D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Well, sorry, because off the bat, this letter won´t be much, seeing as how my parents were spoken to by me yesterday. But some of the highlight stuff.

We did a HUGE mothers day activity here in the branch, and we now know how the elders here in the past brought lots of people to church. They promised them activities with food, and then they would get them to promise to come to church. In my opinion, that is not how the game works. But we can modify it so that we don´t always do food, or so that they feel more of the spirit to be able to make it there on their own. it was a lot of work and a lot of stress, but it went okay. Mostly.

We also had a baptism!! Cristian, 20 years old. I forgot my camara and so there will be no pictures, but next week, I promise. We are still trying to deal with all the branch problems that seem to be magnifying and getting worse in range and scope....all sorts of people that we don´t even know are involved apparently. But the church is guided by revelation, so that´s how it works in the fourth floor of the temple and thats how it works in Yuscaran, I guess. We will figure out and be helped to a solution and to fixing this, but time will tell when.

I hope all of you missionary buddies out there are doing well, and that your families are too!!! I love you all, and thanks to all my buddies from school, home, the mtc, what have you, that I have met, because you have all made an impact in my life. Pretty much, it means you get my emails, so....if you get my emails, you made a positive impact in my life. So thanks. Love ya all!!!

I gotta go. Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and love ya fam!!!
It was good to talk to you yesterday, and mom...I hope you enjoyed the letter.

Love to all!!!


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