D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week of nothing....mostly.

Monday, February 3, 2014

So this week was super short, but full of good surprises. To start, pday on Tuesday, than divisions with the AP's on Wednesday.  Thursday was a craphole.  Friday was spent in immigration, and Saturday was okay, I guess. Sunday was fun because it was Sunday, but it's pday again.

Well...to start, I guess I will talk about divisions. I went with Elder Mendoza, one of my former ZL now AP buddies. He is Mexican, but he looks gringo, and I love him. He is awesome. Anyway, we went with the family that we had found last week that came to church, Marcos and Miriam, with the intention of putting a baptismal date. We had left them with a Book of Mormon, and left the challenge to read it. Normally, in this country, and no offense to any Hondurans reading, people don´t read. They only read if we read with them. And sometimes they lie to us. That is always easy to figure out. ( -I ask- My favorite part was with the dragon. Yours?? -they respond- I liked the dragon too!!). But when we got to the house, and asked if they had read, Miriam starts saying, ¨Yeah, those brothers of Nephi were real downers and complainers, right?? And it was sad that they had to leave their house and everything, but God promised them better, huh???¨ I looked at Elder Mendoza, and we both had our mouths open. I think I swallowed a fly. Then, she said, ¨At first I had doubts about it, but then I realized that this Nephi kid was a prophet, and he talked about God. So this book is probably true. I am just waiting for the actual answer still.¨ Again, Mendoza and I locked eyes......?????? WHAT IS HAPPENING???? So, then, I said, Hermana, you should be teaching us....She sort of laughed, but it was true. We challenged her and her husband to be baptized the 15th, and they accepted!! They are already married, hallelujah ( or halleyuya as mason used to say), and we are still working with them. They came to church yesterday. It was bomb. They are great. We also left them 3 Nefi 11, and when I went back with Fielding, the dad was like, ¨yeah, its super important that Jesus gave Nefi power to baptize, because he couldn´t without it.¨ and then Miriam goes, ¨and I thought it was interesting that it took them three times to hear the voice coming from God in heaven....¨ some seriously prepared people. The ward is helping us a ton too!!! The bishop is pilas, and wants to visit them.

Apart from that, the week was so so. I lie. We also found a dope new investigator, Moises. Probably one of the smartest 18 year olds I have ever met.  He starts asking us questions like, why did we need a new  religion if Christ had Judaism?? And why didn´t they write the Book of Mormon in Hebrew if they were from Jerusalem? And where does it talk about organized religion in the bible?? These are smart people questions here in this world....so we are going back to explain more. 

Apart from that, I spent 8 hours getting my residency renewed on Friday, so that killed our day. And then we had to go do an interview on Thursday, which killed Thursday. But for those two other experiences, it was a good week.

I also ate a donut that was worth 21 lempiras. It is a normal donut, with a hole in it, but the dough was filled with jelly, and it was covered in powdered sugar. I am waiting from the picture from the AP Lawson...he was supposed to send it to me, dagnabit. But it was SO GOOD. 

And also. When I was at immigration, there was a family of gringos there that live in Siguatepeque, in mission Comayaguela. they are a family from Florida that live here because the job of the father is to teach pastors how to be pastors. It was interesting to talk with them. They were super surprised that we don´t get paid, that we can´t talk to our family, that we have no training....and when I asked them when they were going back to the states, they responded...When the Lord commands it. The thought came to my head...How do you know if the Lord commands it?? Who tells you?? And where do you go??? It was so nice to know that when revelation comes, when the Lord speaks, there is somebody who can tell me.  Who can let me know, So I am not left to guess in the dark if its real or not. 

That is pretty much my week. If I don´t write on Monday, I will write on Tuesday.  Next week we go to the temple. So our pday could change. Just fyi. 

Shoutout to DAVID LONGHURST. HE finishes his mission this week....which I cannot believe. I doubt he is reading this, but I don´t blame him. I rarely read things that are longer than a paragraph. Way to go home big, bud!!!! Love ya Dave, see ya in five months!!!!

Love you all,

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