D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Success defined.....

Well, this was an incredible week!!!
First off, the story of the man last week?? He lived. I don´t know why I said what I said, but I said it, and it was what I was supposed to say. I asked...The Lord.  He is upbeat, and happy, and ready to forget that which has happened in his past. He has an increased desire to become active again, and we are going to start working with him to prepare him for the priesthood.
We also left and did visits with most of the relief society presidency on Saturday!!! It was fantastic. The second counselor, is a fairly heavy lady, and to see her walk all that we did was an incredible sacrifice, and she had an incredible attitude about it. The three that were there, the presidenta, the 2nd counselor, and the Sec, bonded. They are all in this together, and it shows. We have one that is missing, the first counselor. We still have to set her apart, and its really starting to irritate me. People here always put other things in front of the church...and in front of God. My comp said something very true the other day. Sister, he said to a member, God should be in first place in our lives, in fiftieth place, and in last place. And then, if there is time, we put us in our lives. So true. That´s how we become blessed. By making Gd and the church our life, and then just working in the little things. We have successfuly maintained an attendence of 26 or higher this change, since the first of May. We had a dip one week, but it was an anomoly, and we brought it right back up. I am beginning to understand what it really means to be in charge. We get all the fun and not so fun stuff, but it is all worth it.
I taught sunday school on Sunday, like always. We decided that the members don´t need gospel doctrine, they need gospel principles. So I have been teaching from that little yellow book. It is fantastic. We had a great lesson on Sunday about albedrio......agency, in English. Took me a minute to remember that. I used the stick example, but I have changed the stick for a shovel, because we always choose more consequences than actions with our actions. It works. The members are starting to get it. I think.
Our baptism for this month, Roberto, moved to teguc this last week. We had him...HAD HIM. I was so sad he left, I felt like we were getting so close with him,...but obviously, what he needs from now on has to come from someone else, and we all play for the same team, right??  Baptisms count for baptisms. So it´s all good.
In the last two weeks we set apart the relief society presidency, the branch mission leader, and gave Christian, our most recent convert, the aaronic priesthood this last Sunday!!!! He comes every week and to every activity in his missionary donated white shirt and tie. Neatly ironed by his mom. He is AWESOME!!!!!!!! He loves going places with us, and sometimes just comes and chills with us at the church if we are working in the office or something.
I was thinking about my last year....I will most likely have changes this week, and that will practically be the start of year two. I will take it like that, because it will be a new area, and a new start. They are opening three new zones this change, and a whole bunch of areas, so I might be getting the open area card again, which is fine with me. I am okay with that. I want to go to San Lorenzo, which is the hottest part of our mission, but one of the most awesome places, apparently. Plus, when I got here about ten months ago, all the city elders told me that I never wanted to go to Valle Verde, where I am, and San Lorenzo. Well, One down, one to go. Haha. I am sort of really ready for changes. 
This week we had nothing too exciting. just this stuff.
Oh, and fun facts. In my trips to Teguc, I have been able to find where I have already been. I have found the hospital, the dental school, the hotel, Nifu Nifa, and some other random stuff. The Chilis we ate in there, stuff like that. I know where I was!!!! haha!!!! its really cool.
Well, that is pretty much it. I love you all.

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