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And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


July, 8, 2013

Hey, so this week....big news....I am having the time of my life here.
This week was another long one. We walked the whole 24 kilometer round trip  (14.9 miles for those of us who don't use the metric system!!!)  to and from the tenidero on Tuesday. Wednesday was a slow day. Thursday was district meeting, taller de zona, and so that was a nothing day. It takes so long to travel here and everything is so far apart, not to mention our zls that do the meetings in the stupidest places, and we always get back late. Really late. But I got pretty sick Thursday night and Friday morning with another head cold, and Friday woke up with the whole dizziness thing whenever you stand up. So for me, the tenidero wasn´t happening. Esparza went with Luis, and I stayed on divisions in the house with Cristian.
They came back with some big news....the people there LOVE US. First, they have two evangelical churches that nobody really goes to. Then, they told us that they were going to give some land to a Catholic church, and the Catholics never came. So they told us we could build a church there if we wanted to. Still, it takes a lot more than just boom building a church, but they are open to it. We also found a whole different group of people to teach than we had been. There are two groups of people there: the family that we have been teaching, and everbody else. And they don´t get along and definitely do not mix. The family we were teaching .... well we found out some interesting stuff about them. One is that most of them have warrants out for arrest or capture. There are no police out there, and the police in this country are a sort of joke, so there is no law in this place. People take things into their own hands, so that situation is a little bit sketchy...but not for us. We were going to do the Sunday meeting in a borrowed house from the family, but then the city mayor told us that we could do it in the city communal center, that we just had to bring chairs. so we did. the family didn´t come, due to the problem that they have (the townspeople have apparently killed several of their family members. They did it because their is no law, and the members of the family were violent drunks that had stabbed and killed several people.) This is a pretty far out place. Nobody there has electric light. think 1860s...but with Honduran jerseys and machetes. Yeah. There are three people there who have plantas....generators. Aand they only have one or two light bulbs. Super old civ there. But so great!!! We had about 30 people in the meeting there, and about 35 here. The second counselor of the mission pres. took Esparza and Luis out there in the day, and explained how an extension would work, and says it is possible!!!! We just have to show with results. So that is what we plan on doing. The difficult part is going and coming back.
So Sunday, after church, I went in the 4 o clock bus with Nery and Cristian, two members from here. Esparza was there with Lluis. We got there late, and left and came back in the 6 o clock bus this morning. We stayed the night at a guy named Mariano´s house. Super nice. But something I ate the night before, most likely the mango, did some damage and I woke up with some intense diahrrea. But it ceased, so I am good. We didn´t sleep much, but I can sleep when I get home. Plus, if i am not tired, something is wrong.
We also had the highest baptizing month in the history of the mission, with 240ish. We didn´t baptize, but what we have done in this branch is pretty honorable, I would say. Luis is getting prepared to receive the Meliquisidec Priesthood, and is pretty happy. We are working with more complete organizations, and had our first Branch Counsel the other day. Stuff is starting to pick up here.
I miss the garden!!!! and find it odd that the first summer I am truly not there is the first low maintenance summer in our history....fishy.
Sounds like everything is going good at home. I love you all and hope that all is going well.
Missionary buds...keep working!!!! The work is accelerating, and we have to as well!!!
And from those from my mtc district, anybody heard from Jensen, Bever, Cook, Tarr and Nelson?? Don´t know whats going on with those dudes.

This is the city communal center they were allowed to hold services in in the area far, far away.  Tall blondish kid on the right - Zach.

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