D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Long week .......

So this week was super long, with not a lot to tell about. We had zone conference, which was good, but took all day. We also had an Elder in the zone who was going home the next day, and who disappeard for some of it...so I had to go look for him, but president came and helped out.  

From there, Wednesday was....I don´t really remember Wednesday. It will come to me....Wednesday we had a giant mix up with some other elders. We had to go look for a house with some elders in a really sketchy area. We were told to get off the bus at the church, so we did....and we waited, and we waited, and we waited some more...then some members came out of nowhere. Now, we were told to be at hibueras, so we got off the bus....and then come to find out that we were at Reparto, and that we had gotten of at the wrong place. So then we found the other elders, and found no house. I got pretty sunburned, and saw about six bajillion people smoking weed.

Thursday was another day of not being in our area. We had to help with houses again. 

Friday we spent all morning moving. And then nobody was home on Friday. It was rough. We did have two good lessons with important people, though.

Saturday was long. The Saturday before fast Sunday has a tradition of being a day when no investigators can see us, and nobody let's us in contacting. It also is always a bajillion degrees hotter than the other days. So it sucks. But we found a girl who is the girlfriend of the son of the owners of our apartments. And so we are going to teach her and baptize her. She just doesn´t know it yet. Our dueƱos (landlords) are SUPER BAPTIST. They play their crazy evangelical christian praises to god rock all the time, so I am pretty sick of it. SO I am going to baptize them all to stop having to listen to that music. 

Sunday was AWESOME, if for the sheer fact of one event. Marcos, our dad who got baptized the other week, bore his testimony. I could feel the spirit, and I know that he knows that this is all true. Dad, he also has your blue tie with flowers on it, the GAP one. He wore a white shirt with it. He is going to be a very good member with his whole family, who they want to baptize. His wife and daughter fasted with us, he can´t because he is diabetic, but he wanted to. They are awesome!!!!

Apart from that, not much else happened. There is a guy who lives close to where we work who lived a good time in the states, he got deported like five years ago, and speaks English. He got deported for dealing drugs....quality, right?? He uses more swear words than I would like to hear, but he seems to like us. Anyways, he always talks to us when we pass by his house, but he has a huge drinking problem. So we talk to him about how he needs to stop drinking and stuff, but it doesn´t really get through. Well, he disappeared for about a week, And I got really worried he had died. But it turns out that went and got himself in an AA program for a week and a half. And the first day out, he drinks. I thought, come on, dude, you gotta do better than that, and was immediately reprimanded by a thought that came to my head....He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Yeah. I got put in my place super quick. We are ALL sinners, and I read lately that ¨evangelizing is just one homeless telling another homeless where to get bread.¨ it was super humbling. We also talked to a member who is more or less active, named Luis McCarthy. he is super cool. He is a little nuts, but is super smart about church stuff. It's a lot of fun to talk to him, I really like him. He always asks about our families, so I always tell him you guys are good. 

And today. I went to the dentist, got my face fixed....sort of....and am just drinking in the time that is left!! I can´t believe it keeps going so fast....

P.S.  Also, forgot. In zone conference, we were being shown a slide show of the difference in between social, honorable and consecrated missionaries. I felt that I was right in the honorable zone....not bad, but not the best. And for a minute, I felt pretty good about it. The thought hit me,. Do you want to go home and say that you consecrated yourself to the Lord, or that you honorably spent 2 years in another country??? Needless to say, I was called to repent and change!!!! I am working on consecrating myself for my last four months.

I love you all!
Zach, "I am captian america"


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