D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 29, 2012 

So hey family!!!  Well, to begin the week, we had nobody. No new investigators. Nothing. We contacted like all day Tuesday, all lots of Thursday, and spent Friday helping two elders with their wedding for a family, and then Saturday doing baptism stuff.
We found a lady named Dulcelina Tuesday, taught her the first lesson, and it went well., She seemed enthusiastic. Sort of reminded me of Abinadi, because we started the lesson with four people, and ended with just her. only one, just like Alma. We taught her again Thursday, and she seemed pila, (?? not sure what that means) but didn´t come to church, so we have to go back Tuesday. She honestly seemed super enthusiastic, but that´s everybody´s problem. They won´t go to church. oh, she isn´t married either, which is another problem here.

We also had our wedding and baptism!!! I was so freaking happy. Carlos got the priesthood on Sunday, and stake conference is in November, so hopefully he will receive the Melchizidek priesthood then. There were FIVE weddings this weekend. Three at the same time on Saturday, one later that day, and one Friday. Scratch that. Six. One also in a different building on Saturday. There are two wards that meet in our building, and four sets of missionaries. Three elders, one sister. Me and Nava, Pena and Vasquez, Elnicky and Sorensen, and Chavez and Sanerivi- Hermana´s. Each of us had a wedding and baptisms. SO COOL. That was one of the most spiritual baptismal services I have been to. Carlos... I wish you guys could meet him. He is honestly a different man. He has a light shining out of him that you can see, and more than see you can feel. It´s amazing. They fed us some good food after the baptism, too, and that included tres leches. YES!!!

We also had lunch yesterday with the elders quorum president and his wife, and they fed us a TON!!! I was literally too stuffed to move. It was delicious too!! Beef with a sauce like a gravy, but not. It has carrots and corn and stuff in it, over rice, the meat, and then mashed potatoes, which here contain margarine and mustard. Always.
Yesterday, the relief society presidency wasn´t there, neither were the bishops counselors. That means we only had church for two hours. Attendance is dropping. We have gone from 130´s to 100 in two changes. We don´t get referrals. this ward has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  The temple open house is soon, and the bishop gave second hour, and talked all about the temple, and how we need to bring people to the open house. About how these people need to be non members that the missionaries can meet with to teach them about the temple and God´s plan for families.Yeah, we should be getting a few referrals. Hopefully.

I also had an opportunity to talk with German, who is the father of Nordeli and Glenda, the ladies who used to feed us, the other night. He is a good guy that isn´t a member, and he asked a lot of really good questions.  I kept praying to be able to tie the gospel into the conversation, and it was so easy. I felt like he was lobbing the ball over the plate, and I kept smacking it into the yard where it wouldn´t ever be found, because the dog would keep it forever.  He asked me something really interesting. Asked me, ¨Do you think your parents are proud that they have a son serving God?¨ I prayed really hard for a minute, and then responded. let´s see how close I would get to mom and dad´s answer.
¨I think that my parents are grateful that they have a son who knows what he wants in his life, and that they are good things. A son that knows how to serve and how to love and how to work. A son that focuses on other people, and care´s more about what God thinks of him than what other people think of him. A son that prays and loves his family.¨
How´d I do, mom and dad???
I also almost got to play dentist, a 7 year old girl, Yanoris, the daughter of Glenda, has a loose tooth, and she is going to let me pull it. The mom doesn´t want to, and doesn´t want to take her to a dentist. So I get to. Yeah Buddy!!!
Carlos with new wife, Karla

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