D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Monday, March 24, 2014

11 But behold, I will show unto you a God of amiracles, even the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob; and it is that same bGod who created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are.

This week, I saw a miracle.
The zone had in total 10 baptisms this week. The sad part is that most of them were niños, But that is for another day. We spent all week worried about baptismal clothing, And we didn´t have enough. We called all the other zones in the city, nothing. We tried with our zone, nothing. Members, nothing. So Saturday morning we left to go to the centro to try and find clothes in the discount piles of used stuff. I said a prayer leaving the house, asking God to help us to find the baptismal clothing that we needed so that these people could make a covenant with Him, and be part of his church. 
We looked, and looked, and found nothing. I did find a new pair of shoes, since after breaking one, giving away the other, and my boots giving me heat rash, I needed another option. But that is another story. 

So I called the elders, and pretty much said, well, good luck. Find ropa (clothing).

Later that day, in talking with them, the ropa magically appeared. Members had a dress, or a skirt, or pants, or a shirt. They found an old pair in the chapel of little pants, etc. All the people that needed clothes had clothes, either to baptize or to be baptized. 

Then, we had our baptism. I can´t send pics because the computers here won´t let us. But Arles was going to get baptized at 5. We got everything set early. Even cleaned most of the church. We spent three hours scrubbing and sweeping and mopping. And then we left to get him. Another companionship of elders had their baptism in our building because their building as no font. So they were doing their baptism, when our problem presents itself. The door to the bunker, where the computer is, is a metal door with a wooden door in front of it. Like a double door. Well, some time ago, someone took the doorknob off the wooden door and put it on backwards. This makes it impossible to open the door in case of it locking or breaking. Well it locked and broke. The part that goes into the door frame came out completely of the door itself, and wasn´t connected to the mechanism inside the knob that turns. All of our baptismal clothing, cameras, everything to do the baptism, inside, and it's 10 to 5:00. We spent an hour trying to get that stupidity of a door open. We tried everything. Nobody was at the baptism, it was empty, the door was locked, I had spent all day running around and cleaning, and now this. I was ready to just explode into Spanish vulgarity. 

Instead, I tried to control myself, and went into the chapel, where I could be alone. I offered a prayer, begging God to help us. To make it possible so that Arles could be baptized, and so that we could get the door open. We had done everything possible, and all we needed was a little help.

When I got done, I walked back, and just looked at the door. I think I expected it to just fall open, or to just disintegrate, or Elijah to call down fire on it. I just looked at it. A few minutes later, our mission leader came back to the church with a hammer and a screwdriver to get the hinges off. Within 30 seconds, we had the nails out of the hinges, and I started to go to work using the screwdriver as a lever to pop the door out of place. It worked. We did the baptism, late, but it was done. Fielding baptized, and I confirmed. 

I sat that night, thinking about what had happened. I was writing it down in my journal, and just sort of thinking about how I really had witnessed a miracle. It was interesting to me to think about how the miracle happened. Take Lazarus for instance. Christ could have moved the stone, and taken the wrappings off of his face, but he didn´t. That was done manually. Christ just did the part needed of him. It was no water to wine phenomenon, no feeding 5.000, but it was nonetheless a miracle. 

Apart from that, I had another really good learning experience this week. We have had some major issues in the zone that have really ruined us all. I hate it when this stuff happens, but this time it was just incredibly out of proportion. We had the APs coming to do divisions with the zone that day, on Tuesday, and when they told presidente, he came with them. The zone didn´t know. Just us, and it was a good surprise. He ended up doing interviews with a good part of the zone. resulting from that, the two DLs that we had were bajared, (demoted) or were not dls anymore. Then two other elders from the zone got the sube....they got made dls. mission jargon. Of the elders involved, 2 are going home 30 days early, another one is on tight leash, and president lost trust in a lot of people. One of the DLs had previously been a zone leader, and that was super hard to see. After president had learned about all that was going on, after we told him everything we knew, he got this look of sadness on his face, and said, It makes me so sad that this is happening. I had higher expectations for all these elders, and it hurts me to see this happen. I felt pain watching him. Knowing that he had trusted these elders and that they had betrayed that really helped me see why its so important to be obedient, because imagine how much more the Lord must feel it when we disobey. 

Really everything else from this week was trivial in comparison. I am on a food poisoning induced fast right now, so hopefully that gets better soon. 
I love you all, and can´t wait to see conference!!! I have been reading a talk a day to prepare, and I love it. Also, I can´t believe that time is flying so fast. I remember when I had three months in the mission. That is what I have left. .....wow.

I love you all!!

Mom's note:
Zach doesn't remember the other door miracle because he was only about a year and a half when it happened, but his miracle of the door reminded me of my own miracle of the door.  
Our home in Virginia had a sunroom.  When it was warm, we would leave the door of the house open and lock the door to the sunroom.  Until this time, I had never thought to unlock the door of the house.  Zach was about 18 months old.  Certainly not old enough or tall enough to open any door, especially a heavy front door, even though he was a pretty awesome kid.  This day was warm and the door of the house was open.  I walked out of the house to get the mail.  This meant just walking thru the sunroom because the mailbox was attached to the house.  In Zach's attempt to play, he pushed the door to the house closed.  I was locked out.  I was surprised that he could close the door because the carpet was pretty thick.  I tried the windows which I knew were locked.  I tried to get Zach to open the door but he couldn't.  I didn't see any neighbors home.  I knelt down at the door after a few minutes and said a prayer.  I walked out of the sunroom and there at the intersection was a police car.  This was my miracle I thought.  There were NEVER police cars in our neighborhood.  I flagged him down, explained my dilema and took him to the front and back door.  The front door was still locked and the only way to get in was the back door by breaking the glass.  Even at that, there was a lock at the bottom of the door so getting down there would have been very tricky as the glass at the top of the door was in panes that were not very big.  Probably 10 minutes had passed by now and we walked back to the front door.  Here is my miracle.  The front door was still locked but open enough for me to push it open all the way.  I can't explain it and I know it wasn't Zach who opened the door.  Needless to say, the front door was never locked again when the weather was nice enough to leave it open.

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