D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So ..... crazy week.

Monday, July 15, 2013
Okay, I know....every week can´t be that crazy right??? But it seems like we always have crazy weeks. It can´t be helped here in Yuscarán.  This place has crazy written all over it.
To be honest, this week was pretty boring. That´s what made it crazy. We had some branch stuff to do. Fix problems with the other elders that had submerged between us. It all started because they didn´t want to help us pay part of a light bill for washing laundry, and got to the point that they called the zone leaders. Lil ridiklus, if you ask me. But it spiraled, and they sort of lost it. Well, one of them. So we sort of lost tuesday in that.  

Wednesday I went the 2 hour walk to the Tenidero with Luis, our convert. I got stung by a freaking wasp in the crown of my head. IT HURT FREAKING BAD. But it didn´t swell, We got the stinger out perty quick. And then we did some teaching.....found some pretty awesome people. This place is nuts. I think I described it a little bit in my letter last week, but they have no electric light, they are all poor, and all grow corn and beans. And all have guns and machetes, which ties into yesterday. And then we went and visited members. We have put new talk schedules and everything for the three hours in, so we have to go help the members with talks and classes.
Thursday was district meeting, and then we helped ....well, to be honest, I don´t really remember Thursday very well. Ahh...we had a seminary and institute training. Seeing as how we don´t have either one of the two it was an ask us why session. Most of the youth...pretty much all of them here are inactive. And nobody wants to come, and everybody studies sunday morning in school. We spent literally all day in that. And then I had to be at the church so my comp could do member interviews. Long day.
Friday we had interviews with president. He told us that one of the two of us were leaving, and that the other one would stay, but he didn´t tell us who. So I legitimately have no idea what will happen the 23 of this month. I want to stay, but want to go at the same time
For this reason. The mission could possibly be organizing an extension of our branch from this place that we go. The mission counselor has seen it, and thinks its a good idea. He is asking thirty members, but the manual says two and a priesthood holder, so we are working to that. And we are working and really seeing the branch grow. It's an amazing thing to see. A little bit of work and effort on the part of four 20 year olds...and the Lord blesses an entire town. I can´t imagine what would happen if this place would wake up a little bit. Speaking of that, ...and this will be in spanish, because my English gospel grammar and vocab suffers...
Papa, me puedes ayudar con algo?? estoy haciendo el plan misional de la rama con el LIder misional, y no se si puedes scanear una copia del plan del barrio, y quizas del barrio de mama, y mandarmelos por correo electronico. necesito ideas y ayuda, y creo que esto me va a ayudar.  (Zach is asking us to send him copies of our ward mission plans so he can try to incorporate something in his areas.)
let me get my brain back into gear.....done.
Then saturday we were going to work....But our day was turned into help Luis day. His landlord is practically kicking them out, so they had to be gone by today. I don´t know what is going on....they are looking for houses in teguc, and are probably leaving the branch. It's sad stuff...but most of that has to do with Sunday.

To continue with Saturday, I saw a grown man....and his wife....cry. They literally had no idea what they were going to do. I literally felt so in between a rock and a hard place. I have literally never seen somebody so desperate. Imagine that you go from making, on a weekly basis, like 20 grand. And you sometimes earn more. Your family is taken care of, and you have everything. And one car accident, caused by drunk driving,....robs you of work. In a matter of days...you have nothing. Months is worse. And you see a man work from day to day to feed his three children, forget him and his wife....I literally have never seen anyone hit a brick wall before. And one that they cannot get over alone. It was shocking to see. my heart broke. But we took care of it. But still, they will probably be leaving here. I will seriously miss them a ton.
And then Sunday...we went...or were going to the Tenidero. The house that Luis was going to rent here fell through, and so I stayed with the other two elders here the last minute to search for houses to help them, and Esparza went with Luis; Nery, the Mission Leader and Cristian, our convert here; to the Tenidero. There was a huge fight there started by two drunks that ended with machete and knife wounds, so the meeting didn´t go very well. But we still had 57 in attendance between the two, so it´s okay.
Today I spent waiting for my comp to get back from there, Teguc, and here. Honduras is in the gold cup, which is going on right now, and they are playing, Sso there is a lot of noise.
Funny story. I had a dream that I was trying to open a locker....and when I woke up I realized I had partially opened the window next to my bed in the night. My sleep patterns are a little screwey.
I also had really bad diahrrea starting Friday night and going till sunday...so I am a lot skinnier now than I was four days ago.
I loved hearing about everybody's week. Mom...for the whole family history thing, you might want to check to see if some of the POW camps of the south kept records. Anderson was a big camp in Georgia where they sent a lot of people, so he could have gone somewhere like that. Or he could still be buried in some hill in a remote mississippi town, who knows.
and Cody...I have some VERY IMPORTANT HOMEWORK for you. I found out from my buddy mckay that fall out boy is back together. I need you to go to a store, by the album, and I will pay you back in 11 months.
That is pretty much all I have time for this week. I love you all, and will be anxiously awaiting some stuff....whatever it may be. Oh, and I bought a hammock. True story. It's blue and green.
I love you all!!!!!

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