D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Paula.....  Another almost two for one week.  Sorry.  Not sure what is wrong with me....

Sunday, January 13 2012 (letter from Monday, January 7)

Hey guys!!! sounds like all of you had a good break, and got some stuff done. I am a little jealous that you could all just sit around, that kind of time doesn´t exist in the mission. Well, it does, but only if you aren´t working. So for me, it doesn´t exist.

Well, this week was interesting. for New Years we visited some people, they stuffed us with food, and our neighbors had a rousing party, so it was hard to sleep. We didn´t sleep much that night. also, we found out some good news and some bad news.

Good news is that Elder Holland will be speaking to all missionaries in Honduras, and speaking with and greeting all of them. He does that sometimes, and they send people home afterwards. Apostles have this way of knowing when people are sinning or fornicating, so I am definitely glad I am not doing any of those. I am trying a little bit harder, and hope that he doesn´t shave us too bad, but I know he will.

Bad news is more prevalent than the good news. and it weighs more.
Remember --------, our investigator with whom we had all sorts of problems?

Well, we are finding more problems.  We went and saw him on Tuesday, and I kept having this nagging feeling to ask him about how he is doing the with the word of wisdom. But, I didn´t heed the prompting. He was behaving sort of weird, not holding his gaze on us, super jumpy. The next day, we saw his wife, and she told us that he was in a cantina. Now, if you are in a cantina, you are only doing one of a few things. Pool, drinking, smoking, or drugs. Well, turns out it was drinking. and when he drinks, he drinks alot. ALOT. So we passed by his house later to see if he was there, and he wasn´t. Then, I found out that when he gets really drunk, people give him ----- to make him crazy. So, he fell. hard. we went by Thursday to see if we could get something out of him, without accusing him directly. We did the baptismal interview questions, and pretended like he was getting baptized this last week. Nothing. He did, however, keep talking about how if you hide something from man, you can´t hide it from God. and then, we kept trying. We talked about how if you take the sacrament unworthily, its super bad, about how if we don´t repent we suffer what Christ suffered, in d and c 19, and still nothing. We couldn´t get anything. but he was still behaving weird, and not looking at us, and he didn´t take the sacrament like he has been doing on sunday. I am super sad about that, he was doing so good. I think that was the first time in my mission when I have just felt so terrible, and so sad, for someone else. When his wife told us about the -------, I literally started to cry. You work so hard, and you see somebody change so much, and then to have them fall back.....I don´t know how to put it in words. I lost it that day. To see them fall, it hurts you and you feel so bad for them because you love them so much. I literally just sat down in the road and cried. Not like weepy, but tears left my eyes, and I just sat trying to figure out what to do.

But, with the gospel, for all the bad or hard that happens, we are rewarded with blessings, and I could see that. We found 4 new investigators yesterday, and are super stoked to teach them. We are working hard to find new people, it is so rewarding. Contacting is a double edged sword. It is hard, and gets discouraging, but if we are discouraged we don´t have faith. So I try to always stay positive and it´s paying off. I will describe them in coming weeks as we start to teach them.

Well, that is pretty much it. I love you guys, and hope that you are enjoying the snow, and the cold, cuz I miss it.

Enjoy the new car, and don´t let cody drive it. haha

Love you all!!!!!!!!!


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