D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


September 23, 2013
So, this week was good. Solid new people and good lessons. It wasn`t what we hoped for in some aspects... But it was still good.

As for Carlos and Karla, They are going to the temple the 2nd of November. I almost told them to switch it to the 3rd, but that is a Sunday. And president told me I had permission to go. So I will be going. Super stoked. 

As for everything else, it's great. We have a super pilas lady named Noly that we found this week. She is awesome. She goes to two churches right now, but she really wants to know which church is true. So she came to the chapel for a kids day activity with her 4 year old daughter, and while they were playing, we took her on a tour of the chapel, and it really changed her. Not like oh my gosh, baptize me here is water Phillip said the eunuch, but she said she felt something. She got to the chapel chapel, where we do sacrament, and said she just felt something incredible, something she had never felt before. It was cool to watch her. You could see it- it was a visible. How she was acting, talking, held herself, everything. different. She said that she wasn`t coming to church on Sunday, that she wasn`t planning on it, until she went to that room. I am a full believer in the fact that our buildings are something special. The spirit really does dwell. 

Wendy and Roman are never home, and Roman told the kids around there that we bug them a lot, so we don`t really go by there anymore. It is sort of sad, but they are just choosing to not progress. 

We have two baptisms for this weekend. Two jovenes, Luis and Alejandro. They are so cool. Their family is awesome, and love us. They are of scarce resources....and it is sad. But they love us. And we love them!!! They all came to church. all the kids, anyways. They loved it.

And then we got rained on a lot, and ate a ton. Yesterday we ate with our lunch lady. Normal. Well, then there is a member here who is from guate, but served in ciudad nueva years ago, and married a chick from there. Well, they have two kids, and one of them turned 7 yesterday. So he begged his mom to let us come, they love us. His restaurant is super good and REALLY successful. They are pretty well off. And the food is so GOOD. They have a super spicy sauce, ...almost as bad as the habanero I bit once. Hot. And yesterday it was free with a drink and cake, and candy, and bocaditos, and all the food we wanted.  Then our cook lady made us baleadas....oh my gosh. My body was mad at me. Then this morning we ATE PANCAKES!!!!! Mostly homemade, but they just weren't the same. The homemade self rising flour didn`t work. But its okay. They still tasted BOMB. I would send pictures, but won`t send pictures. But they weren`t the same. 

It has been tranquilo. I will say, though, I am disappointed. UTAH BEAT BYU AND NOT ONE MENTION OF IT IN ANY OF YOUR LETTERS. The MUSS and Crimson Club would be sad and disappointed. I had to learn from another elder. Shame on all you ahahahahahahaha. just kidding. 

Everything is good here. Just waiting for my 2nd to last conference. That means that I am really coming home soon. HAHAHA. 

From the Phantom.

Skeletor Glassett

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a week

Monday, September 16, 2013
I had a fairly nuts week. We have found our area super prepared for us, and even with no help from the Elder that stayed, we are seeing miracles.

So at the beginning of the week, we had a FHE with a family that is mostly kids...there are 7 of them. And the mom. she can`t get married because her spouse comes and visits once a month from teguc....nuf said. But her kids want to get baptized. And they were given to us by members. pilas (great) members. Their kid is on a mission in Peru, and they love working with us...something about treating the missionaries like she hopes they treat her son. Needless to say, they always feed us. We have the registros ready for the baptisms, and just need to have them come to church again. 

Then on the mundane side, we got a phone call on Wednesday night that Elder Martinez had a plane ticket for Friday, so he had to be in Teguc on Thursday, and we had to take him. So I spent 3.5 hours going, 1.5 hours in Teguc, and 4.5 hours returning to my area. It was HORRIBLE. Worse than the rides to Teguc from Yuscaran. The bus died coming back...and I just said a little silent prayer...God, if this bus dies, you are going to have one unhappy missionary...so don`t let it die. And it started right up.  Such a good result. God really does answer prayers. haha.

and then for two really spiritual experiences....

The first one was with a lady named Ada. She is a married lady that has her and her kids baptized, but her husband is not a member and won`t get baptized. We went to visit her to ask her to help with an investigator...and longer story made less long...she ended sort of spilling to us a lot of stuff that was going on. I could tell that she was going through a really tough time....and then she asked for blessing. I honestly didn`t know what I was going to say, and was just waiting for the spirit to kick in. From what I can remember, it was a super specific blessing. And it was sort of personal for her....when I finished she was crying. The spirit was super strong. I shared with her the story of Carlos and Karla, because she is going through like the same thing. I hope it helped her.

The second one was from yesterday. We were teaching a lesson to two jovenes (youth) that had fecha for this weekend. One of them at least, Wendy, 13. She and her brother go to a baptist church, and they didn`t come to our church yesterday because their pastor came and got them. so it was super like...do or die. So I laid everything out on the table for them. I felt like I was literally having words put in my mouth. And then we tried something I started using in my last area...where they pray to see if its true, and then we just all be silent for like a minute. So she asked if she could say it silently, so I just told her to say amen out loud. She did. And then she started just biting her lip, and looked kind of funny. So I asked her if she could describe what she was feeling. And she broke down sobbing and said that she couldn`t. She just kept sobbing...and had just put make up on, so then she wouldn`t look at me afterwards. But I asked her if she knew it was true, and she said yes. Then I asked her about baptism and she said she was too young. haha. One thing at a time, then. 

But I started thinking about as she had broken down sobbing. It made me think of all the times that I had felt that spirit, and how I had reacted. I cry very rarely now, and I think that it comes from being used to having this kind of spirit with me. It was SO STRONG yesterday in that lesson. I could totally feel it. But how strange it must be for her to be feeling that. She literally couldn`t describe it with words. I am so grateful that the Lord comes through when you need him most. I know that the spirit touches lives. And with force. 

