D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Monday, March 17, 2014

This week was super anticlimactic. I did a lot of stuff ....like knocking doors, and teaching. we put fecha with Arles, for this weekend, and he is pilas as crap. He loves it. We only have to teach him about tithing and then in the water. We had stake conference this week, which was a little different than normal, but that I will explain later. 

This week was pretty run of the mill. Lots of teaching and such. We have been trying to reactivate this family that is pretty much investigator status. They have been baptized members for 35 years, and still have doubts about Joseph Smith. It's a little hard to believe that somebody who has been a member so long still struggles with that, but everyone has their challenges. 

Its also getting to be about a trillion degrees here. We played soccer today, and I about died from the heat. I was done....didn´t want to play after an hour. I was beat. We spent the day with the ward mission leader and his assistant. The assistant's mom made us lunch...we had tongue.. SOO GOOD. 

This week wasn´t that spiritual...I didn´t have many super de duper out of the ordinary spiritual experiences. I did have two things that sort of made me shake my head.

The first one was with the owners of where we live. They have a son who is 18 and supposedly sort of troublesome. I really don´t think he is, but I think it is the Mom who is crazy. Anyways, on Saturday night I was washing clothes, and heard her just going to town on him, chewing him out. To be honest, she said a lot of things that I would never ever want to hear a mom say. I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I thought to myself, of course he doesn´t obey her, she doesnt love him...shakespeare said those who don´t show love, don´t love. All she does is just lecture him. And she is pretty brutal. Lots of swear words. I was just sick. So I acted like nothing was wrong, and went up to the roof to hang up my clothes. Poor A---- was up there, and It looked like he had been crying. There was no way to avoid him, so we started talking a little bit. I had stuff to do, but I let it all go, and just sat and talked with him.  He is finishing school, wants to be a dentist, and is just a Cody type teenager. Wants to just do his own thing. But If Cody, you switched worlds with him, you would realize how good you have it. This kid literally lives in a hell. It was good to see him go down the stairs smiling after talking and joking for a while, and I felt like he needed it, and I hope it helped him.

Then, again with this same family, the other experience. The owners are baptists, but all their family is Mormon, practically. Some years ago, the brother of the owner, who is a member, gave him a disc set of Doctrine and Covenants, and he was telling us about how they use it to teach the youth at their church....I couldn´t help but smile. He says its because we explain everything so simply and so directly, but its also relevant. And so they use them all the time. We explained a little bit about church stuff, and gave them some new discs, a liahona, and a proclamation to the world. hopefully his wife reads it. Especially the part about how a successful family is based on principles of love, respect, forgiveness, trust, etc. 

Stake conference. We had a stake conference that was a little different. It was a transmission from SLC to here. To all of Centro America, actually. Elder Martino, Elder Scott, Hermana Oscarson, and Elder Oaks spoke. IT WAS AWESOME. The best talk was Elder Scott, about the atonement. Even in Spanish, that man has power. I love his talks. And Elder Oaks was super good. He talked about how we can´t let our culture of our country get in the way of living the gospel culture, which is a BIG THING here. He talked about tithing, fasting, Sunday observance ( by the way, when God said, SEIS dias trabajar├ís, y har├ís toda tu obra, that means that if we are lazy in the week, we are breaking the sabbath!!!)  He came down super hard on the people, about how there is no excuse. Iit was super good. It makes me think of a quote by President. George Albert Smith.
"Within the last year, I have had the privilege of meeting and conversing on the gospel with some men who live in this community [Salt Lake City], not members of our Church. One man had resided here for twenty years, a man whose life is above reproach, a good citizen, a splendid business man, one who has kindly feelings towards our people. He told me that he had lived here twenty years, and he had come to the conclusion that we were just as good as our neighbors who are members of other churches; he could not see any difference in us.
I want to say to you, my brethren and sisters, that is no compliment to me. If the gospel of Jesus Christ does not make me a better man, then I have not developed as I should, and if our neighbors not in this Church can live among us from year to year and see no evidence of the benefits that come from keeping the commandments of God in our lives, then there is need for reform in Israel. …"
Point. Made.  If we don´t live our religion to a point that it makes people want to change, a reform is needed. And I have seen that for the last 21 months. Its something I hope to remember always. 
We are also having serious issues with problems of obedience in the zone.  It is all Latins, not to be rascist, but it is. And it is stuff that is just stupid. sleepovers, illegal divisions, etc. and it wouldn´t be so bad, or so crucial, if they weren´t our Lideres de Districto (District Leaders) that were doing it, and dragging along their brand new gringo companions, who are frankly all fed up with the crap. Presidente Smith also said, Well, with this decision, today either starts eternal happiness or eternal disillusionment. These elders are on the wrong of those two paths in the mission. I think God is preparing me to have kids that are a little rebellious, which is a scary thought. I don´t want rebellious kids...but anyways, it's a bit of a headache. Patience, Glassett, Patience.
Well, that is sort of it. I am super sore from soccer today, but it was fun. Gearing up for another week. This week is 21. Crazy.
I love you all!!!

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