D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013


So, it is coming to the point where I have less days left than when I started. Well, it has always been that way, but now I have almost been here more time than what I have left. Weird, I don`t feel like that much time has gone. But it goes crazy fast. 

Fun fact, this keyboard doesn`t have a certain key. Its the letter that comes after o, so I will be using all sorts of cut and paste tech to write you guys. 

So, I didn`t have changes this week. I will be with my comp for another change. We found out that another companionship of elders did the same thing, Abrir Area where an Elder is the Branch Pres, and they were together five changes. It could be a long go here in Yuscaran. 

On another note, Tuesday we walked from Yuscaran to Oropoli to get a partida for a wedding...and this town is anywhere from 17 to 20 kilometers from Yuscaran. We took four hours walking to get there and then we walked halfway back before getting jalon in a truck bed with 11 other dudes. I was WASTED that day. We got back at like 4 in the afternoon, and we left at 8 in the morning. we didn`t do anything really that day. 

Wednesday was normal. Sort of sad, I thought I was getting changes. But no....and I got sort of depressed. The reason is because I thought that after a year, I would have trained, or been made at least senior comp, but still nothing. There are elders who have 6 months who are already zls....it is weird to accept, and a little  hard for me. Well, I had a chat with one of my best friends here....and it helped a ton. He told me that some Elders were like Abinadi and some were like Ammon. God needed Ammon to be Ammon, and Abinadi to be Abinadi. Then he told me that I was like Abinadi, and the first thing that came to my head, dad, was  ...edit....haha. But then he got super serious....I seriously needed to chat with him because he took some time to tell me that I really was needed, and that God needed me to not give up and to just keep working. I could really feel God's love in that moment. I realized that being here for four changes was hard, and I really did want changes bad....really bad. But I now have sort of regained my ganas to work and have decided to be the best menor that this world has seen and the best first counselor too.

Speaking of church, we had 32 on Sunday. Christian passed the sacrament...and our investigator Roberto moved back from Teguc. He ended up not finding work and told us that it was a sign God needed him here....which is true. We challenged him for the 22, and we are hoping that he accepts. 

Well, my time is short this week, but I have some crazy stuff to tell you this next week. A guy got on the bus today and started  preaching about all the real truth of Mormonism. There are apparently 17 leves of mormons, and 13 are gays and homosexuals, and 4 have  plural wives. And you will all be shocked when I tell you his explanation for how and why Jose Smith died. It literally shocked me. 

I love you all!!! thanks so much, and may my first year be better than the second!!! (He's definitely confused!)

To all my mission buddies, especially those from my district and those that have the same time....halfway. Lets catch the mtc fire again, and get back to how we were in those days...and then use our year of time to really kill it in this last year. 
Love you all!!!


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  1. Querido "elder Glassett" acordate que el Senor opera diferente que nosotros aca, no te desanimes, El tiene grandes planes para vos, te acordas la historia de los hijos de Helaman?? mientras Ammon estaba teniendo exito con Lamoni, Aaron y su hemano estaban en la carcel (siendo companeros menores) pero recordas lo que paso?? ellos ensenaron al Rey de toda la tierra! Te mando un abrazo grandote!!! cuidate y dale para adelante nomas!!!
    Con mucho carino. Diana