D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can I get close to you guys?

Monday, January 6, 2014
(This letter was mistakenly left as a "draft."  Now it is definitely out of order.)

So we had an interesting week. I did Divisions with the AP´s, which was fun. The AP I went with was my ZL my second time in the south, Elder Mendoza. Supercalidad. Good buddy here...love him to death. Anyway, that was super fun. He is Mexican, But he looks gringo, and so everybody was saying that we were two gringos, and that he spoke like a Mexican and I spoke crazy mixed Spanish. Super fun. Then we stayed the night in the aps house.

two super important things happened there. 
One. I found a captain America mask. 

Two. I found a reggae boyz shirt. 
family, and soccer buddies, test your soccer knowledge. Reggae boyz. Hint is AW 77. Without using google....if you can. winner gets the present of me coming home in June.....

Also, our investigator Concepcion is getting baptized the 18 of this month, so that should be good. We are working on the daughter, who has been sick lately. So she is a little harder to get out of the house. 

The 31 was super fun. I stayed up till midnight a la fuerza because I couldn´t sleep with all the firecrackers going off. And I am not talking little ones, this crap is like sticks of dynamite. hahaBOOM. So I watched the fireworks from the roof, and went to bed. A member made us pecan pie, but with walnuts, and strawberry cheesecake. We also had homemade lasagna. Super good. 

We also found a guy named freddy....I thought it was a reference of a member of an investigator, but it is an inactive member. It's 730on a Sunday night, and we are like, we might as well. Comes to the door...sandoval from RSL style hair, and just looks at us from the door, bloodshot eyes and all, and says... Me puedo acercar a ustedes?? (Can I get close to you guys?) I looked at him weird, and said, mande? what??

and he says again, Me puedo acercar a ustedes??
I looked at my comp, and we both said...uhhhh....yeah???

And then he walked out side. Weirdest conversation of my life I think he was drunk, But whatevs. And then I cant even remember what happened. But oh well. Super weird. Come to find out he is already a member, yada yada. 

OH and sorry this is a super adhd letter. Our investigator, Concepcion, is going through some really rough times, so we hooked up a food basket from the RS and got the Elders quorum pres and his dad, the HP group leader, to take it. We hid in the car. She literally had nothing, and its due to her pension being canceled. So they took her food. I don´t know how it went, or what was said, but it doesn´t matter. She needed it. 

Apart from that.....not much going on here. Our zone looks pretty bad for the next month of January, but we should pull some stuff out of who knows where. But we have changes this week, and consejo, so this should be interesting. 

Apart from that...nothing to out of the ordinary. Pretty normal week. I will send you photos next week of me in the mask. It's legit. 


We have nerf guns, little pistolas, and we were playing with them in the house yesterday, and umm....my comp hit a bullet that I threw up with a bullet that he shot, like clay pigeon shooting. ON THE SECOND TRY: it was one of the coolest things EVER. We tried to do the math to get the probability, but my brain couldn´t take it. I did remember the pythaodijasf thereom thing and d=rt. boss status. 

but apart from that.....oh. We also went to Valle de angeles last week for pday, which was fun. I bought some stuff for the garndparents...and a HARLEY DAVIDSON shirt for dad. its dope. Any

Oh. And there is a guy in my ward who makes Mayan art from jade, bone, horns, stuff like that. So i am getting some as a family souvenir...Everybody gets one. Specially made and hand crafted. So yeah. 
That is pretty much it.

I love you all!!


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