D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013
So this week was good!! Mostly. some fun....eh, more or less fun stuff happened. We are running into bigger and bigger problems with the branch, its now ridiculous. We had been progressing very well, but last week was terrible. We had 14 people in sacrament and we started with us four and three investigators, one and possibly one more will be getting baptized this week. It has been rough. We are starting to work in a part of our area called an Aldea, its like a little tiny pueblo. Smaller than towns. It is 45 minutes to get to the entrance walking, about 15 by bus. And then it is an hour and a half to get to the people there. Missionaries most likely have never ever been there before, and we found all sorts of fruits waiting to happen. There is an evangelical church there, but the writing on the church says ebangelical. That is a really common error here, the b for the v, and all sorts of that stuff. But seriously, the pastor writes it like that, and they go to listen to him?? It´s like finding a hair in your food, it makes you nervous to eat the rest of it (plenty of times here). A church with that title makes me nervous to go into it. but we find lots of people there who are willing to go, but it being so far away makes it really hard for them to go to church. So we are going to see what we can do to help there. We find a lot of really good people in really remote places here, so it makes it hard to work. But we are going to troubleshoot to see what we can do to get them there.

Other than that, we have one baptism coming for this week, Fran, or el pato. He came to church on Sunday, and he is golden. We just have to throw him in the water!!! I think he might be scared of drowning, but we should be okay with that. I know I already said it, but teaching him has helped me to see that the gospel is for really everyone. We are excited to see this happen.

Poor Luis, as well. He has a 16 year old daughter that was living with a dude in Teguc. Well, they went to see them, and he decided that the guy wasn´t taking care of his daughter the way that he should be, so he brought her here. Holy cow, I have not seen a more angry and anti social teenager in my life. She is super angry, and I think I know why. Its one of those that she wants to be treated like an adult but doesn´t want to act like one. Granted a 16 year old girl shouldn´t be living with a dude anyways, but still. At least she isn´t a mom. I will say that. makes me realize that the commandments are really to protect us, and to keep us safe. 16 and ¨in love¨. yeah right. President Kimball said something to the effect of when we think its love, lust often times sneaks in the back door. Law of chastity, folks. Live it. It does you worlds of good.

Speaking of that law, I had the opportunity to teach it many times this week, and I thought of something...okay, I fully came to realize something incredibly true. WE HAVE THE POWER OF GOD TO CREATE LIFE. Like Elder Bednar talked about last conference. God gave us part of his power to procreate. It is something so INCREDIBLY sacred. Shouldn´t something that sacred be treated correctly??? And here, Its amazing how mistreated that power is. Its like the two national past times here are soccer and fornication. Sorry for how that's worded, but that is what it is. Y lo siento a los de honduras que los estan leyendo en mi blog, pero en serio. Its nuts here. This country will never truly leave third world status until all that breaking of this law stops. It is impossible. This is still the promised land, and the promises still apply because they are living here, but if they don´t keep the commandments, they will keep living the way they are. Its not all their fault, some of it is ignorance, but still, they are breaking laws of the land, let alone laws of God. Until this changes a little, they will be the same.

Different notes. Happy birthday Erin!!! May you have many more. Cody, tough one on SBO, but you will get SCO. and good luck with the music stuff. Mas, you just are permanently hurt in one way shape or form, aren´t ya? haha. dad, thanks for the tips, I will try to see what I can do.

We climbed a mountain for pday today. It is huge. took us two hours to scale and climb and then 30 minutes to come down. It was honestly so legit. I loved it. Super tired, but glad I did it. I made a video up there, and you will see it when the card gets up there... most likely with me. but it was so COOL!!! Total Indiana Jones mixed with Nephite and Lamanite history, because I can totally imagine this being part of the Book of Mormon. it was so cool. I am sweating a ton, cause it was hot. We took sandwiches and some water and some chips and just chilled for a while. It was sweet. I am glad to be down though. Helped me to realized that this planet is incredibly beautiful, and that I am in God´s creations. Love it.

That´s pretty much it. Enjoy the photos!!!

Love you all!!!
15 lempira Mango (about 75 cents), worth every cent!

"Total Indiana Jones mixed with Nephite and Lamanite history."

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