D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013  (Pday was Thursday this week.  Read on and you will know why.)

So this last week was good. Holy crap was it long, but good.We had a whole bunch of stuff happen. Mostly it was people telling us to come back and then ignoring us when we came back. Or pretending like they weren´t home.
There is some horribly depressing news from my area, however. And some other good stuff that happened. And some other news that is more or less important.
Well first to start with the bad news to get it out of the way. Friday I was doing divisions with my district, in Zamorano. It was dope. I felt super uncomfortable, however, because I was going to meet some people that had expressed complete disgust towards the missionaries, and a whole bunch of fechas had fallen, so the zls wanted to know what was going on. I spent three hours in citas with people throwing indirects at us, specifically. There we are, a mexican and gringo, and the people start saying things like...¨so let's say that in America, only an example, there are people there that have a lot of money, so they send people to preach about someone who isn´t god..¨etc. Oh boy. Somebody told this guy that apparently we believe in Joseph Smith. I literally felt like it got hostile at one point...and it was better that we just leave. Then when I got back on Friday morning, I got a terribly rushed phone call from Christian.

And when I heard the name he mentioned, a pit formed in my stomach....
and I broke into a cold sweat.
----------------- was found at approximately 9 in the morning, Friday august 9 2013, hanging from his roof of his room.
He wasn´t found in time, this time.
I had that old familiar feeling of complete desperation come over me, and then was immediately comforted....I knew that whatever had happened, it was according to his own free will, and that God was still in charge. In themidst of the mind swirling that was going on, I recalled the blessing I had given to him at the end of May.
Incredible, how the spirit works.
We found out that he had left a note, saying that he passed away happy because he died in the Mormon Faith. I learned that, like I had suspected, his health problems were worsening, and to top it off, something new I learned....  He had apparently practiced some other habits before his baptism.
I am including a gift that he had made for a bunch of members after a FHE that we did in his house a few weeks after his first attempt.
It will forever be a treasure to me.

On a happier note, we went to the Moncerrat again, and there is a photo included.
and on an increasingly happier note, I realized some stuff in the last week.
Stuff that if I would have realized ten months ago would have been good.
Makes me also realize that I am nowhere close to reaching my potential as a missionary.
I have been trying a lot harder, in these last few weeks. And I see fruits coming. I don´t know if I will see them, but I can imagine them.
Also, yesterday we had zone conference, so instead of going and coming back and going again to Teguc, we stayed over night with the aps...
Elggren is back. and I saw Beesley and my buddy Stone. He left at 10 yesterday morning to go home....he finished!!! I got one last pic with him. Love that kid.
And then I went to work with OVESON....Love that kid. and guess who he took me to see???

Good ol times!!! His teeth look great, dad. They are finally on the up and up! Luis found a job, and everything is good for them. They had two older daughters, the both of which have never wanted anything with the church, but the older one is slowly coming around. And that makes them happy. It was awesome to see them.
And then, this morning, Elder Sol forgot his recommend, so I sacrificed to come back with him. I am going in October with a family I baptized in the south, Carlos and Karla, so that will be sufficient. Plus, with them will be so much more amazing.
And that brings us to today. Just chilling and writing you guys. It is a good day, and I am loving the chill of it.
So, I hope that all of you can take a chill pill...and relax. Enjoy your thursday. I am sure enjoying mine.
Love, Zach...Phantom.....

At the Moncerrat

Elder Stone and Zach

The "treasure" given to Zach at the FHE.

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