D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Treat insomnia and tiredness at the same time. .....

Monday, January 13, 2014

So the subject is a thing I heard on a bus today. That you can buy a pill that can treat insomnia and tiredness at the same time. . . riddle me that. I don´t get it.

So this week has been interesting. We have been making progress with our baptism for this weekend, Concepcion. She was saying a prayer, and she expressed in her prayer that she believes that it's all true....Book of Mormon, church, all of it. It was one of the greatest prayers I have ever heard. She is always super sincere, and I have truly seen how the gospel has made a change in her life. She has been prepared to be able to accept this gospel. She was literally a golden investigator. I have truly enjoyed being able to teach her, I have learned so much from my time spent with her.

Also, we went out with an ex missionary that served in Guatemala. Carlos Lagos. He is cool beans. He lets us use his computer to write. He helped us to get into some houses,....one of which was a bad idea.

Snakes. (dad is maybe slightly chuckling right now.) ,

A girl. 19. And we thought the interest was in the gospel....hahaha NOT. We left folletos with our phone number, and she made no delay to call us and tell us that she wanted us to come to her house, which is outside of our area. In a different stake. She also asked if I was going to be at church with my wife....that is when the red flag went off in my head....I explained that we cant have girlfriends or wives, that it is not allowed....she didn´t quite get it. She told me that sucks, because I was super guapo, and that she wanted us to teach her. At that precise moment the phone dropped the call. She had originally called to reset our appointment, so I called back to see when we could talk to her aunt....and she told me not to be mad. I told her that I wasn´t mad, and she told me that I was, and that I hung up because she was making me fall in love with her, and that I got mad. Okay, she just gave herself a little too much credit there.... So I stopped caring, and the phone cut off again.  She called back and told us not to come over, and to come over a different day.....and she asked if I thought she was bonita. ( at this point I was praying for the call to drop again.) But it didn´t drop, so I just acted like I didn´t hear the question, and asked when we could talk to her aunt. I heard in the background somebody talking about how she was making me nervous, and to lay off a little bit. Then I said see ya and hung up. Bad news bears. The sad part was that her aunt was super pilas, or at least seemed it, but now I doubt. So I don´t think I will be going back to that house. Ever. In a trillion years. With a ten foot pole.....

Apart from that, my week was fine. We had changes, and saw some of my buds in the mission. Good stuff. I also got my temple recommend renewed, (two years already????) and we have consejo de lideres maƱana, which should be good. The area 70 will be there.
I also got a package from Aunt Jean! Talk about surprises....that was not waited for. She sent some Christmas stuff, which was super nice of her. Pancake mix, Lehi roller mills stuff. Yeah buddy I am going to write her back to thank her.

ALSO.. I was at changes, and moving stuff out of my packpack and my camera fell out, in its case. It broke. I got it looked at, and they told me it would be cheaper to buy a new one, so I think I am going to. At the costco here, it shouldn´t cost more than 1600 limps...so that should be in the next two ish weeks. I am going to use my home card....so please make sure that there is a little bit on there. Thanks guys....

I don´t really have much to tell this week. The pic is me in my reggae boys t shirt. It's a xxl. it's giant. I love it. And nobody told me what the reggae boyz was...I am still waiting. Trivia on. 

And dad....the lord is preparing you for big things. Just wait and see. You could be in the nursury again!!!!! que divertido seria estar alli, va? con los chiquititos, y el vomito, y diarrhea, y toda la onda!!!! (Translation:  Something about poop and throw up.)   Mom....funny how the lord is always in our lives. And Erin....good luck. I never thought my sister would go dress shopping.  But oh well. It's fine. 

Well....that is sort of it. 

I love you all.

Seriously, forgot how blue his eyes are!  Love you Zach!  It appears he sleeps on a bunk bed.  How does that work for your 6'4" body?

Zach:  "I found a reggae boyz shirt.  Family, and soccer buddies, test your soccer knowledge. Reggae boyz. Hint is AW 77. Without using google....if you can. Winner gets the present of me coming home in June....."

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