D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

"So before Hurricane Mitch... "

So this week was good!!! Good stuff happened, but it was a little long.

Well, to start, Nothing really happened Tuesday. Or Monday. We had a zone conference on Wednesday, which involved a two hour bus ride to the city and 5 hours of instruction and then two hours back. Didn´t get much done. Sort of hard. But we have been trying to find people, seeing as we are still pretty new to this area.

We found a guy who fixes shoes whose name is NELSON. haha. I told him that is my dad´s name, and we shortly found out that he had chatted with missionaries in the past. We will be teaching him, hopefully. We also found a family-yes, a family- of a mother and father. pretty much all their kids are gone, and one is a member. Anyways, the mom walked the 45 minutes to church on Sunday. She was only there for third hour, but she loved it. she went with her husband and one of her other daughters to the temple with us today, and they absolutely loved it. I hope it helps them to move stuff along, We have to keep the dad from drinking and smoking.....but we have a really good relationship with them. They were scared to get married, but they have been together for 22 years. I asked them why, and they said that everything changes with marriage. I sort of laughed, and asked how. They couldn´t respond. I then explained to them that the only changes are that they are complying with the law of the land and of God, and after 22 years, not much was going to change, they were just going to have a piece of paper certifying all of it. I think it made sense, the mom told the branch president that she wants to get married and baptized quick. We will be making that happen.

We also got a letter from the inactive who told us that there had been a misunderstanding, and that she was now Catholic. haha. I sort of had to laugh. like it or not, once baptized, always member, it´s written here and in heaven. She still apparently believes that we worship ¨José Mitch¨ like they say here, and that it´s wrong that we don´t worship Mary. ayaiai. that whole Mary thing really gets my Lenny. (my goat) Look up Luke 11:27-28, Christ even said not to worship her. but whatevs. We will keep visiting her.

In the ZC on wed, Pres said that we shouldn´t worry about playing any type of sports during the week, because we wouldn´t have time with all the references from the temple. I didn´t say anything, just let it lie.

No, the packages still haven´t come. or they could have, and I just don´t have them. We shall see. Still no letters, either. but I could just not have them.

Also, about that lathrop family. Okay, so the lady said that her grandfather wasn´t born in Kansas, but that is where the inheritance of her father is. She mentioned a Marion something. So if this Virgil has a connection to Lathrop, it could be. Also, it would most likely be before 1900, because this members father was born in 1912. yeah, he is old. oO some connection to the year 1912.

Two fun facts about Honduras. Normal world measures time BC and AD.  In Honduras, they use BHM and AHM. Before and after hurricane mitch. I literally hear all the time, ¨no we have a lot of time living here. We moved here before mitch.¨ or ¨We were baptized after mitch, so just a little while ago.¨ I heard a four year old use Mitch as a reference, and I thought, you weren´t even alive yet!!!! You can´t use that!!!!!

Second, is this.....
Thanks to Jarvis, my amado comp from the MTC, I learned that they will be diving SPS into SPS OESTE and SPS ESTE!!!!! Four missions here in honduras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

Also, we went to the temple again today. I noticed something interesting. On the chairs in the second ordinance room, the chairs have inlaid in them what appears to be chains. ´how fitting,´ i thought. ´chains on the chairs, and what we do is eternal.´ we chain families together forever. I had not noticed that before.

thats pretty much it. I think nothing else really happened. sorry if that's a boring letter. but it is what I got going on....

Anywho, love you guys, and see you in 16!!!!!!


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