That is sort of all that happened this week. We are working hard, and trying our best to do our best. I can barely wrap my head around 9 more months. Seems like just yesterday I was starting this whole shebang....but whatevs.

I love you all!!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So changes. .... at last

Note:  Let me preface this with two things.  He is so happy to be back "home."  He is in the area which he told me last year at this time, was the beginning of his two year camping trip.  Not because it isn't a great area, but because it is pretty much dusty road and camping conditions.   Also, he is almost giddy in this letter and he wrote a few things that don't make sense to me.  I asked him to clarify but he was still so giddy that he didn't help me at all.


I came home. I am BACK in Choluteca!!!!

I am in Limon B, which is part of Ciudad Nueva, and is in the same stake as Los Llanos, where I started, and I went to a conference last night and saw Everybody!!!! I was so happy!!!! It was fantastic!!!!!!

I am also training again, and I am a DL still, so it's always busy. I am in a trio, and the other elder is a Honduran waiting to go to Mexico. And he is leaving this week, which is great, I can stop sharing a bed. 

I love my area.

I love my area. 

I love my area.

I had a lady tell us,....."Hey, this is my neighbor. This is where she lives. Go teach her.¨  Wow....so much time since I heard that last. Our attendance was over 200 this Sunday. I just bore my testimony at the request of the ward. No talk, no leading, no receiving tithing, no teaching classes, no audit....breath of fresh air!!!!!

Knowing that, I was told today that Yuscaran had two members at church yesterday.

My new comp is Elder Smith. He is from Lehi, and played soccer....he beat Cody 7-0, and took state. He is cool beans. He speaks Spanish pretty well.  I had forgotten how working with someone who speaks Spanish is...it's actually great. 

My zone is chill. Elder Clawson is my ZL...and I was his in this MTC. There is an elder who was on the BYU football team. Pau´u. Big Tongan. And it's chill. We played dodgeball this morning for pday. So great. My house is the house where my first Zone leaders lived....and I am in the chapel where we had District meeting and pday for my first four changes. So I am right at home. 

I also know that the US national team lost. So I have been saying I am Canadian. Nobody believes me. Probably because I told them all I am from the states first. But oh well. We will win against Mexico. it's all good. 

And the members already love me. I don`t think they know I love them more. But I am definitely aprovecharing (mix of English and Spanish here and we think he means he is totally loving having member help)  having members. It's great. I think that is many times that I have said that...but I can`t stop!!! It's amazing!!!!

Mas has super games always....super. mas, its super. sorry, drives me nuts.

And mom...I am skinny because I spent 7 months in an area where members voluntarily fed me twice. And because I am walking like crazy. And I will stay this skinny....

Dad, tell Abuela and Tia Lenna I got their stuff.

and Cody and Erin, I hope Homecoming was fun...I am sure it was. Good job in volleyball erin, and congrats on the commercial Cody! That should be good stuff.

I really have nothing else to write. I love my area. 

Here are some pictures with me and my child, and President and Hermana Hernandez. good stuff. 

I caught you a delicious bass....  (Note:  Napoleon Dynamite reference.)

Elder Glassett


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Almost there ..... wow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

So, this is super weird, considering that this is my last email to be sent from Yuscaran. I am pretty positive that I am out this change. My saludos to this area, but I am sort of anxious to see somewhere new.
I had a super good week. I worked my freaking BUTT OFF. We killed it. Needless to say we have no new or progressing investigators, but we taught a buttload. I honestly have never worked and tried so hard in a while. But it will pay off. For somebody else that is not me. but it is okay. ningun esfuerzo es en vano. I have killed my kid, too, I think. He has been so dead, and had so many headaches from speaking Spanish. But its a good thing.

One spiritual experience from the week was a lesson we taught on Friday night. We are teaching a less active couple of girls who are the little sisters of an old branch president from this area. We studied about the whole receiving answers through prayer earlier in the day, and had been trying to apply it all day with little success. Well, we were teaching about the Book of Mormon, and she had read it, but hadn´t prayed about it. So I asked her to pray about it to know right then....and she was very hesitant. (For those of you who have seen the district, it comes right from there.) So I offered to offer a prayer first, and then she would offer another prayer to be able to know if its true or not. She did. And then I asked for silence for a minute so that she could think. When she got done, she started talking about all the doubts she still had. Well, I sort of rudely interrupted her and asked her to just be silent, and focus on what she felt, not what she thought. And she felt something incredible. She believes the Book of Mormon is true, or at least wants to believe it. And we have a cita with her tonight to go back and teach some more. Probably lesson two. But the spirit was so strong, and me and Benning taught the best lesson we have had together. Which is saying a lot. I absolutely loved it. I have a good feeling about them.

And the pictures that I sent this week are from what we do in the branch on Sundays, and then a photo we took of the branch presidency. We modeled it after the first presidency. I am sending some other ones too, but in a different carta.

I love you all, and thanks for writing me!!! I hope you had a bomb time in Payson this last weekend, fam, and I look forward to joining you next year.

A birthday party at the branch.  They broke and egg and dumped flour on her head.
"Pato" (the duck) and "taller"
The Zone

Zach calls himself "taller" so his description of this photo is "taller de zona"

Zach's post mission list of things to do which include:  meet Oprah, read all of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, build his own house and wear a suit everyday for a year.  Before I understood the list I told him he could cross off wear a suit everyday for a year.  His reply was, "It can be any kind of suit....birthday suit, swim suit, sunday suit, space suit."

Branch Presidency photo taken in the same manner as the First Presidency Photo.  I guess that makes Zach the first counselor.  Yep, I think he is thinner too!!

What they do on Sundays in Yuscaran.  LtoR read the lesson manual, count tithing, study the handbook and study the scriptures.