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And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013 WOW

July 1, 2013

So, this week was pretty crazy. Super nuts.

Okay, so the week. Monday we did nothing. It was super great. We went to a members house, Luis, and played monopoly for like 6 hours. So fun. To just sit and do nothing. Then on Tuesday, the week began.
We left on Tuesday at 8 to go to the Tenidero, an aldea about 3 hours walking from here. We found a shortcut with the branch mission leader, and made it in under two. It was fantastic. Found a ton of ready people to listen, and super positive. It is a father, who is almost 100, and his 8 kids, and his 60 grandkids, and great grandkids. Yeah. It's a whole flipping tribe. Anyway, we met like half of them. And walked back. But when we walked back, we took the long way, because our ML told us we would def get jalon. Well, we didn´t. We arrived to the pueblo in the middle of a torrential rainstrom, at like 6. Went to Roberto's house, and taught him a little bit. Got home wet and cold and tired.  But it was so worth it.
Wednesday, I went and got an ingrown toenail removed!!! And it really didn´t hurt at all. Not even the shots. the nurse said I was the best elder she had ever seen with the shots...only a sister did better then I did. Oh well. You can´t win em all. She asked if I was going to cry, and I just looked at her. Mason would have been proud. Didn´t even flinch. Then we came back and visited Roberto again. THAT MAN IS GOLDEN. We taught him in depth the Plan of salvation. Hhe loved it. He told us, ¨I used to really love the Bible. I still do. But I am growing to love more the Book of Mormon and the church books, like Moses and Abraham. It really helps me to understand in a way that the Bible can´t do alone.¨ WOW.  He also came to church on sunday, white shirt and tie. It was awesome. He could be baptized tomorrow.
Thursday was short. We had a day of not really anything. We got back late from district meeting, so it was short.

Friday was another Tendidero day, but we were going with three members, with the five of us on four bikes. Well, not even halfway, my bike and the LM´s bike broke, so we turned back, and the other guys went there without us. We came back and did some visits and saw some people, did some visits, and then went to a FHE with like 25 members. It was awesome. We are using FHE as a way to get the branch more united. It´s working, we get tons of support from members, and we are trying to create an environment that is welcoming for inactives or non members. It's working and we are so hapy about it.

Then Saturday was all branch stuff. Office day. ehh.....not too bad. We were trying to figure out how to get all these people to church from this aldea, because supposedly there were a ton that were going to go. We didn´t want to do a bus, because they rake you over the coals. And walking wasn´t going to cut it. So we thought of trying to get somebody who has a pickup to help us. The lady was going to charge us 1000 lps...which is sort of a lot. I said okay because at the time it was the cheapest option we had. Well, my comp was a little irked by that...IDK why, I don´t know how to work this out. In my country we all have our own cars...anyway, he said that we were going out to find somebody with a car. I was all game, yellow as always. Well, we remembered a guy that sells food with his wife, and their shop has been closed for a few months. It was pretty good for decent money, and we often went there to get tacos or something. So we went to talk to him. He was out a job due to his kid being sick, because he and his wife couldn´t adequately take care of the baby and cook. He was working at the town brewery six days a week and with his cows Sunday. Then we told him we would pay him 500 limps and fill his tank to have him go pick up the people. He was all for it. More money than he makes in a week. So he went with our ward mission leader Sunday in the morning to pick them up. well, we were expecting like 12 or 14. But we called our ward mission leader....

in the bed of this pickup. Wow. Then, we had sacrament and second hour. We ended early because Esparza and I had to go to a training in Ojo de Agua, and so we couldn´t really continue. We had 46 people in church on Sunday. 17 investigators, 1 family. Our zls told us that it was the highest investigators in church the mission had this week. Having all those people there, and feeling the spirit, and learning, and feeling loved and normal, was well worth all the sacrifice and problems from the week. Well worth it. 
I have suffered this week. I honestly don´t remember eating much at all. I haven´t slept well, have been exhausted, tired, sore, sunburned, spiritually and emotionally dead, and had a toenail taken out. But honestly, it was one of the best weeks of my mission. I have honestly seen how God blesses us for our efforts. I wasn´t perfect this week. Far from it. I made mistakes, and committed some errors. but God doesn´t ask us or bless us for being perfect, he does it because he loves us, and he sees we are trying.
I had a thought come to me as I was writing in my journal last night.
If I take all this credit, I am denying God the credit he deserves, and am no better than Satan. Trying to take honor and glory than God. I thought about it, and will quote it.
¨If I say that I did this all myself, I am horribly wrong. All of our efforts are what gives God the ability to work through us....mediums, like an artist. He can express himself through us to make life beautfiul for others, just as art makes like beautiful for people...¨

I am no author, but I thought it was pretty inspired. helps me to understand more and more My Eternal Father, and my flaws....as well as His willingness to accept all of me that is messed up and needs polishing and refinishing.
The training was about auditing. I learned a ton. I say it again, this scares me for the future.
But the guy who did the training was awesome. SUPER SUCCESSFUL man. He has some serious money and he attributes all of it to the church. Super strict, but man, does he love all of this. It was a district training, and it was worthwhile. He even gave us jalon in his 2013 Toyota Prado, a popular car here, like a highlander,....to yuscaran. bought us sandwiches, gatorade, tons of stuff.  He got in on the fact that it was like 6 and we hadn´t eaten all day. That is my week for you. Somebody told me that I look skinnier than a week ago. It;s probably true.
As for my week, another one is starting. I am in the mero winter in this country. It's wet, cold here and rains a ton. But I wouldn´t be anywhere else.
Part of our work this week is teach all those people out in their aldea and construct a mini meetinghouse for them. We are talking with our president about opening an extension there, missionary presided for meanwhile. It looks like it will go.
I love you all. I testify that this is God´s work. He loves us and is part of this work. More than we are.

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