D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, July 29, 2013


Monday, July 22, 2013
Sorry. A delayed updated. 

So I still don´t know if I have changes, but one of us does. So its a guessing game at this point.

This week was literally ALL branch work. We have been swamped. We had our audit, which will continue tomorrow, because when you have elders that don´t do their job and then leave the area they leave problems.

We also had to go to Teguc on Wednesday, like all day, to help Luis move. Sad day. but it was good, he needed to get out of here. He needs to see how the church really runs. And being in the ward he is in will help him a ton.  It was super sad to see them go, but they have good things waiting for them. I will miss that guy, and his family, and his cooking. and his fire that he brought with him to everything. He is so prepared to do great things, but he just .....doesn´t know it yet.

We also had a miserable chat with one of our members, ------. She wants to be a normal member....which means just show up on sunday and then go home. She doesn´t want a calling, she doesn´t want to go to the temple, she doesn´t want assignments...nothing. And she is literally as stubborn as a mule. And very proud. It's really hard for me to watch, because I know that I was like that at one point in time, with regards to humility. But it hurts me more that she is practically slapping God in the face. He wants to bless her, but she just is to thick headed to understand and closed to accept it. 

We also had a seminary and institute training, which was good. We are trying to get that program going, because it really doesn´t exist here. At all. And the church won´t go anywhere without the youth here, so its rough.

But then, Sunday, we had a training in Teguc. First off...they said AUXILIARY ORGANIZATIONS. That means that everybody but the presidency, right?? Well, they tell us that elders quorum no, because it is priesthood. and they didn´t have anything for mission leaders, which I am pretty sure is an auxiliary. It may not have it´s own chapter in manual 2, but i am pretty sure it should. I ended up staying the night in Teguc with Esparza to be there early to do branch stuff today in the morning, which we mostly got done. 

It was a busy week. We had only 29 at church. I honestly have no idea what happened. Wait, yes I do...we didn´t go to the Tenidero. With the sunday training, we had noone to send out there. And with the schedule of this last week, we couldn´t get there. So that will be this week. 

So much has happened this week that I literally don´t remember details. I did hit 13 months...woohoo. 
Other than that, I don´t remember much. 

But...side note. This is for mom and dad and mason. 

Well, you guys are at home!!! my home...Honduras. And I have various tips. I won´t give you a number, because I am just gonna write until I get mindblock...

Order the grape soda. it kicks the crap out of American grape soda. And the banana soda, just to try it. They are brand tropical. And if you aint drinking it out of a bag with a straw, you aint doin it right. 

Next, baleadas. Order them. Get them. Ask David what they are, and that you want good ones. He should know some places. They are typical food here. 

Next....jeez. right now the fresh fruit in season is nance, mammón, aguacate, ...mangos are on the way out. and the bananas are really good. they are called minimos,...they cost like 2 to 3 lempiras cada uno. and the fruit will cost you like 8 to 20 limps. 

ummm semitas. They are a sweetbread. BOMB. You can get them at 1, 2, or 3 limps at most pulps. papa, pida las semitas largas, y no las redondas. las largas en general son mejores.

ummm...what else....I am just trying to think....
Malteadas. Its flavored milk. it comes in four flavors. Cost thirteen limps, and comes in a bag or a carton. worth it. I normally get vainilla, its my fav. I don´t ever get the banana one. fresa and chocolate son buenos also. 

I apologize mid list for my spanglish. My brain is switching. 

Also, when you go places, ask for fresco natural. fruit juice. you can get right now....maracuya (passion fruit, one of my favs) nance (not that great, but try it) piña, limonada, naranja, lots of stuff. they are made with safe water, normally, and are better than soda. Also, they drink straight coke and pepsi here. Pretty much.

and dad,....just para que sepas, yo hablo como esta gente. asi que tengo un accento un poco feo y uso palabras que jamás has escuchado. puchica, massiso, cheque, cipote.....un buen. but its all good. 

I think those are all my tips for enjoying honduras. Also, just enjoy it. Try to live it as much as possible. and try as many things as you can. if you want touristy stuff, there is a decent market en plaza los dolores, mas arriba del centro. 

Side notes. I met David today in Little Ceasers. Small world. I also met a guy on Sunday that Abuela met when she was here. He walks up, goes Elder Glassett!!! And starts talking to me like he knows me. Funny story ...I was very surprised. 

and ps. nifu ni fa still exists. I saw it today. 

and pss. Ask the office elders to talk to Elder Velvver...he has the memory card that is waiting for you. He knows. 

love you !!!


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