D&C 76:22

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! D&C 76:22

Monday, June 16, 2014

10 days

Monday, June 16, 2014

This week was sort of sucky. The world cup started which is great, but the amount of workable time in the day decreased considerably. It is also bad because I know all the scores....everybody also knows that I am part Uruguayan, and so nobody in the ward has left me alone about that. But with the 3-0 defeat of Honduras yesterday, I feel like my life will be better. 

We started the week off with zone conference, which I directed the meeting. HAHA. I got the directing gig at the end. I also gave my last testimony, which was super hard. That was sort of the last nail in the coffin for me. It has been rough these last few days, the world cup combined with the whole fact that all everybody wants to know is what I am doing when I get home. Also, the Hermana Hernandez, the presidents wife, as I was saying goodbye to them after the conference, I shook Presidents hand, and he said thanks for everything, and then the Hermana took my hand in both of hers and said, ¨Gracias por todo Elder Glassett. Usted ha brillado en su mision.¨ That was surprising and unexpected, seeing as most of the time she tells me that my pants are too tight or my hair is too long, (neither of the two are true), or on my case because we don´t have 32 progressing investigators. So that was just another part of me that was made more dead at the end. 

Apart from that the only other thing worth mentioning was the special activity for investigators on Sunday night, in which I was in charge of the musical numbers, accompanying half of the them, and playing the piano. They were really scraping the bottom of the barrel. But I did get to see Smith again, I love that kid so much. 

Apart from that, we played soccer this morning, and I am dead. I don´t know how I will do in a spartan race, but I will probably be very sore after.  I did play in my USA jersey, and I tried playing with my Captain America mask, but I couldn´t see anything with that, so it came off. And we did take photos, but the cyber doesn´t have the capacity to send them, so yall get none. Just hold on for 10 more days. . . 

I have really nothing else to tell. I will see all yall at home. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 5 of the change

Monday, June 9, 2014

To be honest, it's really hard for me to write at this point, seeing as how yall are gonna see me in a few. But I will make the effort today to make this a good letter.

This week started with a solid Monday, a Tuesday full of contacting and of a good cita or two. We had a good cita with fanny, because she is dating a member and I guess they were thinking of getting married, but the dude is not divorced yet, and he was like, ¨I am getting divorced and we are getting married.¨ But I think that scared her. She didn´t answer her phone or door after that, and she didn´t come to church on Sunday, even though he brought her kids. It worries me a little. But, like the beatles say, we can work it out. 

From there, we went to consejo and the temple on Wednesday. All day in meetings and the temple. IT WAS AWESOME.  Except for the next part, which is where both my comp and I get food poisoning from something that we ate in consejo. So all day Thursday was spent at home, moaning and groaning about the horrible fever and body aches. But I got over it and did divisions on Friday to do some interviews, and they were both good. Then Saturday was the baptism, and it went well. We had like the whole primary there, so that was good. The girl is the daughter of a member who was mojada in the states and her husband wouldn´t baptize the daughter because he is evangelical and thinks we are a cult. But she came back to a nine year old daughter and wanted her baptized. So we said, Okay. 

Then yesterday we gave talks again. My comp talked on tithing, I got chastity. Fun stuff. I was super blunt. And straight forward. I used some of dad's stuff from his talk on porn that I could remember, and pretty much called everybody to repentance. It was fun. They also finally decided to use a piano in sacrament meeting, so for my last few they will have accompaniment. 

And that brings us to now. Nothing else to count. Oh, I ate half a chicken on Saturday. Dope sauce. 

Love you all.
In a women's jacket

With Elder Bruce

Baptism June 7

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 3.... (again)

June 2, 2014

So, 24. WOW. I am in shock.

This last week was good. We spent a lot of time contacting and having first citas. Those either go well or not so well.  Most of them went pretty bad. Except for one that is a family with a recently born kid. They look pretty positive. It should go pretty well with them. I am fairly positive with them. Of course, then came the horribly trunky realization that I wouldn´t be even close to seeing the baptism...but oh well. 

We did divisions this week for interviews, which went well. I am going to do more interviews this week, and I hope that they all go into baptisms. That is the goal. 

Well, it's hard to write, because I just figure that I can tell it all to you. . . in 3 weeks. Also, I am running out of time. And plus, I can´t remember much from this week. Oh, I got soaked in like three rainstorms. We contacted while avoiding rainstorms. Solid way to pass the time. and spent a lot of time doing errands. And had some issues with elders. Cody, just be obedient. Don´t do it because they tell you, do it because you want to, and realize that you aren´t the only one affected by disobedience. It's a fickle game, and nobody wins. You actually will always lose. Totally and completely. 

And dad, call Nancy Tello and tell her I got the super nice package she sent me, and that I will try to get her a letter sent, but I sort of threw away the address on accident. Silly me. So I will write her something, and just need the address next week. thanks.

That's pretty much it. 

Love you all.