D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

So this week was interesting. Most of our time was spent preparing for our two baptisms, only one of which actually happened. It was sort of crazy. Our one investigator, Jose, passed without problems, and was baptized just fine. The other one, Frank, or Pato, was stoked, totally pumped. H passed the interview and then from one day to the next, just ignored us. Saturday and Sunday. Didn´t even want to talk to us. We think what might have happened is that he spoke with a man who is very anti mormon, and whom he works with sometimes. This man has slammed doors in our faces, yells at us, rips up invitations that we give to us family in front of us, everything. Its rough. 10 months ago, I would have wanted to contend, make him feel stupid and dumb repent, practically. But I realized in time here that there will be someone else who will do that....Him. He one day will answer for what he is doing against God´s kingdom, and I am no judge. So for now, I will see him as what he can become, and less of who he is.  One day....one day he will have to definitely accept or reject the gospel. I really feel pretty bad for him, he doesn´t really understand what he is doing or anything.

And branch stuff. Well, I gave a talk on Sunday about gossip, and elder Gomez, the bp, gave a talk on choosing to not feel offended. He talked about how if we are ¨Offended¨ its because we choose to be...which I have believed for some time now.  He used Elder Bednars talk. I took dad´s advice and read both of those talks, and they helped me a ton. I also looked up all the scriptures that pertain to gossip. I didn´t even realize in the scriptures how many places it talks about that. A lot in proverbs. one or two other places in the bible. My favorite is one in James 4...11-12.. I think. read it, it´s good. I used it twice in that talk. It wasn´t too much of a point at people, it was a hopefully touching some peoples hearts. And Gomez gave a fantastic talk as well. We know that some members felt something, because one member that has chosen to be offended got up and left. Another one moved seats. is really interesting to see how people react. Then, instead of teaching primary, like I normally do, they asked me to teach a mixed third hour. Which I did, talking about the same. I used the stick of consequences example, which I LOVE. In the mission I really have grown to understand that example, and how consequences really do affect us. (the whole you can´t pick up one end of the stick without picking up the other side. Super helpful with inactives, for those of you on missions or leaving shortly.) I really hope some of the members got it a little better.

Apart from that, it was chill. We played some soccer today, and there is a pic included, and have been working hard.

Funny moment. We were eating dinner, and the tv was on in the Golosinas, which is a place that makes homemade fast food, pretty much. So good. They had a soccer game on, and the players were wearing ribbons on their sleeves. I asked why to the Mexican, Gomez, and he told me that it was for a campaign against obesity.(As I am writing this, I am realizing more and more that Dad will be the only one to get this joke.) I said, Obesidad? Eso me cae gordo.....

haha. explanation. in Spanish, if you get along with somebody, or you are friends, you don´t get along, you fall well together. for example, elder Jarvis me cae bien. He falls well to me. If someone doesn´t get along well, its no me cae bien. and in some places, me cae gordo,(fat), means it falls not well with the person. so, the obesity campaign falls fat to me.....its a double play on words.

and you all probably won´t get it.

Well, That is pretty much it. I don´t know what will happen with me this week, so Tuesday night will be stressful. I am getting p90x discs from another elder, so I am going to really start Excersing in the mornings instead of my lame 50 situps and however many pushups I can half do. BRING IT.

Love you all!!!!!!



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013
So this week was good!! Mostly. some fun....eh, more or less fun stuff happened. We are running into bigger and bigger problems with the branch, its now ridiculous. We had been progressing very well, but last week was terrible. We had 14 people in sacrament and we started with us four and three investigators, one and possibly one more will be getting baptized this week. It has been rough. We are starting to work in a part of our area called an Aldea, its like a little tiny pueblo. Smaller than towns. It is 45 minutes to get to the entrance walking, about 15 by bus. And then it is an hour and a half to get to the people there. Missionaries most likely have never ever been there before, and we found all sorts of fruits waiting to happen. There is an evangelical church there, but the writing on the church says ebangelical. That is a really common error here, the b for the v, and all sorts of that stuff. But seriously, the pastor writes it like that, and they go to listen to him?? It´s like finding a hair in your food, it makes you nervous to eat the rest of it (plenty of times here). A church with that title makes me nervous to go into it. but we find lots of people there who are willing to go, but it being so far away makes it really hard for them to go to church. So we are going to see what we can do to help there. We find a lot of really good people in really remote places here, so it makes it hard to work. But we are going to troubleshoot to see what we can do to get them there.

