D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, Happy Valentines Day to all. It was celebrated in this lovely country by too much alcohol and ...

On the brightside, we had three baptisms. 

Marcos and Miriam and their youngest daughter, Daniela, got baptized on Saturday!!! It was awesome. Absolutely fantastic. It started a little late, but everyone came, and it was AMAZING. Miriam and Daniela came up out of the water crying. It was an awesome baptism. They did fantastic with their interviews and I love them.

Most of the week was spent in them, and finding new people. We found very few this week, which is not good. But the zone will have more baptisms this month than last month, we had 1 last month and hopefully 9 this month. It sucks...we try to do our part, and nothing. 

And the poor bishops wife fell and broke her foot doing visits, so that was sad.  Also, ...

Honestly, this week was sort of boring. Not much was worth talking about. We are working hard, doing everything normal...me and Fielding get along good, so that's nice. I don`t think we will have changes this week. Until next change. 

Today we played soccer on a big field with the other zone in the stake...I used my cleats!!! Elnicky was there, he is the zl in the other zone, and he made fun of me....bad idea on his part. I danced him a few times. And he remembers nothing that dad taught him, because he couldn't even do a throw in the right way. We won 10-6. 

Also, I saw Luis Rubio, the guy who dad fixed the tooth for, and his family today, we were in the Kennedy where they live, and we saw them. They want to communicate with you, dad but let me know to which address. His wife fell down a manhole and broke her back, so keep them in your prayers!!!
I bought El Milagro del Perdon (Miracle of Forgiveness) at the distribution center last Tuesday. I read it in less than a week....SUPER GOOD.  Even in Spanish. It helped me to see how real repentence really should be, and how to apply it in my own life, as well as the danger of sin. It also helps me to teach my investigators about repentance, and after reading it, when someone goes flake and doesn`t keep a commitment, its harder for me to take, because I know what they are doing and how bad the consequences will be. Really good book. I think Cody should read it before going on his mission. Like, soon. I wish i would have read it. It would have changed me before leaving....It should be part of the pre missionary library with the BofM and PMG. That would be my advice to cody. 

We also had consejo of leaders and zone workshop. In Consejo, president called us- literally, said, elders, I call you to repentance...to repent and change your ways. It was powerful. And since our job is to transmit what president says, I figured that it had to be done. I spent like an hour preparing some notes and scriptures on Wednesday night, and kept praying that I would be able to say something to our zone, who have almost all gone complacent and don`t care so much, that would maybe be able to touch them. I started talking about a block of scripture that is in Helaman 5, and relating it to us as elders. It is from 28 to the end, pretty much, and I related it to us as elders with our investigators, and how we need to repent to be able to call them to it, and how if no light comes from us, they will never change. It was the first time, in a very long time, that talking in front of people that aren`t investigators, I felt like the Lord was talking through me. Normally, people are talking and such during the time we talk. It was dead quiet. I could feel the fire burning in me as I was speaking, and knew that others could feel it as well. As I finished speaking, and not at all what I had planned, a scripture from dyc came to my mind that I had read that morning....BE YE CLEAN THAT BEAR THE VESSELS OF THE LORD. I ended with that. Nobody spoke, nobody talked....it made me think of something that a general authority said. ¨I always know when I am speaking with the spirit, because I learn something new every time I talk.¨ That is true. I learned so much just from my 15 minutes of instruction, and am still trying to figure everything out. But repentance is how we get back to the Lord, asi que do it!!!

Love you all!!!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So today, we went to the temple, but due to the neanderthality of these computers, I am not able to do anything with photos, asi que sorry. I also want to send the photo of the donut, but I can forward that. So it will come later. I blame the cyber.

Anyways, it was a pretty good week in some aspects, and a not so good one in others. Our area is doing well...We have a new ward mission leader, and his assistant, and the bishop is making a push for the missionary work in the ward. In this whole country, missionary work is taking a back burner to temple work...but I believe it was President Kimball said that we shouldn`t make distinction between the two, for they are both the same redeeming labor. Remember that both of the works are equally important. I know mom loves family history, and Cody is getting ready to go on a mission, just as an example, but we should all be working in both fields. It is hard...I know I only work in one, but that is sort of my job right now. And I felt sort of selfish going to the temple today, knowing that I was there for somebody else, but I was so excited to go and just sit and learn and feel the spirit for myself. I think it was because I haven`t gone for a while, and I was going weekly before I left. But oh well. I do want to go to the temple when I get back.

Apart from that, the family that the Lord has trusted us with is progressing swimmingly for their baptism this week. Marcos, Miriam, and Daniela, the daughter of 13 years. We have talked a little to the other kids, but they are all older, and we never really find them at home. But Miriam, the mom, wants all the family to be baptized, so alli vamos. We have also been going out with a guy in our ward, but he goes to a different ward. Still helps us a ton, and yesterday we found a new investigator talking to people on his street.

We also have been making little progress with -----, a flaky investigator. She reads, prays, knows that she needs to get baptized, but she disappears Sundays, and we can never find her. she goes to Danli, Siguatepeque, Comayaguela, everywhere but here. And I am learning a little bit of what I was like for a while...I knew it was true, deep down, but wasn`t willing to sacrifice, or really commit myself, due to a lack of devotion. At this point, I am left to really just pray and do my part, which isn`t much. She needs to make the change.

