D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, Happy Valentines Day to all. It was celebrated in this lovely country by too much alcohol and ...

On the brightside, we had three baptisms. 

Marcos and Miriam and their youngest daughter, Daniela, got baptized on Saturday!!! It was awesome. Absolutely fantastic. It started a little late, but everyone came, and it was AMAZING. Miriam and Daniela came up out of the water crying. It was an awesome baptism. They did fantastic with their interviews and I love them.

Most of the week was spent in them, and finding new people. We found very few this week, which is not good. But the zone will have more baptisms this month than last month, we had 1 last month and hopefully 9 this month. It sucks...we try to do our part, and nothing. 

And the poor bishops wife fell and broke her foot doing visits, so that was sad.  Also, ...

Honestly, this week was sort of boring. Not much was worth talking about. We are working hard, doing everything normal...me and Fielding get along good, so that's nice. I don`t think we will have changes this week. Until next change. 

Today we played soccer on a big field with the other zone in the stake...I used my cleats!!! Elnicky was there, he is the zl in the other zone, and he made fun of me....bad idea on his part. I danced him a few times. And he remembers nothing that dad taught him, because he couldn't even do a throw in the right way. We won 10-6. 

Also, I saw Luis Rubio, the guy who dad fixed the tooth for, and his family today, we were in the Kennedy where they live, and we saw them. They want to communicate with you, dad but let me know to which address. His wife fell down a manhole and broke her back, so keep them in your prayers!!!
I bought El Milagro del Perdon (Miracle of Forgiveness) at the distribution center last Tuesday. I read it in less than a week....SUPER GOOD.  Even in Spanish. It helped me to see how real repentence really should be, and how to apply it in my own life, as well as the danger of sin. It also helps me to teach my investigators about repentance, and after reading it, when someone goes flake and doesn`t keep a commitment, its harder for me to take, because I know what they are doing and how bad the consequences will be. Really good book. I think Cody should read it before going on his mission. Like, soon. I wish i would have read it. It would have changed me before leaving....It should be part of the pre missionary library with the BofM and PMG. That would be my advice to cody. 

We also had consejo of leaders and zone workshop. In Consejo, president called us- literally, said, elders, I call you to repentance...to repent and change your ways. It was powerful. And since our job is to transmit what president says, I figured that it had to be done. I spent like an hour preparing some notes and scriptures on Wednesday night, and kept praying that I would be able to say something to our zone, who have almost all gone complacent and don`t care so much, that would maybe be able to touch them. I started talking about a block of scripture that is in Helaman 5, and relating it to us as elders. It is from 28 to the end, pretty much, and I related it to us as elders with our investigators, and how we need to repent to be able to call them to it, and how if no light comes from us, they will never change. It was the first time, in a very long time, that talking in front of people that aren`t investigators, I felt like the Lord was talking through me. Normally, people are talking and such during the time we talk. It was dead quiet. I could feel the fire burning in me as I was speaking, and knew that others could feel it as well. As I finished speaking, and not at all what I had planned, a scripture from dyc came to my mind that I had read that morning....BE YE CLEAN THAT BEAR THE VESSELS OF THE LORD. I ended with that. Nobody spoke, nobody talked....it made me think of something that a general authority said. ¨I always know when I am speaking with the spirit, because I learn something new every time I talk.¨ That is true. I learned so much just from my 15 minutes of instruction, and am still trying to figure everything out. But repentance is how we get back to the Lord, asi que do it!!!

Love you all!!!


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