D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well hello family and fellow missionaries. Hope that you are all good, and that you have good weeks and keep working hard. I have a little written something for all of you, so scroll down.

All the way down.

Fam, it has been a good week!!!
First, to answer dads questions, reactivating is a fickle, fickle thing. It can go wonderfully, or it can just make you wonder why the person got baptized in the first place, and if most inactives are meaner than investigators. But, it is the work of God, and they will one day answer for everything. We found one who has been inactive for like 20 years, and takes care of his 94 year old parents. He came for an hour last Sunday!!! Two Sundays ago. I was super impressed. He would be awesome for the branch, he is so thoughtful and deep, and I feel like still has a fire going inside, but for his two parents, he can´t be out of the house for more than like an hour.

On the flip side, we found an inactive woman who told us she had one name, Carla, and then when I asked her what relation she had to the inactive, Paola, she told me that she was Paola Carla, and wanted nothing to do with us, so if we would do her the favor of just leaving her alone, that would be great. Thanks and don´t ever come back. so, in some cases, it is harder to work with inactives than investigators.

Speaking of investigators, we had our family at church, and it was great!!! Tthey will be getting married and baptized the 23!!!!! And their other daughter hopefully soon after. We are also working with another family that just moved here from Teguc, and was meeting with missionaries there, so it was super great. we also had a cita with another family that we were hoping to start working with, but I will explain what happened here in just a sec.

Well, not much other than that work wise this week. Our family lives like 20 minutes missionary walking, which is faster than Nelson Glassett walking, from the town. So that eats a good chunk of our day. but it´s worth it.

Now, for the non work but just as important stuff.

We had a wind storm and the temp dropped AGAIN. it was so cold. and to make matters worse, the wind knocked over a pole of electricity, and in Yuscaran when one person doesn´t have power, NO ONE has power. We went for 26 hours sin luz (without lights)  and that means no hot water. Or cooking, but we were fasting, so it´s okay. when we got done fasting, there was still no light, so we made a fire at the church and cooked tortillas, beans, and rice. HAHA I am pure CATRACHO!!!!!! Beans rice and tortillas. Never gets old. But it all came back, so it´s okay. (Note: I think he means, the power came back.  I have not idea what Catracho is.)

Then today, we had to go to Teguc to buy groceries. We stopped on the way there to get gas for the bus  and I noticed that as they were filling the tank, they were pushing the bus to shake it- to help the gas SETTLE. Do they not realize that gasoline is a LIQUID, and for it´s properties of matter, will automatically fill all the cracks and small places?? Better yet, do they not realize that gas tanks have NO cracks or small places??? I was laughing and got some weird looks from passengers around me, and my comp. but it was just too funny.

I also got the package for Valentines day, mom.TThank you for sending that. I think I will wear the tie this week, if it matches my pants. If not, it has to wait until black pants week. But thank you!!! I loved the calender and all the photos. I realized that we are all nuts, the Glassett clan is just nuts. except Mom, who is really Adams, but she got guilty by association. 
That's really it for this week, I will work with the recipes. I brought brownie mix this week!!! I am stoked to use it. I hope that they are good.....

I love you all fam!!!! I hope that this week warms up and that you continue to see God´s hand in all your lives!!!!

Love you ALL!!!!


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