D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Monday, December 16, 2013

So, its almost Christmas. Fun stuff. Honduras doesn`t change, so it doesn`t feel like Christmas, but there is a little calender that I have that says it is. Can`t believe my last one in the mission is going to pass soon, but wow....five more months until mothers day.
This week was okay. Sort of uneventful. We had our Christmas party, and I played a piano number with Vellver, it was really cool. An hermana sang to it, and did super good. Was pretty fun. We got to play some soccer, and ate some turkey and potatoes, so it was worth it. Also, we lost a lot of time waiting in the office the next day, which wasn`t fun.
We are in the hunt for new investigators, that family we found isn`t really progressing. We had four baptisms and a marriage this last weekend, so all of out investigators aren`t investigators anymore. I don`t have pictures, but Lars will be home, and he has them, so get them from him. Plus, I have no way to send pictures on these computers. So next week I will send what I have.
Honestly, our week was pretty slow, and sort of boring, just doing stuff for the baptisms, interviews and whatnot. I did meet Manuel Flores, an RM from my ward here who was a translator for your trip, Mom and Dad. He says he got to talk to both of you. Served in Idaho. Speaks super good English. Said that Davìd Gonzalez will be moving to Salt Lake soon, he got a job with the church there, so he will be moving. Sad day. I have not seen Luis Rubio, I haven`t had a chance. I haven`t had time to really go and do that stuff.
Ovesons are good. Baggy (which is just thinking of home.) Lars doesn`t sleep much anymore. Super nervous. Oh well. And Stephen is super sick poor guy. Ear infection, cough, everything. Sucks to be him right now.
I also saw Beesley for the last time on my mission. I will miss that guy alot. Love him to DEATH. Sad day...but he needs to go home. It's time. Same with Lars. It's about time.
Me and Lars were talking about the time we were in mission prep together, and Brother ________ was teaching it...he remembered the time when Brother _______ was telling me that I had to take it for another semester because I wasn`t ready yet, and Lars told me, ``you pretty much smirked and like, `well, that should be difficult, becuase I am going to college, so...whatevs'``.  We were both laughing. It's amazing to think how much I have changed since then. 
Good to hear all are well. Just gear up for the cold!!! Enjoy it for me.
I bought butter cookies and eggnog last week, and I had to pour the eggnog into a cup and mix it with milk because I heard mom's voice tell me too...to make it last longer and more value for my money!! I will be enjoying those butter cookies with mate soon, pops.
I love you all!!!! until next week!!!!
lñiasfioparoaroawjer waoerjiwar
I am so excited to talk to you peeps I can`t even type!!!!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Another week gone ................

Monday, December, 9, 2013

So this week was pretty good. Long, but very short, if that makes any sense. Being with the Ovesons is pretty ridiculous. Stephen practically can`t walk anymore, and so that makes it hard for them to work. But they are somehow still managing to baptize five people in between last weekend and this coming weekend. And a family.  Which is fine. 

We spent last week working. Wednesday we had to go to Consejo (council), it’s for the mission leaders and stuff. It was relatively short in comparison to what I had heard in the past. Which is fine. They gave us food and stuff, so it wasn’t bad. The mission hasn`t been baptizing well lately, but we are slowly picking back up. 

We found a new family this week, Juan and Ana. They are pretty cool. References from the ward mission leader. 18 months, and this is the first real ward mission leader I have had in my whole mission.  He leaves with us two to three nights a week to be able to help us, and is super cool. He has a little van, and he uses it to pick people up for church for us. super pilas.  Up here in the city, there is much more order. People here are a little bit more centered, and the leaders here are a lot better about their jobs. They actually do stuff. 

I am also experiencing a little bit of what it is to be a parent. When you are a zl, people in your zone come to you with all their problems. And when I say problems, I mean with whatever they deem is the slightest incommodity to them. Most of the time it really isn`t necessary, but they make it our problem. I am also learning that you can`t give people whatever they want, because then they walk all over you. Which isn`t good either.   

But for the funny and spiritual side of this week. 