Other than that, we have one baptism coming for this week, Fran, or el pato. He came to church on Sunday, and he is golden. We just have to throw him in the water!!! I think he might be scared of drowning, but we should be okay with that. I know I already said it, but teaching him has helped me to see that the gospel is for really everyone. We are excited to see this happen.

Poor Luis, as well. He has a 16 year old daughter that was living with a dude in Teguc. Well, they went to see them, and he decided that the guy wasn´t taking care of his daughter the way that he should be, so he brought her here. Holy cow, I have not seen a more angry and anti social teenager in my life. She is super angry, and I think I know why. Its one of those that she wants to be treated like an adult but doesn´t want to act like one. Granted a 16 year old girl shouldn´t be living with a dude anyways, but still. At least she isn´t a mom. I will say that. makes me realize that the commandments are really to protect us, and to keep us safe. 16 and ¨in love¨. yeah right. President Kimball said something to the effect of when we think its love, lust often times sneaks in the back door. Law of chastity, folks. Live it. It does you worlds of good.

Speaking of that law, I had the opportunity to teach it many times this week, and I thought of something...okay, I fully came to realize something incredibly true. WE HAVE THE POWER OF GOD TO CREATE LIFE. Like Elder Bednar talked about last conference. God gave us part of his power to procreate. It is something so INCREDIBLY sacred. Shouldn´t something that sacred be treated correctly??? And here, Its amazing how mistreated that power is. Its like the two national past times here are soccer and fornication. Sorry for how that's worded, but that is what it is. Y lo siento a los de honduras que los estan leyendo en mi blog, pero en serio. Its nuts here. This country will never truly leave third world status until all that breaking of this law stops. It is impossible. This is still the promised land, and the promises still apply because they are living here, but if they don´t keep the commandments, they will keep living the way they are. Its not all their fault, some of it is ignorance, but still, they are breaking laws of the land, let alone laws of God. Until this changes a little, they will be the same.

Different notes. Happy birthday Erin!!! May you have many more. Cody, tough one on SBO, but you will get SCO. and good luck with the music stuff. Mas, you just are permanently hurt in one way shape or form, aren´t ya? haha. dad, thanks for the tips, I will try to see what I can do.

We climbed a mountain for pday today. It is huge. took us two hours to scale and climb and then 30 minutes to come down. It was honestly so legit. I loved it. Super tired, but glad I did it. I made a video up there, and you will see it when the card gets up there... most likely with me. but it was so COOL!!! Total Indiana Jones mixed with Nephite and Lamanite history, because I can totally imagine this being part of the Book of Mormon. it was so cool. I am sweating a ton, cause it was hot. We took sandwiches and some water and some chips and just chilled for a while. It was sweet. I am glad to be down though. Helped me to realized that this planet is incredibly beautiful, and that I am in God´s creations. Love it.

That´s pretty much it. Enjoy the photos!!!

Love you all!!!
15 lempira Mango (about 75 cents), worth every cent!

"Total Indiana Jones mixed with Nephite and Lamanite history."

Sunday, April 14, 2013

P.S. to April 14, 2013.

I asked Zach if in their mission they had goals to baptize a certain number of people and if it seemed like there was at times competitions between zones and missionaries regarding baptisms.   I thought his reply was so good and his motives so pure.  Here it is for you to read.

