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And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, July 29, 2013

Changes ....

Monday, July 29, 2013
WOW. So this is a crazy week. As you all now know...yes. I had changes. My comp got subed to Zone Leader, and I am now a District Leader and Training! I am not the branch president. that is a different elder. I will take DL any time.
This week was pretty tranquilo at the beginning. With Esparza...fun. I survived four changes with the guy...so I can pretty much survive anything. haha. no...I really did learn a lot from him, and seeing as how I was with him in the south (he was my dl for a while) It is weird not being with him. I really did get used to him. I really got to know my blue and yellow side.
But that all changed Wednesday!!! I was told I was training, was going to be dl, and would be in my area for a fifth change. Which is a very long time, if you were wondering. I have more than a year and only two areas and four comps. That is not very normal. Well, the area part yes. but the only four comps is very unusual. I haven´t had any differences in my area.
But my new comp is CHILL!!! His name is Elder Benning. He is from Vacaville, California. I already asked him if he knows the Horns...or at least Donna. He said he might. He is a straight from the MTC gringo...which means I talk to everybody. But his spanish has improved in just the few days he has been with me. Not from being with me, but for being in honduras. He understands quite a bit. It is going to be a process...but it is fun. I really like him. Cool kid. Sort of interesting, training. I look at that and think...dang...that was me about 10 months ago. Weird to think I have come to far, and really don´t have that much time left right now. I mean....11 months is not much. And it just keeps going faster.

I also got to go do baptismal interviews for the first time last weekend, and I will be doing more this week. At least one. It is just a lot of traveling, and a lot of time that is spent and used to go from one place to the other. My district is cool. It's us, the other Elders Ward and Sol (yuscaran) and Zamorrano, Gutierrez and Guarchaj, and the zls. Edwards and Torres. I like it. It's a lot of extra stuff, but its fun.

We also have monopoly, and i destroyed last night. The other three united forces against me, but they couldn´t defeat me. Yeah. dope sauce.
And thanks for seeing Luis, dad. He told me that you did an awesome job. He also told me that mom cried when you were talking about me...and I totally got a litte homesick with that one. And mas...good job dude!! You are awesome. You have seriously worked hard for this, and you totally deserve it. You are such a good little dude.
Apart from that...nothing really. I got the duffel!!! pretzels!!! We enjoyed the pancakes...or like half of them. Yesterday. Everybody loves the licorice, and I am digging the clif bars. Thanks for the books too, I LOVE THEM. The Great Apostasy is awesome, and Mormon Doctrine is INTENSE. That is a crazy book. I will take good care of it, dad. Don´t worry.

Also, Vellver did give me the hug when I saw him today. It was a very tender, and sort of weird, moment...seeing as how he never hugged me like that before haha. (As we were just in Teguc, I asked Elder Vellver to give Zach a hug from his mom.  Glad to know he followed thru.) 
I am sorry, that memory card had stuff on it before, but I don´t know what happened. I think you guys should have most of the photos I sent to you, seeing as how I didn´t back it up. Please keep those, that is my first year on camera. or some of it.

Well, that is it. I get to walk the 23 kilometers (14 miles) one way and 23 kilometers (another 14 miles) back to Oropolí tomorrow to get one partida de solteria. it will be a long, long day tomorrow.

Love you all!!


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