D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week done ......

Monday, November 18, 2013
Editor's note.  Please forgive me for the delay.  Sometimes Zach writes things that I need translation help with so I don't get his letters uploaded as quickly.  The translation near the end is well worth the wait...  haha.
Wow. Weeks keep flying by. I can`t believe all those guys are home....holy cow. (Referencing Tally Wilsher and Colby Oliverson) I remember when they all left. That is too nuts...sounds like all is well and normal at home. Mom, I would love to help you with that book, but...uh.....squirrel. haha. No. I live in an adhd world here too. Except here it is everywhere. Not just three or four. Everyone here has adhdhdhdh. I sort of lose control with the dh combo. 

Normal week here. We are doing a lot of finding with members help. We go to the members house and tell them to take us to their friends houses...and it is working. We have to invite ourselves to meetings still, and do all of that stuff. But we found a sister who is from Teguc who actually gets it...and isn`t full of apostasy like a lot people are. I realized that a lot of ..... here almost get excommunicated...most of them actually. It's sort of sad, but nobody here as access to the manuals of the church, which are super SUPER important. And she gets it, along with her husband. She is the first Honduran member that I have met that doesn`t buy on Sundays....yeah. 

We dropped all of our other investigators, and are teaching a fair few of new ones. 

I also was asked to play the piano for the Saturday sessions of stake conference, and it went fairly well. Honduras played Brazil during the priesthood session Saturday night....there were 32 men there. Wow....Would a man sell his soul for a soccer game?? As much as I love it, I have learned here that the church and callings and responsibility take first place in my life. Smart men learn from their mistakes, and wise men learn from the mistakes of others. Wise moment on my part. 

Speaking of soccer, Pres gave us permission to play again. So we did. And I am sore all over. It was hot, and long, and I am dead, but it was tons of fun. 

And also, one of the elders that lives close to me played for byu football. I know...it was byu. But he is super cool. Anyways...he has me sort of working out. Like 50 pushups a day. And he says two things constantly. 1. I am the hardest person to motivate he has ever seen. And 2. I have no muscle. Big surprises....really shockers. Anyway...I spend time doing as many as I can, and then he lifts me up and down for the last like 20. Sort of ashaming. But whateves. Get swoll. hahahaha. That will never happen to me. 

Okay. pay attention to this next part.

This next week, I will not be able to email on Monday. We are going to be experiencing Honduran elections, and we have to be inside Saturday to Monday. I will email Tuesday. PLEASE DON´T FREAK OUT MOM. Everything is fine. Just precautions. Being careful. So I will email TUESDAY. And I am sending a Christmas package soon. So be looking. It might get there after Christmas. But it is for Christmas. It brings gifts. 

and Dad....I found these in the supermarket here. Pensé en ti, entonces los tuve que comprar. y despues me los comì. fueron ricos. hay con blue cheese, y creo que los voy a comprar tambien. (I thought of you so I had to buy them and afterwards I ate them.  They were good.  There are some with bleu cheese and I think I am gonna buy those too.)

Spiritual experience and funny moment for the week.

Spiritual experience for the day was yesterday. We have a pilas guy who is the stake exec sec. Jonatan. He is an rm, served in Guatemala, speaks English, super cool. He brought me a kid name Eleazar, and said that he has been going to church, mission prep, and that he wants to be baptized because he prayed and got an answer that he needs to be. So I got super stoked. It would be my first baptism since May. Then they told me where he lives...in the other elders area. 

It was sort of sucky, knowing that I am pretty obedient, and work hard, and try my best, and can`t baptize like freaking anybody, and the baptism that falls literally from heaven goes to someone else. But God has something for me to learn in all this, and whatever it is i gotta learn it. It was a definite blessing from God, even though it wasn`t for me. 

Funny experience. 
We went to find a reference from this same Jonatan. We went to the apartments, and saw a lady and her five year old outside. So we went to talk to them just to ask if they knew which apartment they lived in. The mom sat where we couldn`t see her, and made her kid straight up lie to us. What five year old is going to be home alone with soap operas on and fresh laundry hanging on the line?? Never in a million years. So he just keeps telling us that nobody is home, but you could here his mom telling him to tell us. Then his dad pulled up on a bike and looked at us like what up with the Mormons....walks in the house and looks at his wife and asks her Por que estas alli?? (Why are you there?) and the kid says mami se escondio por que vinieron los mormones y and then the dad says callàte no sabès que estan afuera?? (Mom hid herself because she saw that the Mormons are here.) It was super funny. 
And I love Brandon Estrada. super good kid. Love him to death. Tell him hi for me. 

Love you all

Zach's purchase that made him think of his dad.

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