That´s funny. Well, to start, PMG says that we shouldn´t compare ourselves with other missionaries. So I try not to. God has a different timeline than we do, so I don´t feel bad if somebody else is baptizing a ton and I very little, because it swings both ways. Also, that whole beating people is a numbers game, and this is a work of saving souls. They don´t have numbers, they have lives, and names and stories. My comp told me that I was crazy that I didn´t have a goal to baptize x amount of people on my mission. But I don´t think so. My mission is about helping the people I have been chosen to help and baptizing if it comes to that point. Conversion is a personal process, I can´t force it on anybody. So if they so choose, I would love to help them make the necessary steps to enter God´s kingdom. My other goal is to convert myself to the gospel. I am my most important convert. That doesn´t mean we don´t have goals and stuff for our investigators, and all that stuff, but it just means the numbers come as the souls do. I can´t rush it and shouldn´t try to.
Sunday, April 14, 2013

So, if you are all wondering, yes, summer in Honduras is hot, even when you are in one of the most cool and cold areas in the mission. It´s crazy how hot it has been. But, winter rains start at the end of next month, so it will be good. nice and cool.

Hey, so this week was fun. I did divisions twice, once in my area and once in the ZL´s area. It was fun. I like and hate doing divisions, but i learn a ton. Scratch that. Three times. Once also with the other elders here in Yuscaran. We went to the extreme of the area, like an hour walking. It was long and hot and sweaty and dusty, but good. We are trying to find new people, and trying to help to progress the people we have. This month might be a little scarce on baptisms. One or two if we get some miracles. And I am praying for those daily. Missionary work is a work of miracles, because we really have no part in it. We just talk and teach, and the miracles happen inside of them. But sometimes we get a little extra help from almost visible hands. I am ever grateful for that.

Also, our new convert, Luis, used to be a fireman, so we wanted to see if we could try something that involved him and the church. No, we did not set the church on fire. We got him to do a 4 day seminar on prevention, safety, propane, extinguishers, everything. I learned a ton. We got some investigators to go, so I got to sit in on them. Learned a ton. Then there was a quiz to get a diploma. Well, you had to pass the quiz with a 60 percent or higher. And of course, without studying, nobody passes but the four elders and one investigator. and who passed one point shy of perfect??? This guy. My now academically competitive side came out, and I had to win. I owe that to Jared Potter, good classmate of mine, who started that stinking habit. But oh well. At the end, he showed the movie backdraft, which we couldn´t watch. He said it was pretty bomb. Looked pretty cool, from the thirty seconds I saw leaving the church.

And divisions were fun. I went with Elder Edwards, my ZL, to his area to go do baptismal interviews for another area. There area is big and hot and dusty. But I met the District Presidente who is super nice and got to chill with a gringo for a night, which never happens. I have only had Latin comps, and they just aren´t the same as gringo comps.  He is from Arizona, knows Jarvis, and plays a little bit of soccer, so we have some fun together. Super cool kid.

But, again, this week was sort of out of the norm due to divisions all week. We did find some new people, and are going to be working with a ton of them to get them all baptized.

We are also getting ready because the elder who is branch president is most likely leaving this change, so as his counselors we all got filled in on what was going on in the branch. Whole lots of really fun, challenging stuff. We are also suffering right now for Gossip. Gossip is a huge problem here. Elder Gomez, the bp, I don´t think has ever had problems like this with gossip before. But I think it is because the branch is growing and satan is working harder. I learned that they almost closed this branch about a year ago, but President Hernandez said no. keep it open. So we have a lot of work to do. My comp will most likely be the next bp, and if I stay, I will be first counselor. Weehoo. There are a lot of problems here. We are going to tackle a huge part of it this week. But pray for us. We will need it.

