D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

So this week was interesting. Most of our time was spent preparing for our two baptisms, only one of which actually happened. It was sort of crazy. Our one investigator, Jose, passed without problems, and was baptized just fine. The other one, Frank, or Pato, was stoked, totally pumped. H passed the interview and then from one day to the next, just ignored us. Saturday and Sunday. Didn´t even want to talk to us. We think what might have happened is that he spoke with a man who is very anti mormon, and whom he works with sometimes. This man has slammed doors in our faces, yells at us, rips up invitations that we give to us family in front of us, everything. Its rough. 10 months ago, I would have wanted to contend, make him feel stupid and dumb repent, practically. But I realized in time here that there will be someone else who will do that....Him. He one day will answer for what he is doing against God´s kingdom, and I am no judge. So for now, I will see him as what he can become, and less of who he is.  One day....one day he will have to definitely accept or reject the gospel. I really feel pretty bad for him, he doesn´t really understand what he is doing or anything.

And branch stuff. Well, I gave a talk on Sunday about gossip, and elder Gomez, the bp, gave a talk on choosing to not feel offended. He talked about how if we are ¨Offended¨ its because we choose to be...which I have believed for some time now.  He used Elder Bednars talk. I took dad´s advice and read both of those talks, and they helped me a ton. I also looked up all the scriptures that pertain to gossip. I didn´t even realize in the scriptures how many places it talks about that. A lot in proverbs. one or two other places in the bible. My favorite is one in James 4...11-12.. I think. read it, it´s good. I used it twice in that talk. It wasn´t too much of a point at people, it was a hopefully touching some peoples hearts. And Gomez gave a fantastic talk as well. We know that some members felt something, because one member that has chosen to be offended got up and left. Another one moved seats. is really interesting to see how people react. Then, instead of teaching primary, like I normally do, they asked me to teach a mixed third hour. Which I did, talking about the same. I used the stick of consequences example, which I LOVE. In the mission I really have grown to understand that example, and how consequences really do affect us. (the whole you can´t pick up one end of the stick without picking up the other side. Super helpful with inactives, for those of you on missions or leaving shortly.) I really hope some of the members got it a little better.

Apart from that, it was chill. We played some soccer today, and there is a pic included, and have been working hard.

Funny moment. We were eating dinner, and the tv was on in the Golosinas, which is a place that makes homemade fast food, pretty much. So good. They had a soccer game on, and the players were wearing ribbons on their sleeves. I asked why to the Mexican, Gomez, and he told me that it was for a campaign against obesity.(As I am writing this, I am realizing more and more that Dad will be the only one to get this joke.) I said, Obesidad? Eso me cae gordo.....

haha. explanation. in Spanish, if you get along with somebody, or you are friends, you don´t get along, you fall well together. for example, elder Jarvis me cae bien. He falls well to me. If someone doesn´t get along well, its no me cae bien. and in some places, me cae gordo,(fat), means it falls not well with the person. so, the obesity campaign falls fat to me.....its a double play on words.

and you all probably won´t get it.

Well, That is pretty much it. I don´t know what will happen with me this week, so Tuesday night will be stressful. I am getting p90x discs from another elder, so I am going to really start Excersing in the mornings instead of my lame 50 situps and however many pushups I can half do. BRING IT.

Love you all!!!!!!



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