Saturday the elders had a baptism planned with una hermana, Maricruz.  She has been an investigator for 8 years, but has never been able to get baptized because her husband never wanted to get married.  Her children, daughters, are members, and she has been coming to church for all this time. Well, her husband is also just a stubborn man, and wouldn`t get married unless he could do it in his own house. This is the first time he had considered getting married. He also changed the date last second, and poor Oveson had to run around like a crazy man. But they got it all done, so we took the lawyer- ummm other story.  ….. Then on Saturday, for the baptism, the bishop told us that he would fill up the font for us and set up the chairs. super nice of him. Well, he got back and told us that he didn`t have time to set up the chairs, so just the font got filled. So we went over to the church.

And oh, was the font filled.

He left the water on!!! There was 3 inches of water in some parts of the chapel. So it was 230 and the baptism was scheduled for 4. So off came the shoes, socks, and tie, and on with the brooms and mops!!! We spent a solid two hours, my comp and I, getting water out of the meetinghouse. It had filled most of the hallways and some of the classrooms and the chapel. Quite the chore. There was nothing we could do other than laugh about it. 

Then was the baptismal service. I gave the message on the holy ghost....which was interesting. I talked right to her, and tried to really help her understand, even though she has been coming to church for 8 years. Well, partway through, I felt the incredibly strong urge to promise her that if she was faithful, her husband would soon follow. I didn`t want to say it, but the words forced themselves out of my mouth. The last time I felt that strongly about promising somebody something was the man who afterwards committed suicide.  So yeah. It came out, and then the bishop also said it in the confirmation. So I feel like it will come true. Just sometimes we have to have a little bit of faith in the Lord that he will fulfill the promises that he makes through his servants. 

I had a decent birthday.  Nothing special.  Thanks for the gifts and all, I loved them!! It sucks that real lost though.

Well, that’s pretty much it for this week. I got nothing else. 

16 DAYS TILL I CAN TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Changes .............

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well, shoot, I got changed.
I am in the city in zona Tegucigalpa with Elder Fielding, from Idaho Falls. I am in La Reforma....and zl. but I have learned that means nothing.
Also, I am with..........
.drum roll..................
and Stephen.. 
(Editor's note.  Oveson is an Elder whose is from our Stake.  He and Zach met in the mission.  Stephen is Oveson's brother, who attends the ysa ward where Nelson serves.  Stephen got permission to spend the last month of his brother's mission with him.  He was kind enough to take Zach's bday and Christmas to him.  Who knew they would spend a month together.  I think Oveson and Zach are the tallest kids in the mission at 6'5" and 6'4".  Go giant elders!)

So yes, I got the backpack. We are in a foursome right now, so its super interesting. But I get to hang with Lars and Steve for 3 weeks, so its super fun. Our house is freaking tiny. Like, literally the size of my room at home. Maybe smaller. But like, without the closet, and the bathroom is smaller too. It's really crammed with four of us in there. More like an apartment than a house. But the ward is good. We get dinner every night, and lunch like some days of the week. So it's not bad. Its freaking FREEZING right now, though. I came from Cholu, which was like 95 daily. And here, its like in the 50`s. Everything is cold. And our hot water heater only works a little because the water is SO COLD that it can`t heat it up any more. So its like living in 50 degrees and showering with Camp Frontier Uintah water. Cold, to say the least. But doable. I bought a HUGE hammock, and can put it up on our roof, so it's chill. I spend some time there every day. It's super relaxing.
As for my last comp, Smith is training. So that is cool beans. Also, we made steak and potatoes last tuesday with a legit salad and ranch dressing. And welch`s sparkling soda. I would send pics, but there is nowhere to connect my camera or insert the card. So some other time. Also, I sat next to Justin all bus ride to Teguc, which was a ton of fun. We talked about old memories, and whatnot. about his ``bull`` cut. haha. bowl cut. and also, I am cold.
We have spent the weekend trying to get to know the new area and ward. Seem pretty pilas, and the food is good. We have some positives for this month, so it should go well.
I know there is nothing really interesting, but it's been a short week. I can`t play with fireworks or my slingshot anymore, so that's sad. And there is member in my area who got shot a few months ago, so he has some dope scars. And we are teaching a ------. But nothing really progessing there. He is nuts and his wife is full of apostasy, and they are really close minded. And the ----------------- never stops talking, which is kind of a problem.
That is pretty much it. Not much else to say.
Hope all are well....