D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

So it´s pday and we didn´t go to Teguc!!! woohoo!!!! We played soccer today, and its starting rainy season almost a month late, so it was drizzling while we played. Beautiful. This week was a little slow, but pretty good. We had 27 people in church this week, and we were missing some, so we are hoping for more next week. The number to beat is 32. That's what we are working towards.
This week there was a festival of mango here in Yuscaran. Its a pretty big deal. Three straight days of people partying and just doing nothing. Its pretty ridiculous. Our member, Luis, was selling food, and he makes some pretty tasty stuff. Its sad, though, because with the money he makes between this last weekend and the puppies his dog had, he is going to be moving back to Teguc. But, he will continue faithful and strong. We have faith in that. He is a good man with an intense desire to learn more about the gospel. But with the festival, came a lot of vacationers and there were parties until three in the morning across the street from our house. So much noise. So glad it's over. But it was interesting to see people get so excited for something. I have also seen more drunk people than in all my mission, all in one place.
We are working with a man named Roberto lately. He was baptized in 85ish in Teguc, but we cannot find record of him and neither can Salt Lake, so he needs to be baptized again. His brain is a doctrinal blender. He has been to Baptist, Catholic and JW churches in these twenty some odd years. He is good, because he reads and understands, but sometimes its difficult to work with him. Not his fault, but some of the questions he asks are hard to answer, and he is never really satisfied with our responses. I have some study time under my belt, and know some stuff, but he asks questions that I don´t even want to ask, because finding the answer would take years!!!! He asked us recently why in second nefi two it says that Eve would never have had children before the fall, if in Genesis 3:16 it says that God would multiply her pain in giving birth. that, in his interpretation, means that she would have had perfect children before the fall, it was the fall that made them imperfect. Well, that tried all my scriptural knowledge. (ps, if you ever teach the plan of salvation to jw, SKIP THE FALL. THAT IS A SORE POINT FOR THEM.) I used 2 Nephi 2:22 and 23. He said that that meant that the Book of Mormon was contradicting the Biblia. He wanted somewhere else where it said that. so, I used Moses 4 something, where Eve rejoices, and her and Adam are blessing God. I don´t remember the reference. but he sort of just left it at that. I am exhausting my scriptural knowledge tank with this guy. I am sure he will get baptized, but he is going to take some time, which is okay with me.
And then....the funny ish part. I had two grown women, sisters, make passes at me this week. One last Sunday, and one on Saturday. The first one is an inactive, and hasn´t been to church in years. Her friend yelled at me that if I liked her, she had said that I could have her. While she was standing there, trying to seduce me with her eyes. At least I think she was, I was busy trying to invent a response. I ended up saying, No, thanks. But that was very nice of you.
Then her sister. I didn´t know they were sisters until later, when I saw them together. Her sister isn´t a member, and started asking us what does elder mean, all that sort of stuff. Then she asked if missionaries could have girlfriends. I said no. She asked if that meant just Honduras. I said yes, that some missionaries have girlfriends in their home countries. She asked if I did. I said no and why are you asking. Para que nos casemos, she said. So that we get married. I just said, thanks, very nice of you, but I am okay single, thanks. For those of you who speak spanish, women in this country are Lanzadas. They sort of jump the gun. Tell you very openly what they want, and they want it when they want it. Its really really hard to deal with. all the yelling, and blowing kisses and all that. But I always say thank you, just to be polite.
And then today, we took another great jalon!!! Photo included. played soccer and came back, tranquilo. We also had zone conference this last week, which was fun. Learned quite a bit, and got some good time to see other elders and such.

Cody....congrats on band stuff. You better be recording stuff, and show it all to me when I get back. If you are still home. If not, stick it all on my ipod, and then go to the mtc.
Erin...you guys are nuts!!! That is an awesome photo. And sad stuff about losing, but they say you learn more in losing then winning.
Mas, you are a goof and you look old. And good job with bigger or better!! a blowflex!?!?!?! You better be using that to beef up a little, chico.
I love you all. To all my missionary buddies, keep on keepin on, and keep working!!!!!!!

Cow Tongue.  He ate it and liked it!  I won't tell you what their next mystery meal is going to be. 
This is what he means by a "jalon".  It is the hitch hiking vehicle and they are not all the same.  Pray he is safe while he travels please!!!!

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