 As for Marcos and Miriam, they are golden. We told Miriam that it was a commandment that God gave us to not drink coffee, and she got rid of all the coffee and the coffee maker. Ha.  I was in shock. Her response was, ¨Well, if that is needed, why should it hold me back?¨ I was taught a lesson in faithful obedience. It's a commandment, so just do it. 

Apart from that stuff, we spent the last week working with them and in meetings, ward council and PEC. It's long, because the ward is sort of starting over right now. But its worth it. We watched a video...feed my sheep,. It was old, but teaches a good point. I thought about how sometimes, in what I imagine normal life must be like, it seems hard to share the gospel. I don`t understand that concept, because my last 20 months have been about that. But what watching this movie thing did for me was help me to see that even though life will be hectic getting back with school and work and all, there needs to be time in my life to share the gospel still. That will really be the test, I feel like, to see if I was a good missionary. If I learned how to listen to the spirit and teach by action and bear testimony. 

Also, no camera yet. I haven`t had the chance to go by costco, but should next week. I bought some stuff at the distribution center with my card, so those gastos should appear. I don`t know what gasto is in english. 

The zone, on the bad side, is doing not good. We are losing baptismal dates left and right. We had plans for 20 this month, and we will be lucky if we finish with 8. It's rough, and stressing me out a little bit. I don`t like it. but, I am responsible to some degree, and something I am doing needs to change. 

That is pretty much it. I love all of you!!!

Super happy eating his 21 liempira donut.  (About one dollar.)

Elder Lawson eating one of Zach's favorite Guatemalan/Honduran foods.  What is it called you ask?  I have no idea...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week of nothing....mostly.

Monday, February 3, 2014

So this week was super short, but full of good surprises. To start, pday on Tuesday, than divisions with the AP's on Wednesday.  Thursday was a craphole.  Friday was spent in immigration, and Saturday was okay, I guess. Sunday was fun because it was Sunday, but it's pday again.

Well...to start, I guess I will talk about divisions. I went with Elder Mendoza, one of my former ZL now AP buddies. He is Mexican, but he looks gringo, and I love him. He is awesome. Anyway, we went with the family that we had found last week that came to church, Marcos and Miriam, with the intention of putting a baptismal date. We had left them with a Book of Mormon, and left the challenge to read it. Normally, in this country, and no offense to any Hondurans reading, people don´t read. They only read if we read with them. And sometimes they lie to us. That is always easy to figure out. ( -I ask- My favorite part was with the dragon. Yours?? -they respond- I liked the dragon too!!). But when we got to the house, and asked if they had read, Miriam starts saying, ¨Yeah, those brothers of Nephi were real downers and complainers, right?? And it was sad that they had to leave their house and everything, but God promised them better, huh???¨ I looked at Elder Mendoza, and we both had our mouths open. I think I swallowed a fly. Then, she said, ¨At first I had doubts about it, but then I realized that this Nephi kid was a prophet, and he talked about God. So this book is probably true. I am just waiting for the actual answer still.¨ Again, Mendoza and I locked eyes......?????? WHAT IS HAPPENING???? So, then, I said, Hermana, you should be teaching us....She sort of laughed, but it was true. We challenged her and her husband to be baptized the 15th, and they accepted!! They are already married, hallelujah ( or halleyuya as mason used to say), and we are still working with them. They came to church yesterday. It was bomb. They are great. We also left them 3 Nefi 11, and when I went back with Fielding, the dad was like, ¨yeah, its super important that Jesus gave Nefi power to baptize, because he couldn´t without it.¨ and then Miriam goes, ¨and I thought it was interesting that it took them three times to hear the voice coming from God in heaven....¨ some seriously prepared people. The ward is helping us a ton too!!! The bishop is pilas, and wants to visit them.

Apart from that, the week was so so. I lie. We also found a dope new investigator, Moises. Probably one of the smartest 18 year olds I have ever met.  He starts asking us questions like, why did we need a new  religion if Christ had Judaism?? And why didn´t they write the Book of Mormon in Hebrew if they were from Jerusalem? And where does it talk about organized religion in the bible?? These are smart people questions here in this world....so we are going back to explain more. 

Apart from that, I spent 8 hours getting my residency renewed on Friday, so that killed our day. And then we had to go do an interview on Thursday, which killed Thursday. But for those two other experiences, it was a good week.

I also ate a donut that was worth 21 lempiras. It is a normal donut, with a hole in it, but the dough was filled with jelly, and it was covered in powdered sugar. I am waiting from the picture from the AP Lawson...he was supposed to send it to me, dagnabit. But it was SO GOOD. 

And also. When I was at immigration, there was a family of gringos there that live in Siguatepeque, in mission Comayaguela. they are a family from Florida that live here because the job of the father is to teach pastors how to be pastors. It was interesting to talk with them. They were super surprised that we don´t get paid, that we can´t talk to our family, that we have no training....and when I asked them when they were going back to the states, they responded...When the Lord commands it. The thought came to my head...How do you know if the Lord commands it?? Who tells you?? And where do you go??? It was so nice to know that when revelation comes, when the Lord speaks, there is somebody who can tell me.  Who can let me know, So I am not left to guess in the dark if its real or not. 

That is pretty much my week. If I don´t write on Monday, I will write on Tuesday.  Next week we go to the temple. So our pday could change. Just fyi. 

Shoutout to DAVID LONGHURST. HE finishes his mission this week....which I cannot believe. I doubt he is reading this, but I don´t blame him. I rarely read things that are longer than a paragraph. Way to go home big, bud!!!! Love ya Dave, see ya in five months!!!!

Love you all,