D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ha. Hola fam, it´s been an interesting week, so I will cut to the chase.
We had a baptism!!!!!! Her name is Sara, and she is 8. Her mother is not a member, and even though all her cousins and everybody is, since her parents aren´t members, she counts as a convert. So, we found her last Sunday, and she was baptized on Saturday. We only had to teach some stuff, because she doesn´t really have any sin. it was good!!!! pictures included.

I also went to Teguc and fixed my bridge!!!! The doctor that did it said it will happen again, just it´s a matter of time, and I agree. I have to get a night guard made to keep me from grinding my teeth, I think that is what does it. See how that goes.

I also have 7 months, and will be moving to area two shortly. Oh boy. So far both my comp and Elder Herrera, the Mexican Elder in the ward with Sorensen, have both had dreams that I got changed to the office as the financial secretary, which is scary because the fin. sec has changes this change. haha. I would live in a sweet house and have ac for semana santa, the hottest week in all the year. I think I would be okay with that.

So, sad news, our half family doesn´t want to get baptized. I think I mentioned that last week. The mom is super like, ¨its all too fast!¨I used every way I could to show her that fast doesn´t matter, but she won´t listen. So, both me and my comp felt like teaching them the plan of salvation again would be a beneficial task. So we did. Pay attention.

So, we decided to teach them with the emphasis on why baptism is so important, the key being that without it, we can´t enter the celestial kingdom, and we will never have eternal life, and all that stuff. The lesson was going super good. Or well. Whatever. Anywho, the lesson was going well and then we got to the part about the celestial kingdom. (hint, of the three I always talk about that one last. it builds suspense and helps them to listen to the other two) and then we talked about baptism, and the mom STILL said ¨uhh,,,maybe, too soon....¨ I was just super like, crap. what do I do now?? What else does God want me to do with this family????? and then, a voice came to my head. A voice, that wasn´t my voice, came to my head. And I just heard-felt the words, ¨I AM PLEASED WITH YOUR WORK HERE.¨ So, I figure that if they get baptized or not, their sins will not stain my clothes, like King Benjamin says. I did my part to help them hear, they rejected (so far), but I feel like I did my part with them.

That's really it this week. We started teaching Keily, the house keeper for Carlos and Carla. She wants to get baptized as soon as possible, so we will see. She lives with them, but her parents say no. And her parents live an hour away. So, we will see.

Oh, and Cody, I don´t think that song was written about a sandwich. Sorry bro.
Good job Erin with your tourney!!!! That sounds awesome.

And everybody, welcome to the world of weird food!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like a good soup!! I firmly believe that eating is all mental, especially after some of the stuff I have eaten.

Love you all!!!!!


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