fire. She told us after that she wants to go on a mission, and I honestly.....holy cow. she will make a fantastic missionary.

Saturday, all of our cita´s fell through, except for Cristino. He is awesome!!!! We found him contacting, taught him the plan of salvation. His son passed away a few years ago, and he felt responsible because his son needed help, but he couldn´t help him because he was bolo. That means drunk. and bolo is like, so drunk you have no clue what is going on. He felt guilty. We taught him the plan, and invited him to come to church, which he did. We invited his wife, but she is Catholic, and Catholics are super stubborn. So much tradition in that church. Well he wants to get baptized he can´t because he isn´t married, and since his wife isn´t getting baptized with him, we can´t help pay for anything. The mission has a fund to help people get married, but only if both are going to do it. So we have to wait till he has money. he also has to get a paper of being single (my English brain struggles these days) but he was born like 12 hours from here, and that´s where you have to sacar it. He used to be bolo like every day, but hasn´t touched alcohol in three weeks. Comes to church every Sunday, reads the Book of Mormon, and prays. Just can´t get baptized.

Saturday night was a YSA activity, and we were invited to come play soccer, so we thought it would be a chill evening.  It was actually a tournament in this side of the stake for ysa´s from different wards, with a 500 lempira prize, and the elders weren´t incleded. We filled in for a more or less friendly game, against a different ward. It was fun, but they didn´t really try. I did have some people tell me that for a gringo, I was really good. People are always so surprised by a gringo that plays soccer here. Makes me laugh.

Yesterday we had to be inside all day. They had national primaries, where they pick the party leaders for elections next year. So we went to a member's house in another Elders' area, and watched church movies. It was okay. we honestly couldn´t do anything outside. No working. Danli, another zone, has been in their houses from Thursday till tomorrow, because they had problems with narcos there and a whole bunch got arrested, and it was super sketchy.  UYUCA has been inside since Saturday til Tuesday. Elections are sketchy here.

Interesting news from here. I met an elder Lawson from Colorado that is related to Mark and Renata. cool stuff. I have been drinking máte everyday with lunch, love it!!!! My favorite thing ever!!!! Makes me think of when I used to drink with dad every day at the office......

Well, that is pretty much it. this week was sort of weird with changes....so we didn´t do much, and combined with yesterday, eh. next week will be better, I promise.

I love you all!!!! I should be sending a package home with some letters for some people and Christmas stuff soon....hopefully. but it might not get there before Christmas so we shall see.

Love you all!!!! be safe

Elder Zach Glassett

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