D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So changes. .... at last

Note:  Let me preface this with two things.  He is so happy to be back "home."  He is in the area which he told me last year at this time, was the beginning of his two year camping trip.  Not because it isn't a great area, but because it is pretty much dusty road and camping conditions.   Also, he is almost giddy in this letter and he wrote a few things that don't make sense to me.  I asked him to clarify but he was still so giddy that he didn't help me at all.


I came home. I am BACK in Choluteca!!!!

I am in Limon B, which is part of Ciudad Nueva, and is in the same stake as Los Llanos, where I started, and I went to a conference last night and saw Everybody!!!! I was so happy!!!! It was fantastic!!!!!!

I am also training again, and I am a DL still, so it's always busy. I am in a trio, and the other elder is a Honduran waiting to go to Mexico. And he is leaving this week, which is great, I can stop sharing a bed. 

I love my area.

I love my area. 

I love my area.

I had a lady tell us,....."Hey, this is my neighbor. This is where she lives. Go teach her.¨  Wow....so much time since I heard that last. Our attendance was over 200 this Sunday. I just bore my testimony at the request of the ward. No talk, no leading, no receiving tithing, no teaching classes, no audit....breath of fresh air!!!!!

Knowing that, I was told today that Yuscaran had two members at church yesterday.

My new comp is Elder Smith. He is from Lehi, and played soccer....he beat Cody 7-0, and took state. He is cool beans. He speaks Spanish pretty well.  I had forgotten how working with someone who speaks Spanish is...it's actually great. 

My zone is chill. Elder Clawson is my ZL...and I was his in this MTC. There is an elder who was on the BYU football team. Pau´u. Big Tongan. And it's chill. We played dodgeball this morning for pday. So great. My house is the house where my first Zone leaders lived....and I am in the chapel where we had District meeting and pday for my first four changes. So I am right at home. 

I also know that the US national team lost. So I have been saying I am Canadian. Nobody believes me. Probably because I told them all I am from the states first. But oh well. We will win against Mexico. it's all good. 

And the members already love me. I don`t think they know I love them more. But I am definitely aprovecharing (mix of English and Spanish here and we think he means he is totally loving having member help)  having members. It's great. I think that is many times that I have said that...but I can`t stop!!! It's amazing!!!!

Mas has super games always....super. mas, its super. sorry, drives me nuts.

And mom...I am skinny because I spent 7 months in an area where members voluntarily fed me twice. And because I am walking like crazy. And I will stay this skinny....

Dad, tell Abuela and Tia Lenna I got their stuff.

and Cody and Erin, I hope Homecoming was fun...I am sure it was. Good job in volleyball erin, and congrats on the commercial Cody! That should be good stuff.

I really have nothing else to write. I love my area. 

Here are some pictures with me and my child, and President and Hermana Hernandez. good stuff. 

I caught you a delicious bass....  (Note:  Napoleon Dynamite reference.)

Elder Glassett


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  1. Hooray! His companion, Elder Smith is my son!!! I had not seen this picture, it makes me so happy! He just left the Mexico MTC last week, and loves working with Elder Glasset. I am grateful he has a good trainer, an answer to my prayers.