D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


September 23, 2013
So, this week was good. Solid new people and good lessons. It wasn`t what we hoped for in some aspects... But it was still good.

As for Carlos and Karla, They are going to the temple the 2nd of November. I almost told them to switch it to the 3rd, but that is a Sunday. And president told me I had permission to go. So I will be going. Super stoked. 

As for everything else, it's great. We have a super pilas lady named Noly that we found this week. She is awesome. She goes to two churches right now, but she really wants to know which church is true. So she came to the chapel for a kids day activity with her 4 year old daughter, and while they were playing, we took her on a tour of the chapel, and it really changed her. Not like oh my gosh, baptize me here is water Phillip said the eunuch, but she said she felt something. She got to the chapel chapel, where we do sacrament, and said she just felt something incredible, something she had never felt before. It was cool to watch her. You could see it- it was a visible. How she was acting, talking, held herself, everything. different. She said that she wasn`t coming to church on Sunday, that she wasn`t planning on it, until she went to that room. I am a full believer in the fact that our buildings are something special. The spirit really does dwell. 

Wendy and Roman are never home, and Roman told the kids around there that we bug them a lot, so we don`t really go by there anymore. It is sort of sad, but they are just choosing to not progress. 

We have two baptisms for this weekend. Two jovenes, Luis and Alejandro. They are so cool. Their family is awesome, and love us. They are of scarce resources....and it is sad. But they love us. And we love them!!! They all came to church. all the kids, anyways. They loved it.

And then we got rained on a lot, and ate a ton. Yesterday we ate with our lunch lady. Normal. Well, then there is a member here who is from guate, but served in ciudad nueva years ago, and married a chick from there. Well, they have two kids, and one of them turned 7 yesterday. So he begged his mom to let us come, they love us. His restaurant is super good and REALLY successful. They are pretty well off. And the food is so GOOD. They have a super spicy sauce, ...almost as bad as the habanero I bit once. Hot. And yesterday it was free with a drink and cake, and candy, and bocaditos, and all the food we wanted.  Then our cook lady made us baleadas....oh my gosh. My body was mad at me. Then this morning we ATE PANCAKES!!!!! Mostly homemade, but they just weren't the same. The homemade self rising flour didn`t work. But its okay. They still tasted BOMB. I would send pictures, but won`t send pictures. But they weren`t the same. 

It has been tranquilo. I will say, though, I am disappointed. UTAH BEAT BYU AND NOT ONE MENTION OF IT IN ANY OF YOUR LETTERS. The MUSS and Crimson Club would be sad and disappointed. I had to learn from another elder. Shame on all you ahahahahahahaha. just kidding. 

Everything is good here. Just waiting for my 2nd to last conference. That means that I am really coming home soon. HAHAHA. 

From the Phantom.

Skeletor Glassett

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