D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, it sounds like everybody had a great week. 

Well, we went and talked to ------- again. and he confessed that he had had alcohol, but that he was working to overcome it. So, we visited him some more, and then, on Saturday, we were walking to a cita, and we turned a corner,....and there he was. Drunk, almost falling over, and without pants. He kept insisting that he wasn´t drunk, but Caal and I both knew better. So, we took him back to his house and put him to bed. the bad thing is he fell into this all over again, but the good thing is with us there, was pretty ....not docile, but more obedient. his wife sort of flipped at him....needless to say, They will never be getting married. He will have to move out to be able to get baptized and get a job. Which gets him money and time alone, which is a recipe to fall. But we are trying to be positive.

Also, the half family we were teaching, ----, ------, and -----, well... ----- won´t be getting married, because she doesn´t love her husband, ni him a ella. they stayed together for the kids (name that band), but we were hoping to baptize her kids. Well, she thinks that three weeks is way too fast to act. She says that her kids don´t know what they want. So, I played a little game. It´s called, make up an example in your head, and hope that when it comes out it makes sense. Well, I first asked her 15 year old daughter, ¿Que quiere? ¿100 lempiras o una paleta? What do you want? 100 limps or a sucker?? she said 100 limps. I asked the same thing to her 12 year old son. 100 limps was his choice. then, I asked the 4 year old. (his answer was crucial, because if he answers wrong, screws my example.) he said a Paleta!!!! he wants a paleta!!!! Well,, I just sort of looked at the mom, and said, your kids know what they want. I just asked them. We explained the whole over 8 years old, but she has all sorts of crazy ideas. like, if her kids get baptized, they shouldn´t watch any tv or listen to any sort of worldly music, or do worldly activities. We are saints, not extremists or fanatics, was my response. She seemed really surprised that someone who was a missionary would have listened to music and all sorts of stuff before the mission. Well, long story short, she still doesn´t think they are ready. So, we are working with them more.

And we also found some new people!! Their names are Zulet, Raquel, and Alexander. Raquel is 17 and pregnant with Alexanders (22) baby. Zulet is the 14 year old cousin of Alexander. They are super great. live all together, and are mostly maintained by parents who live in the states. They feed us all the time, and when we are over at their house, it feels like I am just talking with friends. Its so nuts here, people just get pregnant left and right. The difference this time is that the dad stuck around, and I respect him SO much for that. That doesn´t happen a lot here. So, we will let you know how teaching them goes.

Also, we were talking this week with Norde and Glenda, because their younger sister and her now husband got married and sealed in El Salvador. Norde was happy, but Glenda wasn´t. At all. even though they are both like 24, they should have waited another like 6 years. In her opinion. she also is super ticked that she couldn´t go to the sealing, and she didn´t understand the whole deal about the temple. We explained it to her the best we could, but she was still not convinced. Then, I made her kind of angry. On accident. We went over the next night, on Friday, the day of the sealing, and the two getting married were still gone. Glenda started talking about how beautiful the ceremony was, and all that (of the civil wedding, they got married civilly Thursday and went to the temple Friday) and I said something to the jist of ´´yeah, but the part that matters happened today.¨ She sort of looked at me, so I explained the whole deal that without a temple marriage, and without being sealed, you can´t enter the kingdom of God. She was like really? and I was like yeah, so that whole thing on Thursday was pleasant, but enfrente de los ojos de Dios, Casi no vale. She got mad and left, saying things like she would never want to get sealed in the temple. Well, sometimes when people get mad, they learn, so I am hoping that she learned something.

Awesome to hear about Casey!!! I am so glad he is home and safe.

Speaking of questions, Alley?? Ready??

Okay. My advice would be to go out with the missionaries as much as possible. If you can. If not, read the Book of Mormon. over and over and over. Well, do that one regardless. I didn´t take one mission prep class that helped me much. Sorry. I will also say that if you don´t speak perfect Spanish after 6 weeks in the MTC, DON´T PANIC: it´s normal. Use your 6 weeks to study the gospel and the lessons, you will have 17 ish months of language study in the field. And pray for everything. Even if it seems insignificant, pray.

Well, I hope that everybody is having a good week. I love you all, and hope that everything is going well, and that you aren´t freezing to bad. because I am definitely not doing that. I am dying of heat. We did like 8 hours of service on Saturday, and 6 of those hours involved cement and huge rocks and wall forms. dad, remember the last time we worked with cement?? I still hate cement. but it was good. Blisters and all, it was good.

I am also sending the pictures of the baptism from the end of December. Hope they come through.

Love you all !!!!!!
have a fantastic week.


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