D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

HOLY COW!!!!! This week was super nuts!!!! I will start with last monday and work my way through the week.

I am getting along really well with my comp. and since he is from Guatemala, he speaks in Vos. Dad will have to explain what that is, but I am learning to speak vos. Its like, usted is super formal, and tu is with friends, and vos is even more informal. Like, we speak in vos to investigators and President, but tu to the Mexicans and vos to the Ventro Americanos. In Guatemala to speak in vos to someone of the same gender and age signifies that you´re gay, so we speak in vos. There is also another Elder, Elder Herrera, from Mexico, who is Sorensens new comp, and we get along great too.

Well, we got home from Pday on monday, and I went out to wash clothes. normal pday thing. I got to our pila area, and found a surprise waiting for me. A two foot Guyrobo!!! It´s like an iguana....but doesn´t live in water. It only lives in hot areas. Well, they are fast, and bite, so we were careful not to get to close....but you can´t just leave a live, angry guyrobo in our pila room. So we caught it. but we didn´t really think through what we were going to do when we caught it. We had the help of elders Esparza and Mendoza....So of course, we took it to the guy who makes stuff out of lizard skin in our area. And of course....the four of us thought....wouldn´t it be lovely to have four key chains out of the skin of this beautiful animal that we just happen to have in captivity.? I think the four of us were of agreement in that point. Oh, and then the guy mentions....hey, you know these are great for eating! they taste like chicken, he tells us.
Chicken, huh???

Anybody else wondering what came next???

Yeah, I ate lizard.

It was really good!!!!! and I ate most of it, too.

And yes, this story did end well- we have keychains!!!!!!!

The other elders in our area had their house broken into Monday, so we spent Tuesday helping them move. We live in the same apartment complex, but President won´t let us live in the same house, even though it´s big enough for four of us. Idk why, but whatever. We practically live together.

We also had zone conference on Friday. They announced some new rules, like....
Sisters can no longer knock doors, and that rule will soon extend to elders.
We have to have 25 lessons with members every week- that means teaching investigators with a member helping. our normal is about 6.
We have to walk with Book of Mormon in our hand. Which I would do, except nobody has Books of Mormon. They are harder to find than a ....well, every analogy I came up with was slightly offensive, so just know that they are hard to find...anyway, I will be complying with that rule as soon as I have a Book of Mormon to use. Like, we have none to give to investigators, which makes teaching really!!!!!!! hard. 
Also, Elders can´t baptize anymore!!!! Nope!!! and that is a SUPER good thing, because that means that we will be getting the members to do it, which means that they will be helping us.

We also had stake conference yesterday, and it was way good!! President Hernandez spoke, and sort of shaved the members for not helping us or feeding us. A shaving is like a reprimanding. Bajar la cana. algo asi.

This week, due to all of our conferences, was sort of hard to go to appointments, as all of this left little time to work. But, we did have the chance to visit Carlos and Karla, they called and asked for us to come over. I was going to go over that day anyways, but I knew that it was the spirit that was telling me that when they called. They are starting to see the trials that come, and are sort of worried. I shared some scriptures, and so did Caal, and I feel like they were helped. I definitely could feel the spirit in that house, and it was a very comforting feeling. they definitely needed some help and comfort, especially Karla.

And in respect to the guy who can´t get baptized because he isn´t married....we found a bunch more problems with his marriage. First, he is from a town ten hours from here, and has to go there to take out his paper that says he is single.  He lost is id card when he was drunk months ago, and he has two kids out of his seven that aren´t registered, and to get married, you have to have all the birth certificates of all the kids in common. We are just working to get him close right now.

On another good note, remember Pamela, the girl whose mom wouldn´t give her permission to get baptized?? well, Pamela got baptized, right? guess who we are teaching now????
If you guessed her mother, Juanita, you guessed correctly!!!!
Yeah, I never would have thought that would happen. She has been to church three times, is reading the Book of Mormon, and is praying, and we are praying and fasting that she gets an answer. I know she will, I just hope that she recognizes it and accepts it.

Well, thats about all this week. We have been working with the members a lot more....I hope they open up and it can function. 
I love you guys. I am glad you are all okay, and are safe. I pray for you guys all the time.  

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Zach Glassett
Dinner Before ......

 Dinner Before....

Dinner After ....

Dinner After.

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