I had a really special experience today. As it was fast Sunday, I was fasting, We took the sacrament, and moved on to testimonies. Like always, the four elders bear theirs to try and help get people excited to bear theirs. And today a lady named Nubia bore hers. She has a little bit of a story. About a year ago, she and her husband got married and baptized. Their children have been one by one following suit. About six months ago her husband left to go find work, he called and told her he had found another woman and wouldn´t be coming back. She has been raising two boys, 12 and 13, and a daughter, 17, who has a baby. Her other 17 year old child, a son, just came back to live with her from Teguc because he ran out of money there. Her kids are just a struggle for her to raise, and she has so many problems in that household. She is without work, on church welfare and makes tortillas and whatever else she can do to provide. She bore her testimony today. I admire her for her work that she does, but there is someone else who admires it even more. God. and today I got to feel a little of what he felt. As she was bearing her testimony, I was just hit by a wall of spirit and a voice, a gentle voice that was not my own, that told me ¨Thanks be to God for goodly mothers in Zion!¨ I lost it and almost cried as she was speaking. I saw that woman for two seconds through God´s eyes and felt a little bit of what God feels. It was incredible. I am truly grateful for it. And it´s true. Thanks be to God for goodly mothers in Zion!!!!!!

That´s really it this week. I don´t have any new pictures, but I will see what I can do. love you all.

It's bonus week again.  Two for one!!!  So sorry for being slothful!

Letter from Monday, April 8, 2013

So, Conference!!!! it was a hit, I absolutely love conference. All gave such amazing and inspiring talks, I really was able to learn a lot from them.

This last week was sort of boring after all the activity of the last few weeks. We did have interviews and that was so much fun. President loves our house-they did interviews in our houses-and we are tearing it up here. Apparently. Thats what the president told us, but not in those words. A little bit more dignified. If you get what I am saying. I feel like I will be leaving this change, and I don´t really like that. Course, that could just be a feeling, but you know. I also don´t know what will happen because the branch president will be leaving this change. But I feel like I will be leaving and it won´t be me.  (He means he doesn't think he will become the new branch president.) I don´t think I will go to the city. I feel like most of my mission will be outside of the city. I don´t think I will go to the city very soon.

We did divisions a lot, with my comp being a dl, and so I get to meet a lot of really interesting elders. We are also working to get our baptism Luis the priesthood in a week. I am sure it can be done. It is super sad, he can´t work because he busted his hand a few months ago, they have no money, and are just sort of struggling with everything in general. It has to be hard, because they went from lots to nothing really quickly. But what I can say is this, That the Lord had prepared them and put them in just the right place to hear the gospel. Even though they are having difficulties, they are going to find that everything will soon be okay, they just have to suffer with some patience and have some trust in God. I have seen this time and time again here. Its always a miracle.

I really don´t have much this week. We passed another anniversary of the reorganization of the church- almost 200 years. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel and for the many blessings that the church has brought into my life. Without it, I would be without so many things, plain and precious truths that I love and hold dear. Sacred experiences, and a purpose to my life.

I know this is short, but it was sort of a boring week. I know you would all love to hear about it....

Tell Renee thank you so much. My comp says thanks too. Tell her to say hi to Mati for me, and that I hope that he is happy, as I am sure he is, and working hard. Tell her to tell him the french accent won´t work when he gets home, so don´t worry.

I love you all. I am grateful for the Atonement of Christ. For the sacrifice that he made for us. I am grateful for the guidance and direction of the Apostles and Prophets today. They truly speak of Christ.

Have a great week!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013 (Bonus this week .. pictures!!)

Well, this week was just fantastic!!! It started off super stressful, but it got real good right after we confirmed everyone today.

It all started Monday. Semana Santa was this week, which means a whole week of Catholics marching around with trumpets, drums, and effigies of Christ on the cross. Really helps you visualize the importance of celebrating the resurrection and not the death. Almost everybody celebrates holy Friday, but today was so different. Not to add to the point, but Semana Santa, holy week, shouldn´t start till today, technically, for the whole April 6 being the day of the resurrection. But whateves, plain and precious things. That's why we need modern day revelation.

Semana Santa also means that all the governmental buildings are closed, which means that all the papers you need for wedding are inaccessible. Literally. They don´t open for the whole week. So we were stressing pretty bad, because we literally had no papers for that wedding that we needed. I was super stressed, and had fasted and prayed for a miracle. Well, it came.

Monday we went to Teguc to see what we could do with the paper situation. While there, I was talking to another elder about the situation, and he told me that that had happened to him, and that the lawyer that the church here works with did all the paperwork with just copies of the peoples ID cards, and they took out all the necessary papers and did everything necessary afterwards. Technically, it means that they aren´t married, but....technically it does. The lawyer says they are man and wife, and so it counts. and even though we don´t have all the papers, its a higher law we are fulfilling. So we talked to the lawyer. He told us that He could do that, and he could get us the papers the next day!!!! MIRACLE NUMBER 1. But, he was really hesitant, because the mission hadn´t paid him in a long time for the other weddings that he had done, and he was really wanting money. made it sound like if he didn´t get the money right then, he wasn´t going to do it. Well, lucky for me, and this is MIRACLE NUMBER 2, I was only going to take like 200 limps to Teguc, but I felt like I should take all of what I had left for the quincena, which was 600 limps. So I did. And I was able to pay him right there, and it worked out just fine. BOOM!!! That was why we listen to the spirit!!!! And last but not least, we were wondering how we were going to get all the papers together for after the wedding, and just happened to go back to the office, I don´t remember for what. But the secretary that is in charge of that marriage stuff said, ¨Hey Glassett, what area are you in?¨ I responded Yuscaran B, and then he proceeded to tell me that he had found an envelope for us buried in the desk. He had only been there like three or four days, because he had arrived with no training in changes. He had no idea what anything was. Well, he hands me the envelope, and it is the most difficult papers to get that we needed!!!!!!!! We were able to get them to the lawyer the next day, and now we only need some little things to get all that done.

I have truly seen God´s hand in my life and in his work. This week was a testimony to that.

Apart from that, we had all the baptisms Saturday, and the weddings Saturday and Friday. We made cakes for the couples, and are super happy for them!!! One of them could be the next BP in Yuscaran. he has that potential and is just someone who has been prepared to do so.

That is really it for this week. All of our stuff that we did was prep for the weddings and baptisms. we did divisions, and I took more hitchhikes this week than I have in my life. No buses were going due to the holy week, and so we had to just catch rides with everyone. Crazy. I made the trip to ojo de agua more times this week in Jalon than I would like to in my life.

We are also teaching a new investigator that looks promising. His name is  ----. Everyone here calls him Pato, or duck. He is sort of,....okay, he is the town joke. This is the guy that wins the Ugly contest in the Mango Festival every year. This is a contest where people use masks, and he wins with his normal face, or so they tell us. But we have felt like he could benefit from the gospel, and we have been teaching him. he can´t read, can´t write, and is pretty uneducated, but he loves God and we have had some amazing experiences with him. We showed him the 30 minute restoration video, and he cried during the first vision part. He is a child of a heavenly king, and I have seen the love that heavenly father has for all of his children, and how everyone deserves the gospel in their lives, not just the people that everyone likes, or the well put together people. The gospel is for everyone, because God loves us all.

Our attendance is going up, we had 32 today, the highest in months. President Hernandez congratulated us on the attendance as of late. He never says anything like that. We never hear him say thank you or good work or anything like that, so it means something when he says it. We hit our goal this month of 5 baptisms and 1 family. 5 baptisms and 2 families. fruits of our labor, anyone???? We came into an area where people told us we would be lucky to get 1 or 2 in four changes. The field IS white and ready to harvest.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! I hope that you all had a Happy Easter, and remember especially the Atonement of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Chirst, the Messiah, and Only Begotten Son of our Father in Heaven. I testify that He did, in fact, die for us, and paid the price for all of our sins. He bled from every pore and was nailed to the cross on Calvary. But, On that Sunday morning, He crushed the head of the adversary and rose triumphant over death and sin from the tomb, and took upon Himself a perfect body, never to die again. He loves us, and wants us all to return to Him. I sincerely hope that we can all try harder to understand what He Truly did for us, and to apply it in our own lives. I know I have, and testify of its redeeming power.

Love you all, and again,

Happy Easter.

The Tegucigalpa Temple was dedicated in March.

Zach's homemade burger and fries.